Do Not Wait

By Linda Noskewicz

September 6, 2017

Belovéd Children, I am for you as you are for Me.  Come to Me with sorrowful and repentant Hearts.  Do you not know the Time for folly has ended.  Do you not feel the tremors of this earth or the biting of the winds which howl furiously.  Do you not see how the earth regurgitates your sins?

Your sins wound Me so deeply, My Children, and they have made so many Souls dark with evil and pandering.  Children, you have not the Time to visit the folly or follies of argument or laughter.  I am the One True God.  Your faith in Me has grown so weak or has become so weak, it almost disappears.  The dark one will seize those of My Belovéd Children whose Souls are sullied or dirty from sin.

Come to Me, Belovéd Children.  Do not wait!  Do not wait for fire to consume you.  Do not wait for the flood to overcome you.  Do not wait for the winds to blow you off your feet.  Oh, Belovéd Children, come to Me now as you would prepare for any one of these things.  You are such small and Belovéd Children.

Can a Child fight off the thief who attacks at night?  Can a Child predict the direction of the storm?  Can you say to Me that you believe in Me and your Hearts are pure and good?  Can you say to Me, you know My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, intimately?  Can you say you have kept Him company and have loved Him in what you see in others?  Have you not sinned against God and thus expect the gates to Heaven are open to you?  Oh Children, know this to be true.  I do not abide by sin.

My Belovéd Son weeps by your indifference and inattentiveness.  His Love is yours and His Sacrifice saves those who will take advantage of Love.  My Love for you is everywhere and I am perpetually waiting for each of My Belovéd Children to notice My Great Love for you.  Oh, Children, you cannot wait.  I have given you such time.  Your prayers have moved Me to hold back My reply to your sins or loathful sins, but you have grown more perverse as I have waited patiently, Lovingly.

Belovéd Children, the day comes when the dragon shall strike and the fire will fall from the skies.  You will see the devastation of sin in the semblance of great wars.  The waters of clear lakes will recede as those that are polluted will contaminate the unbelievers.  The hatred manifested by sin shall draw mountains to crumble apart upon the heads of the unfaithful.  The truly deplorable acts of those Children who have forgotten Me so absolutely will (cause them to be)be crushed by the understanding or of their sins.  You cannot know the devastation of sin does to your Souls or to you.

Oh, Belovéd Children, I say to you, the Time is here.  I will cherish and cover My Belovéd and Trusting Children with a cloak of safety and Love.  Many of you shall show those who suffer how they must come to Me.  Show them how to pray and lead them to the Light of My Everlasting Love.  Children, a great nightness comes upon you.  You shall know this darkness and fear it has no end.  Pray, My Belovéds, and know with all of your Hearts that though darkness may try to overcome light, it cannot douse the Light of Love I place within you.

Do not pretend to know Me and My Will, Children.  You must pray, always pray, and that is your job.  Do not wonder about the detriments this World will experience.  Only pray.  When you are afraid, pray and I shall give you strength and courage.  When you are confused, pray.  I shall give you the Light of discernment.  When you are most angry, pray.  I will keep you from falling into the dark abyss.  There is no glory or gift in anger.  Anger leads only to hatred and hatred to violence and violence to sin.

I say to you, hold your brothers and sisters in high regard and pray for them endlessly.  Soon your prayers will bear fruit for those whose Hearts have answered.

Oh, devastation!  You cannot escape that which comes, but your solid and Heartfelt prayers mitigate the pain and suffering you will face.

Belovéd Children, atonement for your sins can be found and answered only through Me.  I can forgive you and when you are forgiven, you know the lightness and joy of a burden lifted from your shoulders.  Make room for those who shall require it.  Remember the Most Holy of all Holies, the Lamb of God Himself, sits before you today but will be scarce tomorrow.  Thus, I say, garner it to your breast that you will have the strength of faith to help you face your own storm.

Children, your lukewarm Love is a story seen too often.  Oh, Children, you cannot say prayers when you place no orlittle Love behind them.  Your Hearts must be filled with a passionate Love for your Lord, the Christ Jesus who chose to save you by allowing His own life to be brutally taken from Him.  My Children have lost the crucialness of His intent.  His death is mocked and the Spirit is assaulted time and again by those indigent Souls who do not believe in Love.  [God = Love]

Oh Children, do not teach your children to doubt Me.  Do not turn My Belovéd Flowers from their innocence and Love to faithless and ignorant children who do not know Me.  These children will understand more fully what the mothers and fathers ever will.

My Love is scorned and My Son wounded for your persistent denial of His Love.  The whole of Heaven trembles and shudders by your impudence.  Please, My Children, so many will die from the shock of their sins.  I want all of My Belovéd Children to say yes to My Love and NO to sin.  How can you be saved from sin when you are unaware of what sin is or how it manifests itself.

Belovéd Children, the dragon and his wolves howl at their Time.  It is Time for all souls to come to Me.  Those who choose not to are lined up to be ravaged by the dragon that is darkness and evil.  Belovéd Children, many will lie.  Prayer brings discernment.  How will you distinguish lie from Truth if you do not spend any time praying?  A pianist does not grasp how the piano must be played by glancing at it.  The pianist must learn and take all the time to play, to understand, to know.  You are pianists, and I am your Loving teacher.

I am the Sun that warms you and the Light of your Souls.  Come to your Longing Lord God and do not wait.  The lukewarm will not fare well in these days that come.  
One day, the sun shall shine brilliantly and the next shall be dark with roiling clouds portending a great storm.  Children, pray.  Know Me intimately.  Revel in the GREAT BIG blessings of the Eucharist.  Children, revel and delight in the Eucharist.  Soon it shall be so difficult for you to find the Body of Christ.  It strengthens you and cleanses your Souls completely.  Like something you take for granted, when you can no longer see or attain the blessings of the Eucharist, you will regret the time you spent elsewhere.

Children, the dragon is in a frenzy and seeks to devour every Soul whose Love for Me is solid and faith-filled.  Walk in the Light of the Christ and you will not be ensnared by the dark one who waits.  Belovéd Children, the Time for you to see and know the nature of sin comes.  You shall choose to be with Me or you will choose to be against Me.  To place yourself against Me is to walk with or work with the one who is anti-Christ.  If you do not leave his side, you will perish.  Those who take great joy in their sins, knowing they are what I disdain, will perish by their pride and wantonness.  Thus, I say urgently, draw others to Me.  Gather all Souls to Me!  I do not wish to lose even one Child to the deceitful one.
Belovéd Children, pray.  Pray constantly.  Pray for the priests before you.  Some shall scurry away in shame.  Others will be broken.  Still others will correct their ways and renew their Love for Me.  Pray for My Servants.  They will be essential to the renewal of My Church.

Children, your persecution comes.  Crosses will be forbidden and your Bibles taken from you.  Churches shall burn and priests ridiculed and violently ostracized.  You will not be able to utter My Name without punishment.  You will be separated and sent away.  It will be at this devastating moment that your faith in Me will be tested.  Do not deny your Love for Me, My Children, but use your calls to lead people to Me.  Through the words the Spirit gives to you, many of those who would seek to harm you will convert and bask in the Light of My Love.

Children, do not forsake Me.  The storm comes.  The earth will be swept clean.  Thus, I say, pray.  Pray for this World and atheists and those who do not resist the killing of My Beauteous and Belovéd Little Flowers [children]. Pray for those of My Servants who have found satisfaction in their corruption.  They shall perish by these sins.  They shall endure such pain for leading My Children astray.  My Servants must stay faithful and prayerful.

Children, avoid sin always.  Love and forgive others freely.  Let me fill your Souls (Hearts) with My Love and guidance.  Oh, Children, come to Me today.  There is no more Time to be wasted.  Pray, Children.