I am worried about your precious souls

By Linda Noskewicz

February 15, 2018

Hello Readers.  I've a couple of things to share.  I'm being called to do 2 things:  1. to share the gift that Jesus is giving to us in the Divine Mercy (see special page for info) - it's a HUGE gift; 2. after praying for some time,  I 'm moving forward with a one-day gathering for anyone who might be interested.  It will take place before June & include discussions, exercises, & prayer.  Please let me know if you'd like to attend using the buttons on the right. Contact me for more details.  Visit the prayer board too & remember, Christ never fails us.  xo Linda


3:43- 4:19 pm
Belovéd Children, the cyclone of Man’s actions whirls strongly at My Feet and I am saddened by all that will come to pass.

My Greatest wish is for each and every Belovéd Child be with Me for all Time.  My Love is Eternal and quenches the thirst of those who starve for Love and affection.  Man disappoints his Brothers in an effort to gain the unnecessary temporal things without realizing the cost it puts upon his Soul.  I am the One True God.  Believe in Me, and in My Justice, I give to you My Mercy.

Know My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, who cries out for you and agonizes in the pain of your indifference. Do not cast (away) the Most Belovéd and Beatific Redeemer, My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.  To Love Him is to Love Me and to detract Him is to detract Me.

Dearest Children, your Souls are in such a state of danger, yet because I do not speak to you of the transitory things that you finds so great, you ignore My Words.  Children, the Christ Jesus gave to those He Loves so infinitely, the path to Righteousness, Forgiveness, and Eternal Love.  Why do you walk astray?  The path is filled with Heavenly beauty and Eternal and Divine Love.  It is the Divinity of Christ’s Love that guides those who would listen to His Words.
Belovéd Children, with prayer you do so well.  How can your Belovéd and Eternal Father resist the prayers of His Faithful.  I cannot ignore My Children’s pleas for help, nor can I demonstrate the sheer joy I take in your notice of My Love. (BIG!)  

Children, I long for you.  I long for you like a plant longs for water. I wait for you to approach Me, and My Arms are opened and still to embrace you and not move you to take flight again. [It is like we are animals that are skittish and easily run.]

Belovéd Children of My Heart, I am worried about your Precious Souls.  How invaluable and precious are your Souls and so weak as well.  Your Souls shatter with every sin and shrink with fear at the darknesses you sense, see, and hear.  Mind the voice of the Most Holy Spirit who lends you the Grace to withstand evil and discern its varied approaches.
I am your Loving Lord God and a Just Judge.  I long for each of you to come to Me for My (abounding) Love and willing Mercy. Know that by forgiveness and Love, your Souls are made whole again.  

Children, you are so easily deceived and run so quickly away from that which inconveniences you.  My Heart is broken by your lukewarm Love and My Heart aches to know that you prefer this World to My Enduring and Faithful GREATLove for you.  It is a saddened Father you have before you, but in My Sadness and disappointment and fear for your Souls, I LOVE.

I do not give up on My Belovéd Children, nor do I turn anyone away.  I long to have all of My Children with (Me)and the Whole of Heaven alights with hope and anticipation..  Children, you are cherished.  Understand this throughout your Heart.  You are My Treasures and I am taken with everything you do that is right and good.  Your Love charms Me and My Longing Heart is soothed by your prayers and fidelity to Love.  Do you not know that in every kindness you show to your Brothers you are showing to your Lord God?  And knowing this, can you grasp the greatness of the joy it brings to Me?  Even the smallest actions are great beauty with My Holy Eyes.  Believe, Children, in My Love for you.  Believe in My Overwhelming desire to forgive you your sins.  Believe in Me and trust in Me.  I do not fail My Belovéd and faith filled Children.

Oh Belovéd Ones, pray.  Pray and hold fast to the Words of My Belovéd Son.  Know His Words and be confident in your reliance on them.  Rely on My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, your very Redeemer, as He shall be the hand that protects you and lifts you and guides you away from deception or deceivers.  Pray to the Most Holy Spirit who longs to grant Graces upon each of you. Open your Hearts to His discernment, for soon many will be deceived.

The sophists abound or exist throughout the World, and they are actively deceiving even the most Devout of My Children.  Belovéd Children, know the Word and ensure you are not also deceived.  The dark one will play evil games before your eyes and will issue words that will belie what you know.  Thus, pray to the Holy Spirit with constancy and discernment.

Belovéd Children, you do not know the Nature of your future.  It is imminent and terrible, but through your pain and fear, you must endure in your Love and trust in Me.  Your prayers will do what Man believes impossible.  Your prayers divert storms and prevent great disasters.  Your intercessions for this World are heard with Loving and grateful ears.  Your generosity moves Me to act less fiercely and to judge less harshly.

Belovéd Children, I say to you, a time comes soon when the door to My Belovéd Mercy closes and My Justice will be cold and obscure.  You are given this DIVINE gift today, even while so few investigate and enter into this great Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Children, there is time now but there will be no more Time later in the spring.  You do not know the Nature and Divine BIGNESS of this gift of Mercy.  Thus, those whose Hearts are steadfast and aware are called to lead your Brothers to My Love and Mercy.

Belovéd Children, your Souls are precious.  Do not compromise with sin and cause detriment to yourself.  Do not rely on what is temporal.  Love and trust only the One True God.  Trust and Love My Belovéd and Most Divine Son, the Christ Jesus.  Draw guidance from the Holiest of Spirits.  In this way will you be undeceived by the evil of sophists and those who act contrary to My Will.

Belovéd Children, pray and I listen with GREAT Love and attentiveness.  Pray