You Shall Be My Lanterns Of Life

By Linda Noskewicz

March 22, 2018

Thursday, March 22, 2018 3:51 – 4:31 pm (40m)

I wish I could sit in Your pocket like a baby kangaroo.  Then I could see everything through Your eyes.

Do not wait, My Belovéd Children, for My Love is a Light that guides you and My Forgiveness is what saves you, and you cannot live without Me.  You are for Me as I am for you, yet My Belovéd Children betray Me at every turn. Do not believe or think that your lack of Love for Me does not pierce My Heart like a stinging asp. 

Belovéd Children, why do you despise Love? Why do you glorify darkness? Do you not see the destitution of this path? Can you not see your transgressions because you no longer know what is right and good?  Children, I am a Loving God and a God of Forgiveness.  Come to Me and you shall know GREATEST LOVE.  Why do you turn away from that which gives you New Life? Why do you refuse the joys and Divine Gloriousness of Eternal Life. Are you so sure of yourselves that your deaths bring you no fear? No anticipation of immense Joy or of eternal sorrow and misery?

Belovéd Children, be close to Me.  Commit your Love to Me and leave all that is Worldly outside of your Hearts and Souls.  In desolation, you will only find comfort in Me. When you are repulsed by your sins, you will only find forgiveness and thus, peace, in Me. I am and should always be your One Great Love.

Belovéd Children, there are such sharp and painful thorns that are piercing the very Heart of Christ Jesus, My Most Precious and Belovéd Son. He did Sacrifice His Life that you might have Life Eternal.  I gave you My Belovéd Son to demonstrate the depths of My Desire and need for your Love, Children. Which of you could give up your child to death to save the life of another? How boundless is My Love for you, Children, and you still weep for the temporal joys and passions of this World. If you knew the quantity of difference, the chasm between the joys of this World and the gifts I have for you, how you would blush in shame.

Oh Children, you are so very precious to Me. I delight in your laughter and long to dry your tears of despair and pain. I long to be your Loving, doting Father who hovers over His Children with such Love and attention. I long to care for you as you place the absolute trust of a child in My Love for you.

Know this to be true, My Children. My Love is all-encompassing and has no limits. My invitation to join My Most Sacred Heart is a Divine and hopeful one. My GREAT LONGING is never-ending as Man continues to turn away from Me and the Blesséd Mystery of the Christ Jesus, My Most Belovéd Son.  No longer do the Hearts of My Children pay homage to Him, the One who Saves. 

Children, why would you refuse water when you suffer from thirst in the driest deserts? Why starve when I give you nourishment?  Belovéd Children, I cannot make this clearer. By rejecting My invitation, you starve yourselves. By turning away from Me and My Love and Forgiveness, you die of thirst.

Children, believe Me when I say, you cannot have Eternal Life without Me. You cannot have Eternal Life with a Heart filled with unforgiven sins. I am here, Children. I offer to you all the depths of all Love. I wish to embrace you as the sinner, forgive you your sins, and send you out into the World in peace and in adjoinment with Me and My Love. Peace does not have to be a fleeting thing, for when you place Love in the center of your lives, peace is yours, even in times of chaos and sorrow. You are sustained by My Love and Peace.

Now is My Time of Great Mercies and I intend to pour upon this World My Open Heart and Forgiveness, lest one of My Belovéd Children does not know. My Mercy is yours to ask. Do not abandon your faith in these days that grow long. Look to Me in all things and seek to reconcile your Hearts to Mine that your Soul is clean and in great joy to unite with My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.

Make His bed within your Hearts, and welcome Him to dwell within you. With each Child that brings Him into their Hearts so willingly, how the pain of those thorns is eased and soothed. Believe this to be true, My Belovéds, what you give to the Son, you give to the Father. When you reject the Son, so do you reject the Father.

It is not your Holy God who you should reject but sin. Reject it, as it is the refuse of evil or darkness, tainted, and not meant for your Hearts. When your fragile and Most Belovéd Souls are tainted by sins unforgiven, the darkness festers and your Heart is made ill. Thus, come to Me for forgiveness and be free of the worms of darkness.

Children of the Light, I am Love and I beckon you to Me. I shine the Light of Love so brightly before your eyes and send the trumpets to sing for your attention. I am doing all that is possible to have your attention. Open your Hearts to Me. Open your eyes to My Gifts. Hear My Music that I send that you might know. Do not leave your Lord bereft and without repeal. 

Children of the Light, you shall be My Lanterns of Life when this World grows dark. You shall be the vessel by which My Children pass above the raging seas. Belovéd Children, your prayers will sustain My Children who have lost themselves in darkness and lend them Light to return to Me. Children, you are armed for a great battle by your confident and resounding trust and faith in My Love. Though this Life be hard for you, your bounty shall be exorbitant.

Children, trust in My Words and be patient in your desire to move forward. My Time is My Own and I want all of My Children amongst Me. Thus, I shall do everything and do so quickly to bring My Children to Me. Rest easy today, My Children – My Most Faithful and Obedient Children, for your faith and prayer and devotion will serve Me tomorrow.
Belovéd Children, believe in My Love for you. Believe that My Will for you is good and that all that I give or do not give, all that I permit and do not permit, all that is easy and all that is difficult are cause for peace and joy in your Hearts. I do not abandon any of My Children. My GREATEST wish is to have you with Me always.  Thus, be ever-confident in My Will for you and have patience in your faith. I bless each of you this day and call on each of you to reconcile with the Christ Jesus. Abandon sin and give yourself over to Love and Mercy. Seek out My Love and Mercy, for these are the days when the doors are open wide.