Live with fidelity to My love

By Linda Noskewicz

March 3, 2017

3:22 pm – 4:24

Sometimes Your love is so strong, I want to cry.  Why do we not live our lives carefully?  How can I always behave as if I won’t be alive an hour later or a day later?  Father, why are we made so weak??  Why does danger that isn’t in front of faces not make us change our ways??  Knowing full well if I went on a cheese binge, I likely would have a heart attack, but because the attack hasn’t come, I eat all the cheese I see and don’t believe even a little that an attack would happen to me.  Do we just not care about ourselves or are we just stupid?
3:26 pm

Belovéd Child, not one of My Belovéd Children is stupid or rejected or anything that is unlovable.  You are weak and frail but (do) not seek the comfort and strength of My Love and aid.  You are My Little Monkey and all that you seek to understand must be pushed and pulled by your beautiful little hands.  Such is your Heart, My Love.  It is a fragile yet stubborn one and I simply adore every piece of it that makes you.  I have created all of My Belovéd Children with such intense Love.

Love yourselves, My Belovéd Children.  Love yourselves, for you are most precious to Me, your Lord God and Father.  Turn to Me in all things as you would a counselor.  Trust in My Great Love for you.  I do not destroy that which I Love and I am deeply in Love and enamored of My Precious Children. [Such affection!]  Believe that My Love and compassion for you are stronger and deeper and larger than you can understand or know.  Thus, I say, trust in My Love and in My Words of Love.

Follow the righteous path of My Most Belovéd and Most Cherished Son, your Lord God and Redeemer, the Christ who is Jesus.  He is the King of Heaven and earth and when you are in Communion with Him, so are you in Communion with your Lord God and Father.  We are the One True God and all that We/I do is for the good and for the Love of My Belovéd Children.  

Oh, My Belovéds, do not seek to foretell your future.  I am the Lord God and all that is (exists) is of Me and from Me and I am.  How will your fragile Souls see that ENORMITY of the Eternal God?  When you grumble and guess at all that I see and all that My Holy Will has set for you, I am offended by this or your implications.  How can you see the Will of your Lord God for you when you spend all of your Time trying to decide what shall happen or when shall this happen or that.

Live with fidelity to My Love.  Live peacefully and with a fearless and righteous Heart, My Children.  It is better for you, My Children, to prepare for your own individual ends or deaths. [There is a delineation here between eternal life and this life.]  You must discard your need for control. You must disregard the temporal and all the temptations that come when you place the World before your Love of Me.

When you are near death, you will wish to be fearless.  When you are afraid of death, your Soul speaks to you.  The Spirit urges you to become righteous and subservient to your Lord God and before harm or illness or accident comes across your path, to come to worship and take so Lovingly into your Hearts your Heavenly God and Father.

Do not allow (the) temptations you fall into today dictate your goodness or joyfulness of tomorrow.  Pray, My Children.  Love and be compassionate to those you would deny.  Even as the disciples of My Belovéd Son, the Christ, stumbled in their Love, surely by their persistence and Love for My Son opened their Eyes and Hearts so that the Love in Spirit placed upon their Hearts and Minds and Souls, the strength and Spiritual compromise or direction that their lives were lived solely for their Love of God, always certain in their passion for My Love and ever-thankful of My Mercy. [“Compromise” or “Direction” came across like a description of an automatic direction – it is all made easy.]

Belovéd Children, you are but frail and small things and yet so precious and Belovéd to Me.  Trust in Me, My Children.  Call out to Me.  Trust in Me.  Leave all that is a worry or concern or heaviest burden and I shall take such weight from your Hearts and fill you again with Love and joy and a confidence that only comes from a thorough trust and Love for Me.  I, then, shall guide you clearly to My Will.  Believe in My Love and Mercy for you, My Children.  Grasp at these gifts I offer to you so Willingly.  Accept them with passionate and joyous Hearts that have been raised from their sorrow because you have come to Me in repentance.  Your Hearts are lifted by My Love and Mercy.  There can be no thing, no darkness, no person, no threat or illness that will crush you because you have trusted and Loved Me, your Lord God and Eternal Father.

Oh Children, I beg you to come to your Loving Father.  When you stray from My Love, like any Loving parent, My Heart goes into a panic and I worry so!   Do not put My Heart in such misery, My Children.  Live as if you shall die in this minute.  Clear your Hearts of sin and those things that wrench from your Soul joy.  Belovéd Children, prepare as you would a fearsome storm.  A storm of such scale and so astonishing, you shall lose your breath or fall unconscious.  Can you know from which direction this storm will come?  Can you know its true strength or duration while it is absent?  Can you know what things it shall destroy or which neighbors shall be taken up in to the violent torrents of the storm?  You cannot.  Thus I say, you cannot know when your Time shall come, be it an accident, a flu or sickness or from old age.  I say to you, prepare for the storm and anticipate it shall come minutely, so you shall be in a state of readiness.
[This part about the storm sort of is a reference to what I was asking Him before.  That we should always be prepared to die and meet His judgement.  Of course, the difficult part is actually doing it.]

Belovéd Children, My Will for you is Loving and good.  Be prayerful and attentive to Me, your Lord God and Father.  Temper or mitigate the storm you shall face by walking in the path of My Belovéd Son and His Righteousness.  Love Me, your Lord God and know in your Hearts, that I am ever present.  Do not doubt My Love for you, but live without fear.  Live with the knowledge that the path you follow will bring (you) to justice or righteousness, or goodness or (or you can follow) the road or path (that) will take you to perdition.

Belovéd Children, do not allow your Love for Me to go lukewarm.  It is an affront to My Love for you.  Instead, embrace Me with all that you are, and how the whole of Heaven sings in delight and joy!

Belovéd Children, know too that when you reject the Love of your Lord God, when with gleeful Hearts you mock ordisregard the very Love of My Belovéd Son, your Lord Jesus, the Christ and Lamb of God, you sin with such dire consequences or great tragedy.  Love your Lord God!  Turn your unsteady and imperfect Hearts to Me.  Place yourself in My Waiting Hands and thus enjoy the Eternal gifts or rewards or HUGEST LOVE in death.  Death shall become Life and you will encounter no darkness ever again.  Betray or hate or mock the Love of My Belovéd Son, trample upon the Sacrifice He made for your very salvation, and so death for you shall be a dark, painful and endless agony.  I will not be there and the agony or grief or misery of your Hearts shall burn your Soul and the pit does not have Mercy or Love within it.

Belovéd Children, I am your just Lord and Loving Father.  I Love to see My Belovéd Children joyful in their Hearts or your Hearts.  Thus, I say, obey your Loving Father out of sheer Love for Me.  I am not a burden for Love.  See how a lukewarm Heart struggles in obedience?  See how fear wells up inside your Hearts at the thought of your death?  Place Me in the center and forefront of your lives.  I am the Light, the fire that shall lead you in darkness and warm you in the cold.
Love Me, Children.  It is your choice, to Love or not Love.  Open your Hearts to Me but a little and I shall show you how life changes in the most Loving and best of ways. [WOW - give an inch and He'll a take a mile!]  So I say to you with great emphasis, pray.

Pray.  Pray for those who die unreconciled to Me.  Pray for grace for this World and its redemption.  Pray and rejoice in My Love for you.  Reciprocate My Love and you give Me such joy!  Be merciful of those you seek to hate or those you have yet to forgive.  There are no conditions in My Mercy for you.  I open My Arms so willingly and give you My Mercy at your smallest request or desire.  Thus, do not turn a cold Heart to those who seek or who are in need of your mercy and forgiveness.
It is an easy time when you embrace those Brothers and Sisters whom you Love and who bring joy to you.  When you hold the hand of your gravest enemy and proclaim your Love for him and forgiveness for him, even as he repudiates ordenies or throws back into your face like spittle the very Love and mercy you have offered, do not take offense or allow your Hearts to smolder.

I am the Lord God and Just Judge.  You need not do the job of justice in My Place.  I shall see into your Heart as I will see into his.  And would you not rather have Me find Love and unconditional forgiveness in yours than the anger and vengeance rejection can place in you?  Thus, forgive all those who harm you with willing Hearts and without condition.  Seek nothing in return for this generosity, for to do so negates that which you have done.

Belovéd Children, know My Love for you is real, tangible, present, HUGE.  You do not need to understand its fathomlessness.  Only trust in My Love.  Belovéd Children, Peace.  My Peace is ever upon your Hearts.