His Holy "All-Knowledge"

By Linda Noskewicz

October 24, 2017

Belovéd Children, accept the brilliant Light of Love I have placed into your Souls and Hearts.  It is My gift to you and it is the Holy Spirit that manifests itself in all that you do and say when you recognize the Glory and honor of My Great Love.  I am in each of you and know every detail of everything that makes you My Belovéd Child.  I am delighted by each of you and look after you with Great Love and affection.
Children, believe in My Love and Graces for you with all of your beings.  Let there be no doubt of your Love for Me, the One True God.  Let the World see by your actions and words that you acknowledge your Eternal Father and Lord God as your Most Belovéd God and all of your trust and faith are in Me.  Belovéd Children, do not be afraid to show your Love for Me.  I long for My Belovéd Children to rejoice in My Love and Mercy for you.
            Belovéd Children, it is far better to be at odds with this sinning, wicked World than to turn against Me to please what is transitory and wrong.  Think, Belovéd Children, if you faced one so wicked that his ostracism would make you deny your Loving God and Father.  This places you in the hands of the anti-Christ who works to have all of My Belovéd Children deny Me.  Do not fear or be ashamed to profess your Love for Me.  The scorn of people today is nothing compared to the stinging fires caused by sin.  Choose Me and let the Holiest Spirit descend upon you in your times of fear or need to give you what strength or encouragement you need to dispel the unholy ones.  The Spirit shall fill you with the confidence of My Eternal Love, and the evil shall flee from the Light of My Love burning within you.  Belovéd Children, you need never fear that which is temporal, for you are with Me.  You are My Child, and like a good Father, I watch over you Lovingly. 
            Belovéd Children, do not rest in your prayers.  Do not become lazy or careless.  Your prayers are so very necessary and so very powerful.  Belovéd Children, praise your Redeemer and Blesséd Savior and King, My Belovéd Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Give to Him all of your Hearts and worship Him with Love, humility, and great reverence.  He has unlocked the doors to Heaven for you and has made Mercy and forgiveness real or available.
            Children, take up your Hearts and answer My Loving Calls.  Do not be stubborn or selfish in your Love.  I am a just Lord and Loving Father.  Would you have Me compromise with sin in order to admit even the grossest or most corrupt Soul into My Kingdom?  What then separates earth from My Heavenly Kingdom?  What promises of joy, Love, and glory can I offer you that would distinguish the two?  Belovéd Children, would you allow your brothers to make filthy that which is precious to you?  What will you allow until you cannot endure any more abuse?  Thus, I say to My Belovéd Children, I do not compromise the perfection and glorious holiness of Heaven, even for the Children I Love so completely.  [Despite how much He loves us and wants us with Him in Heaven, He can’t allow it.  So we need to pray and behave.]
            Children, sacrifice the comforts you desire now that these lesser things will not impede your Love for Me and take you further from the Christ Jesus.  Oh, Belovéd Children.  How will you fight tomorrow if you are so weak today?  My Belovéds, I say always to pray, for even the Angels who glorify Me today fight a great battle, and your prayers sharpen their swords against evil and the malign ones.  Belovéd Children, you are My Belovéd Treasures and small in your understanding of Spiritual things.  You do not see that which takes place and therefore cannot yet join the battle.  You have more power still in your constant prayers.
           Children, know with all certainty and will all your faith in My Love for you that your devotion to prayer eases the miseries of Souls.  Your devotions mitigate the devastations of disasters and provide the miraculous to glorify My Name and engage the Holy Spirit.  Your prayers are songs within Heaven and they are so necessary.
Children, I must see this World change in its sinful behavior.  Your prayers also help in the conversion of many, many people and this brings Me such great comfort!  There are never enough Children to be saved by the power of your devotions.  Belovéd Children, I am aghast by the continuous sins of Man.  Even as I warn against sinning and provide a joyful and holy path to the Eternal Life, still, My Children sin most gleefully.  Children, there are too many sins that Man himself has created or found to insult the eyes of your Lord God.  The whole of Heaven stands in silence or shocked silence by the natures of your sin.  Were you to know how many shall fall because of the depths of their sin, you would weep for their misery and pray for My Eternal Mercy.
            Children, I do not fail the Ones I Love.  I do not abandon you but ask for your Love, and in Loving Me, take joy in obedience and happy or devoted oblations.  Children, do not believe wrongfully that because I am a Most Loving and Compassionate Father that I am not also a just Judge.  I do not abide by sin, nor do I allow the impudence or audacity of sinners to lay claim to the rewards and gifts I have or keep for each of My Children.  I call to you, Children, so you will walk away from your impudence and sinful behavior.  I show to you where your pride or ego or desire for Worldly status hurt(s) your Souls and draw(s) you away from My Holy plan for you.  Your obedience is a tool by which you build a bridge to Me.  Your Love allows Me a firm conduit into a listening Heart.
            Belovéd Children, My Son, the Christ Jesus, is solely Beatific and BIGLY MOST INEFFABLY Holy. [too big]  He is My Belovéd Son and all that you do to please Him pleases Me.  When you adore the Christ and pay homage to Him for His wondrous and Most Loving Sacrifice, I am made content as He is made joyful.  Your absolute recognition of His Love for you and His absolute Willingness to give to you all Mercy and GREATEST Love comfort the Sacred Heart that is broken too often by the sins of Man.  Thus, I say to you, Belovéd Children, give all your Love and attention to your Redeemer, the Savior who is Christ, My Belovéd Son.  When you are Loving, devoted, and obedient, I see this and My Heart swells with such Love for you and such joy in seeing or knowing or experiencing your Love.  [This came out like heart swell and poetic, like a song.  It is hard to describe.  His Love for Jesus is unbelievable.  Big.]
            Belovéd Children, it is now a time to fast as you pray.  Denial with prayer is more pleasing to Me as your attention is kept upon the Bread of Life that sustains you.  Thus fast and pray, I say to you, and I look with great favor upon your Loving efforts.
            Belovéd Children, do not wander from Me, especially when you think all is peaceful or harmless.  If you are fearful of transitory disaster, how much more fear should you have for the Spiritual flames that will greet you at death?
Do not be afraid, My Children.  I say to you, pray!  I take great care of My Belovéd Children.  Know that My Will for each of you is good and in its Holy Goodness correct.  It is not necessary for you to understand but to have faith in My Merciful Love for you.  Do not mistake concern with anger.  Do not mistake vengeance and punishment.  A parent is not vengeful towards His Children, but He corrects His Children with good cause.  When a Child grows up unruly, what manner of Man will he become?
            Children, understand this always.  I am your Loving Father and all that I do is from Love and My Holy Wisdom orsight or ALL-knowledge.  When you believe I punish you with some tribulation, do not curse Me but call out to Me for consolation and strength.  Know that your pain is a powerful reparation for sin.  Know too that your Loving Redeemer, My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, also suffered for the reparation of sin.  So when you suffer, you shall see the rewards you earned or garnered when you come to Eternal Life.
            Belovéd Children, I speak to you of great Spiritual things to inject My Children more thoroughly with a belief and understanding and reverence in (for) My Mysteries.  Meditate on My Holy Goodness.  Strengthen your faith by trusting in Me.  Trust in Me, My Children.  What Child does not fully trust his Loving Father?  I do not betray your trust, but know you must not assume My Role as Father to a Child.
            Belovéd Children, spend more Time in the Adoration of My Son, the Christ Jesus.  Be attentive in your Love and reverent in your worship.  You receive such Beatific blessings by this.  Children, I say to you, it is crucial that you go to reconciliation with Me and be cleansed for the Christ.  Go and proceed often with awed Hearts, for one day very soon, the Holiest of all Holies shall be lost to many.  Drink before you are dying of thirst.  Pray and fast.  Pray and pray devotedly for those Souls in grave danger of perdition, for there are so many.
            Pray for My Belovéd Servants who must be both faithful and courageous.  Pray and the Holy Spirit will provide those with Loving Hearts righteously and clearly.  Pray for My Belovéd Servants who have strayed.  My Heart is so wounded by their betrayal and their iniquities cause or result in such agonies.  My Belovéd Servants are called to be devoted disciples of My Belovéd Son.  What the Christ has taught, so too must they teach.  When a Servant of Mind leads My Children astray from insolence, his punishment is made tenfold more painful, and he takes on the burden of My Children’s sins as result of his failure.  My Servants must not be nonchalant about their spiritual strength and wisdom.  My Servants must perpetually pray and recognize the guidance of the Spirit.  Your responsibilities are grave and you answer to much.  ****  Know what the Christ accepts and what offends My Belovéd Son.  Pray, for My Humble and Loving Servants are so pleasing to Me and these are My Sons who will need the strength your prayers give to them.  They are My Bright Torches that shall lead My Belovéd Children out of the tunnels of darkness and into the truth of the Light.  Thus I say, pray for My Servants.  Their responsibilities are heavy.
            Belovéd Children, do not judge.  I do not accept this habit and I am deeply offended by your inclination to do so.  Pray instead that your own sins are diminished and that you find Mercy from the rightful and just Judge.  Children, go to Me or come to Me often.  (Church)  I am so gratified when you answer My Loving Calls.  Show the nature and depth of My Love to others by your Loving efforts to bring them to your Loving God.  Children, pray and fast.  I give to you My Peace, Children.  Do not be afraid.