Christ Jesus Worries Over The World

By Linda Noskewicz

February 22, 2017

Father, I feel so down because I have not been attentive to You. Then, at odd moments, I think that I imagined everything You’ve done to show me You are totally real. It’s like the world has taken over my head, so my heart is sad without You. I mean, when my focus is so far from what I had that first year when You bonked me. I should know better. The miracles are not the point, but they sure brought me a lot of joy and fun. How come I can’t get back that Holy cocoon You made for me?? It was reassuring and calm and quiet and perfect….

Belovéd Child, My Hand is always upon your shoulder, Lovingly opening My Guidance and Will to you. You have Me always and yet you say I am absent. Silly Child. I am for you as you are for Me. I do not let you go so the World might consume you so totally. I am the Lord God and your Mighty and Eternal Father. Do you not trust in My Love for you? I Love every breath you shall take and every step you place on the ground before you and every bone and crease of your body. I am the Lord God. Be still, My Child, for your Heart is willing but your mind is unprepared for serious devotion.


Belovéd Children, do not find fault in your Brothers’ eyes. Look to yourself and your own actions and wonder, am I just and righteous or weak and conniving? Belovéd Children, that not one of you is perfect within this World should be always first in your Hearts that you may treat your Brothers and Sisters with more leniency and compassion than you do now.

The tumult and sin within this World brings My Loving Heart to tears. I am so present and perpetually call out to each of My Children. Yet, despite My Great Love for you and all the Graces I have for each of you, none are moved to embrace the Lord God. My Heavenly and Belovéd Son, Christ Jesus, worries over this World and waits for your conversions with great hope. Yet, each of you who would receive the very treasures of His Love dismiss My Belovéd Son and mock or disregard the very Sacrifice that made you whole. My Belovéd Christ Jesus has His Eternal Heart so very focused or concentrating upon the Light within your Hearts. How He longs for the beauty and soothing feel of your Love.

Belovéd Children, you must pray, especially for those who do not. Every minute and hour that is wasted by dismissing Me or My Love [They're one in the same] is a minute and hour that shall bring such agony. I am a Loving God and a Just Lord. I do not abide the sins of Man. When such grace as I give is then pulled away from Man, how much harder, how much more difficult will true and heavy burdens be to those who are unused to anything that defies simplicity?

My Belovéd Children, each of you is fragile, weak, and so Belovéd by Me in your frailty and smallness. I have created each of you with Great Love, for Love, and by Love. You are meant to enjoy Love and all its blessings or treasures. Yet, so many, too many of My Children choose not to Love. Too many choose not to believe they are also so worthy of Love. How it pangs Me to see My Beauteous Children doubting and stumbling through their lives without recognizing the fullness and Greatness or BIGNESS of My Love for them.

Children, what must I do to capture your attention? When will you take notice and adhere yourselves to Me and My Will for you? This World is staid. It comes to its end and My Heart shall break when I lose My Belovéd Children to darkness. Children, do not be frivolous with your Time! I call out to My Children and call you to peace in accordance with My Will for you. Trust and serve your Lord God and Father. Thus when the end comes for you, you shall know gladness and not fear. [While there is a difference between dying and “the end of time,” they're sort of the same. We’ll either die while things are quiet or we’ll get to witness the real end of the world. Either way...]

Belovéd Children, you are anxious and battle for so many things that should not matter to your Hearts, for all that you see and all that you value but Love is temporal and weak. My Love for you is not weak. You are made strong by My Love for you and the Light I place in your Hearts guides you to Me. You must open your Hearts to Me, Children, lest the flame that burns with Love be doused inside you. [because of sin]

Pray, My Belovéd Children. It is a GREAT gift you bestow upon Me when I hear your prayers. Pray to Me and I shall not deny you all that is good and Holy. You shall ride upon the streams of My Love and Glory. Place My Love foremost in your Hearts. Devote them to My Belovéd Son, Christ Jesus, whose own Heart burns with His AWESOME Love for you.

Do not betray Me, My Children, by placing all of your emphasis or attention upon the riches and pains of this World. When you must struggle, embrace this pain and know it is a flame sent to you to purify your Souls. I do not offer My Will for you randomly, and those who find themselves in the most saddening and difficult situations are very Blesséd in My Eyes. Then when My Belabored and Burdened Children continue to have faith in My Love and only increase their devotion and supplications, truly they are most Belovéd and graced by Me. I have treasures that await those who suffer. Love Me even as you suffer. This is a great gift of Love to Me and the whole of Heaven swells with Love for My Children. [The love that ran through me at this point was so beautiful!]

Belovéd Children, all that you see and witness and hear and have is temporal. Money and riches and other lavish desires will not add value to your Souls. When you are called (to) for Judgement, you will not buy yourselves more time or the dismissal of your sins. I seek the richness of Love within you. I seek the Love of My Belovéd Children and note with GREAT LOVE the Children who are kind, patient, Loving, and forgiving of all they see and know.

Is it not a more worthy endeavor for a Man to lose his coat to a thief who freezes and in his compassion, will not have the man arrested? Is it not more worthy to struggle for the need of your Brothers and Sisters than to ignore their pleas? Is it not a more worthy thing to welcome all comers to your home to be fed and doted upon than to swallow the bitterness of your Heart and lay waste to all that is about you? Belovéd Children, thus I see so many of My Belovéd Children countering compassion with angry words. I see Brothers ignoring the needs and trials of their Sisters and Brothers. I see the bitter and those whose Souls are impoverished by sin. ["Swallow the bitterness" meant someone who is holding on to it or consumed by their bitterness.]

Belovéd Children, foremost in the healing of your Hearts should be an aching desire and need for the Most Holy of Holies. The Christ’s Eucharist that gives you a Heart that beats with Love and compassion. Partake of the Holy Eucharist, My Belovéd Children. You do not grasp the weight and nature of the blessings you are given when you are in communion with Christ Jesus. His Love for you is so GREAT and so OVERWHELMINGLY POWERFUL, you can only wonder of it. Know that your Love when reciprocated to Him, brings the Lord Jesus respite from His worrying Heart. The wounds inflicted upon His Loving Heart by Man (are) soothed and (you) place a salve upon it as He basks in your Love for Him.

Belovéd Children, I ask that you pray for those who have closed their Hearts to Me. Never is a child at greater risk than when he has abandoned his Father and walked off the trail of Love and righteousness. Children, be fervent in your prayers. I hear each of them and take notice of all that is done in My Holy Name that shall mitigate the disruptions or eruptions that sin shall cause in this World.

Belovéd Children, do not be afraid, for when your Hearts are safely ensconced in Mine, surely the troubles that shall come will be like a kitten’s roar to that of a lion. Prepare for the storm that comes. Cleanse your Hearts for the grace of the Holiest of Holies, Christ Jesus, in the Eucharist before you. Pray for (My) Belovéd and faithful servants [priests]. Soon shall they disappear and the MOST ASTONISHINGLY BIG grace of the Eucharist, Salvation and Love and forgiveness, all that is Sacred within shall be lost to many and scarce to others.

Belovéd Children, do not be fooled or misled by those who disdain Me. Do not follow in the steps of those who cast aside the Great Love of My Belovéd Son and reduce His Love to vulgarities and plunder. Pray and stay faithful in your trust and Love for Me, your Holy God and Eternal Lord. Trust in My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, who longs to bring you Love and joy.
Call out to your Lord God and know with great confidence that My Love and Mercy are yours. Belovéd Children, do not be afraid. Extend the peace I give to you and lead your Brothers and Sisters back to Me. Peace, My Children. Peace.