What you inflict upon My Beloved Son, so you inflict upon Me

By Linda Noskewicz

June 1, 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017 10:42 am - 11:40 am  Adoration

Father, my pride is my biggest sin.  I know it.   Please douse it within me so I can serve You better.  Please, knock me off my high horse but please, let me land softly.  And when you correct me, please be loud. XO

Belovéd Children, I Am.  I am ALL that is Love and each of you, My Children, has been given the Flame of My Spirit to keep or tinder or build.  Each piece of wood that you place into My Loving Flame is a good deed done by My Most Belovéd Children.  One may be a kind word or a generosity.  When I see My Belovéd Children kindle the Flame of Love within your Hearts, how I swell with Love and infuse an ever (constant) Flame that you be further bound to Me.

Oh, Belovéd Children, you see and hear so little of My Calls and blessings.  Must you receive calamity to bring you far away from the pit of perdition?  Why, when you are offered wine, do you drink vinegar instead?  Why, Belovéd Children, do you seek and value the wealth and visibility of this World, when, by humility and humbleness, the riches and wealth I shall award to you are so much sweeter and so much more valuable.

Do not let the concerns and positions or wealth of this World lead you astray and away from My Love.  My Love is All truth, all that is perfect and all that is Most Holy.  Close your eyes to the sins and temptations that are so often placed before you.  Cover your ears to the sounds of leaders or false ones who would lead you (to) the un-Love of the Christ Jesus. [the devil] Close your eyes and cover your ears, for the sin of this World is great and you are so weak to give into the temptations of this World.

Children, remember to venerate and adore with great oblations and fervor My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus who bleeds for each of you still.  Belovéd Children, how you wound and pierce most savagely and gleefully the Heart of My Belovéd Son.  Why do you dash such Love against the rocks of this World and accept such cheap and immoral treasures from this World?  How will you recognize My Belovéd and Most Resplendent and persevering Son?  How will your eyes see that Glory before you when your eyes focus upon the immorality and finite gifts of the World?

When you Love My Son, so do you Love Me.  When you are affectionate and gentle with My Belovéd Son, so you have given Me your affection and gentle care.  Can you doubt My Words when it (is) My Belovéd Son for whom I tell you orsay these things?  Why do you turn your back to Salvation and grace?  Where are your Hearts, My Belovéd Children?  I long for each of you.  I wait so hopefully for you, each of you, to Choose the Love of your Most Loving and affectionate and Righteous Lord God.

I am the One True God.  When you believe and worship My Most Belovéd Son (HUGE BIG LOVE FOR HIM), you bring Me such joy and the whole of Heaven rejoices in your praise of Jesus.  You are My Belovéd Children, and My Desire to have each of you with Me eternally cannot be quenched.  I long for you and yearn for your Love.  Do you not seek or know or understand, My Children, that I have made you by Love and with such Love and for absolute Love.  And yet so many of My Belovéd Children have wandered off the path of Love and to the devastating road to perdition.  Belovéd Children, are My Loving calls not good or valuable enough for you that you would turn your backs on Me?  I am Love and wish only for your Love in reciprocity.  Yet, so many of My Belovéd Children deride His Great Sacrifice and spit upon His Holy Name.

Oh, Belovéd Children, share My anger with this World, the most dastardly World.  I do not abide by sin and when you spit upon the Face of My Beauteous and Belovéd Son, the whole of Heaven stands appalled, and My Heart is filled with righteousness and indignance.  When you deign to deride the Christ Jesus, so you bring yourself to such terrible perdition!

Belovéd Children, the Son of Man has shed His Blood that you might bask in the Most AMAZING Holy Eternity.  It is a gift so wondrous, you cannot see or know it properly enough.  [It is far too BIG in its love.]  Open your eyes to My Mighty Love for you.  I have such great gifts for My Belovéd Children who give honor and reverence and affection for (to) My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.  For when one Child tells My Son that their Heart is filled with Love for Him, the rejoicing and BIG celebration is astounding!  The Christ Jesus is the “ALL” of Heaven and earth. [So very, very Big]

Know this to be true, My Children, there comes a time when this World shall suffer greatly for each sin and for each act of insult upon My Belovéd Son.  The detriments of shunning and scoffing at My Belovéd Son (are) great.  It is only through My Great Love and Mercy are you forgiven, yet no one comes to Me, the Lord God and Most Righteous Love for Mercy.  You do not atone for the wounds you inflict on My Belovéd Son.  You do not deign to dress His wounds nor do you thank Him Most Humbly for ALL that He has given to you.

Thus, it is a calamity that will bring to you a great suffering or depression and how this World shall feel My Righteous anger.  I have said to each of you with such Love and Mercy to not make folly of your Time.  Do not wait to come to Me for Love and Mercy.  Do not believe your own sins are not egregious.  My Belovéd Children must atone for their sins by coming to Me most humbly and allow Me to grant My ever available or ever-present Love and Mercy.

It is such a small or little thing I ask and it is all to your GREATEST Holy benefit.  The gift of My Great Compassion and Love for you is so fervent and passionate.  Yet My Blind and Deaf Children turn Love away.  You cannot leave Me outside your doors, never inviting Me in or waiting upon Me like a good servant and expect the Righteous One, your Lord God and Patient Father to recognize and open His Gated doors to you.

Those who Love the Christ Jesus are welcomed warmly and with great Mercy and affection.  Those who deride My Belovéd Son are bound readily to perdition.  Know this to be true.  The path My Belovéd Children walk leads them to perdition and all of the horror and sorrows of hell.  I am a Most Loving Father and just judge.  What you inflict upon My Belovéd Son, so you inflict upon Me.

Belovéd Children, choose the sanctity of My Love and Mercy.  Dispel from your Hearts the whims and temptations that currently raze your Souls.  Oh, Children, your Souls are such frail things.  When you are not safely ensconced in Love for Me and I for you, the inflictions and diseases that tear and gnaw upon your Souls are a horrible thing.  It is a detrimental wound(s) that only get larger and worse over Time.  Do not subject your Precious Souls to that vulgar-ness and violence.

Instead, come to Me like Children, that I may embrace you with My Great Love and Indulgence.  When you are with Me, your Souls are safely and gently placed into My Hands.  Trust in Me, My Children.  Give yourselves over to Me that I may fill you with Love and compassion and charity.  Allow Me to further kindle the Flame of Love within your Hearts. Let My Love and Mercy fill and repair your Souls.

Oh, Children, you must be prayerful and obedient.  What is it to refuse one gold coin, when in waiting, you acquire a handful of treasures instead?  Children, that is what the World has done or does.  My Children have exchanged their Souls for such (a) pittance when, by turning to Me for Love and Mercy and with great humility and humbled Hearts, waiting for All that I have promised.

Woe to Israel, My Belovéd Daughter who I have protected for so long.  Look to the East and so shall My Belovéd Israel fall for the sins of My Belovéd People.  Thus shall this earth rebel against Man and bring such angst to you.  And peoples will war or continue to war against their brothers and sisters and families shall be torn to shreds by your Broken orruined Hearts and the devastation will make the “best” (prayerful) Belovéd Children weep with remorse and sorrow.  Thus, I say to you, My Belovéd Children, do not make folly of your Time.  Do not place the temporal before Me.  When Calamity comes, to whom will you turn but your Loving Father and Most Mighty God?  And how will you know that prayer is a powerful plea and I shall hear the pleas of My Prayerful and Belovéd Children.

Do not wait but come to Me and enjoy the fruits of Mercy and Love.  Do not wait, My Children.  To wait also is detrimental to your Soul.  When you have left this World, you will see and long for the opportunity to have given Christ Jesus more Love and attention.  You will be ashamed at how your Time was wasted on such vulgar things when your Soul could have been joyful by your worship of your Lord God.

Belovéd Children, prepare with great prayer and trust in My Belovéd Son.  Know that I am an impatient Father and long for My Belovéd Children to respond to My endless calls.  Know, Belovéd Children, My Love for you is thorough or totally and utterly complete.  Know My Great Love for you will not wane and only grows when you seek My Merciful Love.
Oh, Belovéd Children, do not wait for night to come and you shall be left outside the gates to freeze and/or be viciously attacked.  Belovéd Children, come to Me.  Come to Me and I grant you My Love and Mercy and peace.  
Peace, My Child.  Have peace in your burning Heart.  Peace.

A comment about being “viciously attacked.”  It seems to me that this is a spiritual attack that is vicious and tormenting.  It is like the soul being scratched at by a wild animal, but instead of just one, there are many that will torment people.