I have placed myself in each of you

By Linda Noskewicz

April 23, 2018

Ask of Me, My Belovéd Children, and know deep within your Hearts that I answer.  I am the Lord God and I am Father to every man and woman and child in this World. Thus, every unkindness in thought or action repels Me. When you are unloving to My Belovéd Children, how am I to Love you?  Be Loving and forgiving of those who have bound you with hurt, anger, and regret. Do not feel sorrow any longer, but rejoice in your trepidations and understand that difficulties are gifts that bring you closer to Me. [And more quickly!]
Belovéd Children, do not be fraught with fear or curiosity. The Divinity of Mystery is Mine, and you are My Beauteous and small and Belovéd Children. My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus longs for your Love. We are One with the Spirit and all that We desire is your Love and repentance. Repent and you will know the refreshment of clear cool waters that wash away the filth of your bodies or traveled bodies, and My Water will slake your thirst and your Spirits will be made whole.
Do not turn your Hearts away from My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. How it wounds His Divine Heart and burning Love. Do not wound the One who Loves you so dearly. I see each of you with a Father’s doting eyes. Every moment of your life is followed by (My) anxious and hopeful (Heart) for you to return to the light of My Love.
Children, why do you wait for the storm? Why do you not prepare, even knowing it shall come? It comes upon you suddenly, and what shall you do in the midst of violent winds and tumultuous skies? Children, hear My Words and repent. Today is the Time to come to Me, for tomorrow is never assured.
Children, I am your safety in the storm. Even as you may fear the thunder than comes, you will not fail, because of your Love for Me.  Those I will to change and their choice is a [like a large drop of Love] that basks within My Longing Heart. 
Belovéd Child, how can you doubt My Words? Do not interpret but know. Believe, for if you do not believe, you who knows, how will anyone be likely to prepare themselves?  Your prayers are very necessary Children, and every prayer of the Rosary is a pull upon My Heart. For your sakes alone will I content Myself to wait and prolong My Own pain of Heartbreak while you are kept from fire.
Belovéd Children, the balance is upended now. Your prayers have paused what comes, but it comes. The balance of Love for Me in the Blessed Spirit of Christ has been overcome by those enthralled in evil. The form of Man’s sins today are unmatched. You live in a darkness of your own choosing, and it is this that causes Me such grief.
Thus, My Children, I give My Strength and discernment to My Prayerful Loves, and you are ordained to bring comfort to those who waited. These days will be a terrible thing, raught by Man for his vanity and pride. For your embracing darkness so readily.
Know when the rocks of fire descend upon you, it is My Holy Recourse that brings you back to Me. Do not believe I desire to hurt My Belovéd Children, for My Love for you is so much GREATER than you will ever know.
I AM and I have placed Myself in each of you. Thus, you are Mine as I am yours. A Loving Father calls out to His Belovéd Children, but when some do not answer, they are locked outside in the darkness. It is their choice not to answer the call of their Loving Father, and while the night shall be long and terrible, day follows night, and the Light will unblind their eyes and they will be allowed to hear My Voice and Will for Man.

Do not wait, My Children, and do not become lax in your prayers. I am Divinity and Love, My Children, and My Mystery is immutable to Man.  I am power and Glory and Love. I am Love and I Love you as you should Love Me. Do not wait, My Children. Pray to bring other Children to Me. Their heads are strong, but their Hearts are touched by your prayers. My Loves, your prayers are never in vain. 
Know this to be true, My Children. I Love, and I do not lie. My Will is good and My Ultimate desire is to have each of My Belovéd Children with Me for Eternal Life. Aspire to My favor and content yourselves by disconnecting from the temporal. If something pulls you away from Me, leave it. If something pulls Time away from your prayers to Me, stop it or stop doing it.  I am a jealous God and do not bide by being second or less in your Hearts.
Children, remain prayerful and Loving, for the gifts I shall bequeath to you in Eternal Life make those you aspire to have on this earth so very small and no so very precious after all.  Therefore, if your Heart is broken by something denied to you that is temporal, do not cry or be bitter. The gifts I have for you are more than you can ever wish for, and they shame your longing for the temporal.
The desires you have today are merely pebbles in dirt. The gifts you receive from your Lord God and Father are the finest gold mined from My Heart. Thus, Children, do not regret those things denied to you now. They are so unworthy of your attention and desire.
I am for you, My Children. Come to Me and enter into the Divinity of My Will which is always My Love and Mercy. Do not doubt My Love for you, Children. Do not doubt, but believe.  Pray for My Blesséd Servants. So many who live with doubt of the One God they serve.  Pray for those who abort Children, for they shall suffer greatly by this. Pray for those who have walked away from My Love, because your prayers return them to Me.
Pray, Children, and know that Man is his own chastisement, just as his Love and Mercy from the Lord God and Savior, the Christ Jesus is a gift that saves him from his own unnatural acts. Belovéd Children, pray. Do not be forced away from Me. Pray