By Linda Noskewicz

August 31, 2017

[Today, I have emphasized certain passages in red, because I feel they are extremely important.]   I am not strong, Father.  Not even close.  Please, give me what You know I need to be strong….

Belovéd Child, your clarity and strength and the bounty of Love surely come from your Loving Lord and Father.  All of your efforts please Me, and you are My Most Precious and rambunctious Child.

I say to you, do not be afraid, and yet you continue to live in dread and fear.  I tell you to spend all of your Time with Me, with My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, at the forefront of your lives and Hearts.  To pray.  Are these things not easily enough done?  Are these things so unsavory to you that you look to the calamity and aggressions of this World to be entertained?

For I am the Lord God and Father and but for My Most Beauteous and Beatific Son, the Christ Jesus, you would have no lives in which to live.  How is it that you ignore the One who Saves?  Why are you so filled with awe with those things man-made when My Love offers you a profound and Eternal joy?

Children, the Time to play is now over.  Your Child’s phase has waned.  You are responsible for your decisions and it is now Time to choose who you shall Love completely with your Heart and total attention.  Are you to worship the treasures you find in this World or shall you choose the Eternal joy and Love of knowing most intimately, the Lord God and My Belovéd Son who saves and know that Beauteous Love of the Eternal Spirit?

So many are choosing wrongly.  Thus, I say or beg My Prayerful Children to intercede with Mercy on their behalf.  Belovéd Children, it takes only one grain of a thought and I gaze upon My Children with Love and delight.  When you pray for those in darkness, a light is ignited in their Hearts.  They will grasp at this light and find their way to righteousness by your constant and Love-filled prayers.

I cannot resist the Loving prayers of My Belovéd Children.  Like a proud Father that looks with a Loving eye upon His Son, I indulge My Belovéd Children with My BIG Love and gather you to Me like little birds are gathered by their mother.

Belovéd Children, trust in Me.  Do not fear those things that must come.  You know how deeply the World sins and with such glee and readiness.  My Love has been ousted from the Hearts of Man and the World has demanded a separation.  I am not an intrusive Father and do not command you to reciprocate My AMAZING BIG Love.  You come on your own with your Hearts ready to embrace Love and I joyfully give My Love and Mercy to you.  It is a blesséd gift that so many ignore.

Oh, Children!  Know that the Time for folly has passed.  The lights must be lit in your Hearts.  The Love of God and that of My Most Belovéd Son must be known or recognized and returned.  For those who choose wrongly, those who choose darkness, something frightening awaits you.  I do not say this to frighten My Belovéd Children, but to make clear oremphasize the consequences of sin and the danger you place your Souls in by choosing to dismiss My Belovéd Son as frivolous or unreal.

My Son is Most Tangible and Loving.  He is there amongst you always, but your eyes refuse to see or recognize Him and your ears do not hear His calls.  Your lips repeat the Worldly lies you have been fed, and thus you are upon the sure road to perdition.  Woe to those who knew Me and chose to leave Me.  You will not have Me evermore in death.

Children, believe that your Souls are precious and fragile things.  How must I make you understand this?  Your Souls are like newborn babies that are reliant upon you for all things.  If you were to strike the baby with a rock, surely the baby is destroyed.  Thus, when you sin, you crush the life within your Soul.  Your Souls are more fragile than a spider’s web.  They are strong when they are fed Holiness and devotion to the Christ Jesus.  Yet, as the Soul can be, so can the delicate web be torn apart by forces greater than it.  Your Souls are your interior joys and interior lives.  You must hold your Souls most carefully, Lovingly, for to damage it is so detrimental to you.

Children, be aware that your Time to choose is NOW.  Do you not think Time applies to your lives?  Even the trees above your heads die, and you are not immune from this part of Life that should be joyous, and not detrimental.  Know, Belovéd Children, that the earth will regurgitate the blackness of your sins.  The sins of this World promulgate and grow more creative or most heinous or newly bad. [We’ve outdone ourselves.]

There are consequences for those who kill without regret, sorrow, repentance.  You cannot expect rewards for disregarding your Belovéd Lord God.  I will not know you when the Time arrives for Judgment, and where shall you find Mercy then?

Come to Me before the gates to Mercy are closed to you.  Know with great intimacy what I Love and accept.  Do not make excuses or condone those things I do not accept.  To do so links yourself arm-in-arm with darkness.  Disregard what you believe are treasures today.  Know with all your Hearts or COMPLETELY that the rewards I give to you for your Love and attention you gave to Me and My Most Belovéd Son will raise you beyond the most treasured of Worldly status, and will place you in the Heavenly realm of My Love which you cannot understand now.  If you place all of your efforts or attention and Love into those things that are so cheap and temporal, so shall you become unnoticed by Me.

Belovéd Children, I emphasize strongly, pray.  There is much darkness corrupting men and My Children become such creative sinners too.  Think on this, Dear Children.  Creativity is forethought and when you work to create new and finer ways to sin against God the Father and My Most Precious Son who endured death for your sake, you have become one with the one who is anti to Christ or the anti-Christ.  The foulness or unholiness or rot of the anti-Christ is broad and many of My Belovéd and misled Children have avowed their Souls to Him who is darkness.  They have chosen the detriment of their Souls.

Belovéd Children, many of those who have been corrupted seek to corrupt others until the entire World denies Me.  I Love each of you so dearly and will not stand idly by to this insult or agony.  Thus, I say, pray, My Children.  Pray, as your lives and Souls depend upon this.  Surely the lives and Souls of those you Love but who are departed from Me need the prayers of the attentive.  Children, pray.  You alone can do nothing.  With prayer, you are like a lightning bolt from the Heavens and you work for the glory of My Name.  I open doors to the prayerful and watch over you joyfully.

Oh, Children, do not spend your Time frivolously, but come to Me for Love and Mercy and peace.  Children, pray for those in this World to come to Me with sorrow and humility and My Heart is open wide to them.  Children, ALWAYSpray for My Loving Servants, for there are many who are happily corrupted and others who have not been watchful orprayerful.  They are easily deceived and thus spread deception to My Children, and how this sin grieves Me.  I am a Righteous God, and those who do not spend Time in prayer to know intimately their Loving and Patient Father will sin for a lack of discernment.  Pray for those who corrupt others, for their Souls are seconds from damnation.  Pray for those who will be true to the Face of Love.  They are strong in My Love and will bring My Belovéd Church rest or succoror life when she is most devastated.  Seek the wondrous intervention of the Queen of Heaven and earth.  She is your strongest intercessor and I can resist Her nothing.  ​[He's talking about our priests.]

Belovéd Children, you do not know what comes but that I send to this World a call that will bring many to Me.  Choose, My Children.  Do not wait.  Do not think you have infinite Time.  Choose now.  Choose to Love Me.  Choose now and know the peace of the Father enters your Hearts with Love.  Peace.