You are easily swayed by this world

By Linda Noskewicz

January 3, 2018

3:35 – 4:19 pm at the chapel

Father, what do You want me to do?

Belovéd Child, there (are) many jobs for you to do, even as time draws nearer to My Enlightenment or touch of the Spirit. You must be stronger in your faith, Child. You are weak and do not answer when I call you. You are distracted by what is around you, and because you keep Me away, I am not your Blesséd and Most Beatific distraction. Why, Child, do you wander so easily when I have shown you the dangers and the morbidity of hell? Why do you doubt in Me?

I don’t doubt You!

In your absence, Child, you give me no attention. You do not trust in My Words. You doubt My Promises to you and you are easily swayed by this World.

I’m not Joan of Arc.

Even in your response to My Loving Words, it is evident. Your Heart is angry and you let the darkness of it break free to defame and hurt Me. Belovéd Child, it is not too late to increase your prayers and Adoration of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. I am ever hopeful that My Belovéd Children will open their eyes and see and listen to My Words of warning and Love and hear. So many of My Belovéd Children do not.

Know that I am such a Gentle and Forgiving Father. My Love for you is patient, hopeful, affectionate, and worrisome. What parent wants to see their Belovéd Children fall? What parent does not feel pain when their Children hurt? What Parent abandons their children that they must live destitute and starved? I am your Good and Loving Parent and all that I ever do is for your blessings or goodness or safe spiritual contentment. I long for you to come to Me.

Children, do not wait. Do not cheat yourself by ignoring Time. Do not believe that this generation is immune to consequences for sin. Belovéds, this World sins in ways that appall the whole of Heaven. My Belovéd Angels sigh in sorrow at the World and its sinning. Oh, Belovéd Children, do you not see the greatness of your sins? Do you not believe that Mankind or Humanity has reached the apex of its sinful nature?

I long to have each of My Belovéd Children with Me. I say to you, Belovéds, that Souls that I Loved fall one after another into perpetual death and darkness. Thus, they will not know Me nor join the Heavenly Blessings of Love in Eternal Life.

Children, believe My Words of warning. I do not want My Children to fear Me but always expect My Love and forgiveness. Yet there are consequences for sin that are fearful in their calibre and quantity.

Prayerful Children, increase your attention to Me. My Heart is soothed by your affectionate attentions and My anger and dismay are mitigated. Your prayers give to your brothers and sisters more time to pursue forgiveness. Thus, I say, pray.

Look to the Queen of Heaven and earth. Hers is a powerful Love and she seeks to prepare all Souls for Heaven. She longs to lead you to her Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. Pray the Rosary, for each prayer pleases her so deeply and I cannot resist her requests. She has held My Ultimate Judgement back. If My Children knew what her Love calls her to do on behalf of Mankind, you would surely embrace her as the Divine Mother she is.

Children, so many of My wandering Children sin so brutally that the wounds of My Son reopen and seep with agony and blood. He is denigrated and His Name smeared by vulgarities. His image is disgraced with hatred and He is sought without reverence to His Gift or Gift of Life. His Heart does not rest in His worry for you. Praise Him, Children, and give to My Belovéd Son all of your Love and the whole of your Souls.

Do not spend Time with those who work under the darkness in order to drive you further away from Me. Do not spend Time with those who run to perdition as they serve the anti-Christ. They are in disfavor with your Almighty God and they seek no redemption. Surround yourselves with those who are prayerful and Loving of My Son. Know what I accept and will not accept. Understand with the whole of your Hearts that the World is spinning into perdition and it is not My Will.

I will reveal your errors and provide My Light that will open your eyes. Men shall hear and see the truth of their sins and will shudder is shame and fear. The storms increase and abnormal occurrences will happen everywhere. Where once there was a field, there will be fire. Where there once (was) a forest, there will be a desert. The fires will increase and the seasons shall be disordered.

It must come, for Man, My so very Belovéd Children, does not see. He does not believe in charity, Love, faith, trust in My Son, but believe in their ignorance of Me that their sins are of no relevance to Life. When Man sees with his eyes and hears when I speak, such confusion and pain and sorrow will come. It will be like an avalanche, starting slowly at its uppermost peaks and will grow larger and larger and more detrimental as it grows. Children, I say to you, it is not too late. Come to Me in your sinfulness and I forgive. My Love is compassionate and so ready to embrace you.

Belovéds, pray. Always pray. Pray for the conversion of this World. Pray for My Little Flowers who will suffer needlessly. Pray. My Servants already become tentative and willfully fooled. Pray that My Belovéd Servants will keep their Love of Me at the forefront of their precious Hearts. Pray for My Gentle and Belovéd Servants. Many have lost their Love and reverence of the Christ Jesus, My Most Belovéd Son. Pray for My Servants, for soon they will hide and the Blessings of My Belovéd Son will be difficult to share.

Pray, My Children. You are in an indulged age, and the nature of your sins lead the greatest number of Souls to perdition and Hell. Believe this to be true. Many who die and who will die have Hearts and Souls blackened by sin and their Hearts remain coldly indifferent to My Compassion and Love. The whole of Heaven stands in sorrow to know Souls are lost in such quantity. Pray, My Belovéds. By your prayers, you save so many.

Belovéd and attentive Children, I place My Hand upon your brows and bless you with all affection and Love. Pray, Children. Pray.