I say to you always, pray

By Linda Noskewicz

October 5, 2017

While praying the Rosary at Maria Regina in the Sacristy, I had a chilling…there is no word for it – a sick, frightening, and very painful vision.  It was visceral to a degree I can’t describe.  [I had asked God just how bad our souls looked; how bad our sins were.)  

The vision:   It was of a child in the womb.  It was perhaps 3 – 4 months old.  The child had the beginnings of his limbs – nubs or small fins, his eyes, and a heartbeat.  He was innocent.  Truly innocent.  I was given a "snapshot" of his internal heart.  He was very aware of being warm, comfortable, and safe, but he was very unaware of anything outside his little world.  He was completely ignorant of evil or pain.
(I cannot stop crying for its pain….)
In this vision, I hear or know the baby's thoughts and emotions and reactions....  All at once, he does feel a pain.  It is a poke to begin with and there is surprise.  He wonders nervously - what is that?   He has no word/thought for pain, so it is very strange and abnormal and confusing to him.  Instinctively, he moves quickly away from what causes it.   Another, harder poke scares him, because it has happened twice now, but he can’t get away.  The cause of the pain grows larger and the baby jerks and turns over and tries to get away.  I can barely write this, but I felt his experience – his absolute bewilderment as to why.  The WHY in his shock and surprise and pain.  (I began crying again...) – I can’t think about it too long.  The sadness is an ache too deep to handle.

Finally, the vision left me.  I still see it though.  I still know what it is for the baby – the emotions, and it is terrible.  My heart hurts.  It is unbearable.  That is the word.  If people knew.  If they knew, most would finally see and be repelled.  There are others who would see and still not care.  We need to do more – write letters.  Abortions must end; they are so abhorrent to God.  And me too.

3:03     In the Sacristy
Thus, My Child, you see and know the depravity of Man’s Soul.  Have peace, Child, you are with Me and I do not bring confusion or sadness to your Heart, but only awareness or a cognition that the sins of this World are not only painful and horrid, they are most evil and driven by the hand of darkness.  Belovéd Child, you do right to cry, for all of these Children, My Little Flowers, have been decimated by the wantonness and pride of Mankind.  I am distraught (BIG) by the murderous Hearts of Mothers who were meant for motherly joys.  The blessings of My Little Flowers were meant for Love and joy.  Yet, My Belovéd Mothers have tossed them away again and again without a thought for My Flowers’ Souls or Love.  Do not cry, My Child.  This murderous evil will end when the clarity of Love comes to judge, and all will be as it should have been.
The Christ Jesus, My Beatific and Most Loving Son weeps at the death of each Soul.  My Children walk to perdition with neither repentance nor regret in their Hearts.  My Loving Heart breaks to see what I Love so dearly broken by your own hands.  You, My Children, were meant for Love and were made with Love to Love.  Your Hearts have become hardened and your Souls wither.  You are self-centered and anxious for power and greedy.  Children, must you break the Loving and Merciful Heart of the Christ Jesus who is Perfect Love?  Belovéd Children, My Words of Love fall upon deaf ears.  My Love for you is a distraction and so you turn away in preference to that which is temporal and so cheap.
All at once, My Child, I am with you and take you into My arms to allay your constant fears and doubt.  Put your trust in the Heart of the Christ and so shall you know peace and Mercy and joy and Love.  Do not feel sorrowful, but pray.  Your prayers fill Me with joy and assuage the pain I feel when My Belovéd Children turn away from Me.  ​(He comforts me, because I am so upset by the vision.) 

Ever distracted, My Children turn away from their Loving Father to address inferior concerns or partake in folly.  I am the source of All Love, My Children.  Do not set yourselves apart from Me, Children.  In doing so, you are rejecting Perfect Love and needed Mercy.
Children, so many of My Belovéd Children do not fear judgement because you have reserved the task for yourselves.  The judge cannot be judged.  Thus, My Children believe there are no consequences for every sin committed.  My Children are lost without My Guidance, and this is clear in the calibre or your sins.  Children, do not wait.  I call to you always, daily, minutely, every second of each day and yet I am ignored.  I call you and you do not answer.  Daily you are warned.  I am a Loving Father and a Just God.  Do not believe that because I am a Father filled with Love for His Children that I (do) provide restitution for sin.  (Like a free pass – there is no pass unless you go to Him for forgiveness)
Children, repentance is crucial and I give My Mercy with all Love and satisfaction.  Come to Me, Children.  Do not wait.
Father, why am I so very anxious right now?  I have felt this since early afternoon, and there’s no reason. 
I needed to go to confession – that’s why.]

Child, it is the Soul that cries out against iniquities.  Thus, your prayers are good and put My Loving peace into your Heart.
And the vision?  That was far from peaceful.
You must know and Man must know the evil nature and the degree of My Abhorrence for this sin.  I do not show you to shock you, but to make you singularly aware of the horror behind every sin and very particularly, this sin.  It is a sin that is too large and too often committed without regret or thought.  Thus, I say, pray for the Mothers of this World who were meant to be queens on earth but have chosen the hooves of darkness instead.
Father, but You can forgive, right?  If they come to You?
Belovéd Child, My Mercy and compassion know no bounds.  I long for every Child to come to Me for forgiveness.  I long to cleanse your Souls of sin that you may discover the depths of My Love and Mercy.  Children, know, there is a difference between Love and anger and between punishment and concern.  I do not hurt the Children I hold so dearly.  I do not wound that which I have made with Love and for Love.  I do not destroy but create all that is good and by My Holy Love, let it grow.
Belovéd Children, I am a Loving Father and Just Judge.  When there is mercy attached to Judgement, are the consequences as severe as those given without Mercy?  Mercy softens what is stern and allows judgement leeway orroom for alternatives.  If you are filled with My Loving forgiveness, shall I be more or less lenient as I judge your sins and decide on justice?  If a Child comes to Me having no Mercy and no forgiveness, what shall soften the Heart of your Just Judge?  What shall persuade Me to have compassion in My Judgement when you dismissed it so readily in Life.  Do you not see this will be true?
Come to Me, Children.  Come to Me, and I embrace you with GREAT Love.  It is My Greatest Wish that every one of My Belovéd Children return to Me for My Love and Forgiveness.  It is My Greatest Longing that we are united in Eternal Life.  This wish is thwarted at every turn by Man’s lack of concern for your Souls.  Children, your Souls are yours to keep safe.  They are fragile and holy and cannot be ignored.  Every sin marks your Soul roughly and wounds you more than you can know.  Every act of Love brings Light to your Soul.  You have but one; do not destroy it or do not allow sin to destroy it.
My Belovéd Children, the Queen of peace, My Most Beauteous Daughter and Mother has leapt into the Hearts of many and touches many, many Souls.  Know there is great happiness in Heaven when the Mantle of Her Love discovers another Child in need of guidance and open to My Love.  Children, the Son of Man calls out to you.  Do not ignore His Heavenly Calls.  He is My Most Belovéd Son, and His pain is My Own as is His joy My Own.
Belovéd Children, do not believe your Time is infinite, for it is not.  Your life here is transitory and you will see the truth of this when you see the Eternal.  Children, thus I say, pray.  Offer honest Love and forgiveness to others.  Pray and always forgive.  Do not judge, for it is My job alone.  Do not judge.  Pray, My Children, and give Love to your Brothers.  Pray and seek reconciliation.  Partake of the Most Divine Holy of Holies often, daily.  Know that like a fading star that disappears during the day, so shall the Eucharist, the Son of God and Man, Christ Jesus’ own Sacrifice will disappear for so many.  How scarce will His Body and Blood be, and you shall long to discover it again.
Belovéd Children, pray.  You ask Me often, how shall I prepare?  Shall I lock my doors and run from the night?  Belovéd Children, you are misled if you do what your Worldly self tells you to do.  I say to you always, pray!  Do not judge.  Love Me and Love My Children.  Pray.  Prayer answers all questions.  Pray without distraction.  How can you hear Me when there is so much noise within your Hearts?  Pray, My Children, and do not long to know what will illuminate this World.  My Will for My Children is always Love.  Trust in Me, your Eternal Father.  Pray, Children.  Pray.