Praying is Shuttering Your Homes

By Linda Noskewicz

October 19, 2017

Dear Lord, I Love You.

             Belovéd Children, I am here before you, longing for your attention and desperate to be seen by each of you.  You are My Belovéd Children and your errors have drawn or pulled you away from your Eternal Father who Loves you so dearly.
            I am the One True God.  It is by My Love and Mercy that you come to Eternal Life.  The master of the house does not allow guests to enter with mud on their shoes, but takes them to the place where they can be washed clean.  Thus is the Kingdom of Heaven, I say.  I do not allow sin to enter My Heavenly boundaries.  I cleanse the Souls of My Children with great care and focus and anticipate the moment when each of you shall join Me.
            Belovéd Children, do not purport to know My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, the World’s Redeemer and Loving Key to Heaven.  If you do not know My Son intimately, this is reflected within your Hearts.  When your Love and attentiveness to My Son exists within your Hearts, it is clearly seen by those who know the Glory of God.
            Children, so many of you long for peace in My Heavenly name and Long for a time when Love rules and calms the dismays of this World.  Belovéd Children, be patient and trust in My Holy Will for you.  I am your Most Loving Father.  Does a child tell His Father what to do or what must be done?  Does the child have the foresight or wisdom of his Father?  Will the child know how to guide himself through storms within places he is not familiar?  No.  No child can lead his Father.  No child has the foresight of his Loving Father.  It is the Father who teaches His Belovéd Son and who protects His Belovéd Son and who leads him into a good and righteous life.
            My Belovéd Children, you are most Belovéd to Me.  The Christ Jesus appeals to each of you for Love.  See the Light of Our Love lit within the World around you and enjoy the blessings of Love.  Do not worry in your smallness.  Do not worry, as you are only little children and you can very much trust in your Loving Father.
            Children, a Time comes when you will regret your inattentiveness to My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.  How can you say you are a friend to My Son when you do not know Him?  How can you say you are patient in My Will for you when you have never trusted or your trust (never) been tested?  How can you expect your journey to end?  Are you with your Lord God and Father now?  Do you long for Me and thus pray daily with great joy?  Or do you call at convenient moments within your lives?  Children, I call each of you often every day.  I call with great hope that each of you will answer.  So many of My Most Precious Children do not, and My Loving Heart, My Sacred Heart is crushed by agony.
            Belovéd Children, your Time is not an infinite thing.  It is not measured against Eternity.  You cannot know the nature of Time.  Know only that you must Love Me completely and worship and adore My Belovéd Son completely and come to your Lord God for Mercy and Loving attention in this finite Life (so) that the next Eternal Life is opened to you orgreets you with the Blessings and great joys in My Kingdom that I bequeathed to you before you were born to this earth.  You are so Loved to the extent that your Loving Father anticipates that each of My Children will be with Me.   [He is excited to give us His gifts!!]
            Thus, answer My Loving calls and come to the path the Christ Jesus set forth for you in His Redemption.  Children, this path is not an easy one, but the fruits of your efforts or work are made abundant, and they are more glorious than you can imagine.  The blessings in Heaven outweigh those things people place such value on while here.  I offer gold to you.  This World offers stones.  I offer you a feast for kings; this World will give you sour wines and rotten meats.  This World looks to make you feel worthless where I look to show your extreme HUGE value!  You cannot compare the blessings or fortunes you are given in this World to those you shall receive in the next.
            Belovéd Children, in My Loving Heart, I am your Father and Lord God.  I am also your judge of the ages.  I am a Just Judge, as I am the One True God.  Know that there is mercy and Love for you always within My Heart, but when judgement must come to each of you, and you have failed to seek Me out and give to Me your enduring Love, how shall you be received, My Children?  I am a very just Judge.  My judgement is softened by your requests on earth for Mercy and the Love of your Lord God.  I will see your sins and I shall see your Love and trust in Me, and I am moved to compassion.  When you have never sought out My Mercy and Love for you here as you have lived this life, how will the Judge be softened?
            Children, I say to you again, My Love and Mercy are for you.  These are such ineffable gifts.  They are not transitory.  Their value never wanes.  Thus, come to Me in repentance and sorrow.  Come and give your Love to Me.  When you do this, know that My Entireness or the Entirety of Love embraces you joyfully and BIGLY.  I do not turn My Children away.  Come to your Lord God and Father.  I am a Mighty God and a Gentle Father.  Do not fear Me, but trust in Me.  Trust in My Loving Will for you.
            Belovéd Children, I say to you, pray.  Your prayer is shuttering the home of your Hearts from the looming storm.  Pray and it is sustenance you shall have throughout the storm.  Pray and the winds will have no power to destroy your home and bring you to sorrow.  Pray, and My Angels swarm or swoop by you and protect you from all evils.  Pray and know My Heart intimately.  Thus shall you have discernment and strength when it is most necessary.  Belovéd Children, you are Most Precious to Me, your Lord God and Father.  Give to Me your Love and come to Me for compassion and Mercy.  Link tightly your Hearts to the Sacred Heart of the Christ.  I give you My Peace, My Children.  Peace.