Do Not Make Folly of Your Time

By Linda Noskewicz

April 25, 2017

Wednesday, April 25, 2017 ~10:45 – 11:30 (Adoration)
Father, Jesus said to be like children.  Trusting in You as a Parent.  I thank You so much for Your patience.  Wouldn’t You say even children need to be pulled out of bed to go somewhere they like but prefer sleep at that moment??  Children do resist sometimes and some are threatened into obedience, others are whipped into it, and others are filled with guilt for having disappointed their Loving Parent.   I always feel like that – I always feel guilty for not being obedient.  I guess I should also be a child and give into my Loving Parent because I do want to be obedient and please You.  Does that make sense, Father??
Belovéd Children, I am always with you and within you as My Great Love exists everywhere and those who will open their eyes or those whose eyes are open will live or attain the Glory of the Kingdom on High.  Belovéd Children, I am yours.  I am your Eternal Parent and Loving God.  Come to Me in all things and I grant you My Peace, My Love, and all of My Forgiveness.  You are My Belovéd Children, and I long for your Love and ask for your obedience.  You cannot please your Loving Father by disobedience.

My Belovéds, I have created you, each of you so especially.  You are My Children and My Love for you is unfathomable.  The Love of a parent for his child is only a small, minuscule bit (like a very, very small bit of sand) when compared to My Love for each of you.  Thus, when you are hurt, I hurt with you and long to give you My Kiss of healing Love.  When you are afraid, I long to embrace and tell you there is no need to be fearful, as you are My Child and I protect My Children with All of the Power of an angry parent.  When you are joyful and allow yourself laughter and warmth and Grace, I watch you so Lovingly and revel in your happiness.  When you are lost from Me, do you not think or believe that My worries or fears or dread consumes My Heart, knowing you may not return to Me, or that I shall never again hold you in My Loving Arms?

Yea, I am your Most Loving and benevolent Father.  I call out to you when you are lost, that you may hear My Loving Voice and make your way back to Me.  And the Child who is lost, longs for his Loving Parent to find him.  And when in fear, a Child will seek the protection of his Parent who is more powerful than what he fears.  And the Child, in his laughter and joy, calls out to his parent to share the source of his joy.  My Belovéd Children, thus I say, I wish you to look to Me as your Loving and Exalted Parent, ever with you, always ready to embrace you, protect you, and give to you the Glory of My Great Love.

Belovéd Children, you are so small and yet I find in your Hearts the fullness of My Light, and I may grow this into the Flame of Absolute Love, if you would only call out to Me.  I will comfort you and give you peace.  Even if you are gone from your Heavenly Father for a hundred years, when you call out to Me for comfort or to be assuaged of your fears, I am with you, holding you in My Steady and Loving embrace.  I do not turn away from My Belovéd Children, but long so deeply that you turn to Me. 

Solemn Children, I thank you for the prayers you have prayed for this World.  It is a perspicacious Time , and the Souls who will fall are too great in number.  Call to your Brothers and Sisters.  Show to them the ineffable strength and Light of My Love.  Offer to them My Peace and show them how they must long for their Lord God.  I wait, ever ready to embrace My Belovéd Children. 

Belovéd Children, do you not see how the sins of this World, the sins of humanity, break My Heart.  The sins of this World are a great thing (huge in number) and the whole of Heaven is in dread of your fate(s).  The Christ Jesus, My Only and Most Belovéd Son whose Heart burns with Love for each of you, frets so that in His concern, He weeps before you, even as you turn Him away or deny Him.  When I am so hurt or devastated by your sins, so shall I send My Angels to bear the brunt of your chaos or give you protection from yourselves.

[The above paragraph says "Jesus frets."  Some may understand that word to mean "to fuss over something."  In this case, "frets" means something far stronger.  Jesus isn't fussing over our souls.  He is extremely worried about us.  I wanted to make sure this was understood. And in the last line (when I am so hurt by your sins...), the key word is "so;" meaning, when it gets to the point where He can't bear to see us hurt ourselves anymore.  Also, like other parts of this message, the above paragraph was quite visual.  Sometimes I've been given a sense of what shall happen after the "tribulation."  If you have read all of the messages, you will have heard about the “hare and the boar.”  The first (the hare) is bearable; the second (the boar) can be lethal.  I believe that we are experiencing the equivalent of the hare at this time.  Things are a mess, but we are still in bearable times.  The boar – the tribulation – is going to be a far harder time.  This is why God is adamant about us praying.  After the tribulation happens, people will fall into a state of chaos (bedlam).  People who do not pray will not understand and will suffer for it.  We are asked to pray for them.  When we pray, it strengthens us, so we can help those people who have yet to come to God.  The good thing is that they still have time to turn to Him.  But they shouldn’t wait.  And I think His Angels will help protect us from giving in to the chaos or being ruined by it.  Perhaps it is a part of spiritual warfare??  Again, this doesn't mean we should focus on the "when" of the tribulation.  We may be going through the "hare" stage for another hundred years.  Or perhaps it started when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD (learned that at Mass today) and people figured that was the end.  The point is, we should focus on strengthening our faith in Him. Besides, worry causes wrinkles.]

There comes a Time when brother will turn against brother, and children against parents.  There comes a Time soonwhen the BIG [really, really BIG] gift of Sacrifice bestowed upon you by My Belovéd Son shall disappear or  become altogether scarce.  Then how shall you feel or fare but with most desolate and distraught Hearts.  I shall call out to you, My Belovéd Children, even then, while your obedience is at its thinnest or weakest, and those who will turn to Me for solace, shall find it in My Great and Unending Love for them or you. [The Eucharist will be scarce.]

Children, there comes a Time when the World will suffer sorely for its sins.  My Belovéd and Prayerful Children will be attacked and driven away from their homes for their Love of Me.  So shall My Belovéd Children of Light suffer for the sins of Man, and while the suffering will be great, the Prayerful will be sustained through this tribulation and find strength and solace in their faith in Me[*not to be mixed up with Jesus’ Sacrifice for us.  His Sacrifice saves us – gives us new life.  In this message, “suffer for the sins of Man” means that the prayerful folks will have to endure the bad stuff.  It is like a war.  You may not want to be in it, but because you are there, you also will suffer the devastation.]

Thus I say, Belovéd Children, make yourselves strong now with constant prayer and veneration for My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.  Remain ever faithful to Me.  Place all of your trust in Me.  Be absolutely dependent upon your Heavenly Parent and Eternal God.  Your prayers will move mountains and drive rivers to new paths.  Your Love for Me will give comfort to the weak and healing for the broken.  Trust in Me, Belovéd Children of Mine and do not make folly of your Time.  Grant to Me your Love every moment of your days.  Give to Me your undivided attention lest I become jealous of that which you prefer.  I am the Lord God and you are My Belovéd Children.  [He is very possessive of us.  It is hard to explain.  Like, in His love for us, He doesn’t want us to trade our time with Him for anything else.]

Come to Me and to Love (because He is love) freely with great joy and enthusiasm!  How My Love fills those who pray.  How your confidence in Me grows when you empty your selves and give a door to Me.  Belovéd Children, do not make folly of your Time.  You know not when the trumpets of Heaven shall blow across this World, signifying the Christ Jesus comes in Glory and then shall you each be justly judged accordingly.  [This part was very visual and discriptive.]

I Love you, My Belovéd Children.  Turn to Me in all things and be at peace.  You will find no solace in this corrupt World.  All day and all night you shall be consumed with great fear and anxiety.  You shall be in darkness when you have denied the Light of God, and so shall your Souls dread My Judgment.  Thus, I say, do not make folly of your Time.
Belovéd Children I am all and everything and everywhere.  Rejoice in My Great Love for you and give your Hearts freely to Me.  Belovéd Children, I shall grant you all graces and will make you strong when all else are weak.  I shall give you sustenance and drink when all others hunger and thirst.  Be faithful to Me, My Belovéds, for My Love for you is so great.  Do not deny your Love from Me.  Belovéd Children, I give to you My Peace.  Make no folly of your Time and pray with great ardor and I bless each of you with My Love and guidance.  Pray, My Children.