A Prophetic Dream

By Linda Noskewicz

November 9, 2018

I suppose the time here is irrelevant today, because this note is about a dream I had last night. During Mass this morning as I prayed, God made its meaning clear to me. That is why I am posting it here. There were a series of extremely deep and important meanings.

*Please be patient in that the format of this "message" is different (for me too), and the description of the dream is a little long. Thanks.*

The dream began, and I was able to view it through the eyes of a woman. I could view everything, feel her emotions, and feel the physical aspects of the dream.

This woman was in an old home with many rooms, but they were all dark and cluttered with  things. There were boxes everywhere, and furniture and shelves all covered in glass knick-knacks, newspapers, and books. It was packed with stuff.

There was a small kitchen where three women – mature women with one very elderly one – sat on the floor. They were sorting some small things - trinkets - for the elderly lady. They seemed to be insignificant but for the sentimental value they brought to the eldest of the three. They were her small personal treasures. There were also big bags of rice and beans and sacks of potatoes there in the kitchen. The elderly woman was calm, content, and peaceful. She didn’t speak, but the other two women sat complaining to each other as they worked. The kitchen held some light whereas the rest of the house was dark – it was like the dark of a cloudy day when the house's curtains are closed. Everything was dim and depressing.

The rooms of this house would have been large but for the stuff everywhere. There was barely room to walk around things. The walls were painted in old faded greens and blues, and they looked very worn with stains and cracks.  The woman found them odd, old-fashioned, and almost amusing.

It seemed to me that her extended family was there. There were many cousins of all ages - boys and girls, men and women. The woman’s husband was not paying attention to her. She was frantic in her mind and heart for his attention, but he ignored or avoided her and showed a stronger preference for the company of the other women and girls. Those women also began ignoring the woman (his wife). This made her very jealous and angry – I could feel her anger. It was as if she would knock all of them down with her anger and hatred. It was physical, and she deeply wanted to hurt them.

Suddenly, the house shook with what felt like a “light” earthquake. It was enough to toss boxes off shelves and break a few things. The woman was only slightly alarmed by the tremor. No one else noticed the new cracks in the walls, and they were not afraid of the earthquake.

The woman was so angry and jealous that none of her family members wanted to be near her. Her husband and a group of women and girls left the house to do something else (it felt as if it would be something ugly and impure). The woman was not aware of their departure. When she discovered they’d left her behind, she became angrier in her hurt. She was used to being the center of attention, so perhaps this heightened her anger, jealousy, and desire for violence. She wanted to strike out at someone.

She made her way to the kitchen to complain to the women in there. The two younger ones laugh at her predicament. They told her, "Why would anyone want to be around her? No wonder her husband left with the other girls and women."  

The woman is infuriated again by their reaction and laughter. In her intense anger, she messes herself, and the excrement is all over her body and clothes. I could feel her utter disgust with everything that was on her and the smell and the filth. She wanted to clean herself of the excrement and began searching for bathrooms inside the house. But the ones she found were horribly dirty, wrecked, and dark. The toilets were broken on the floor and the showers had no water or gave only a trickle.  The bathrooms were worse than what she had on her body, but still, she desperately wanted to get clean.

There was a second earthquake – more violent than the first. Several of the knick-knacks fall and break. Books are thrown around on the floor, and the mess is slightly bigger. The cracks in the walls are somewhat larger too. Those who are still in the house don’t make any note of it. They are not cowering for cover. The woman is shaken and somewhat more scared. 

She continues looking for a usable bathroom to take a shower. As she searches, she comes across a set of beautiful bone china and crystal glasses and champagne flutes. It seemed to me as if they belonged to her (or she planned on commandeering them), because she shrieked back at the women in the kitchen. She yelled at one of them – her mother, maybe – and told her to wrap the crystal and china well! Wrap it and take care of it so that it will not break the next time the house is shaken! Her demand sounds almost like a threat.

The woman then makes her way outside. It is daylight but not sunny. She comes upon a circular outdoor shower that is made of large round stones. Many areas are crumbling. There is a red curtain at the entry, but it does not close all the way. The men and boys of the family are also outside in the same yard as the shower. She wants to shower, but there is no soap, and the men and boys are beginning to watch her with lust.

Finally, she can no longer take the filth on her, so she removes her clothes. There was a repulsive feeling that I felt with her as these men - her own family! - lusted after her. The boys too, and I felt a sickness inside myself. My skin crawled.

I could feel the woman’s shame and exposure – how uncomfortable and sick she felt.  She tried to shower quickly, and as she did, another strong earthquake shakes the house and grounds. A part of the rock wall that made up the shower breaks, so now the people outside on the streets could see her. They too were looking at her greedily and lustfully, and being so exposed made us both shudder.

She quickly dressed but discovered that her clothes were still filthy with excrement. She decided she was cleaner than she had been, and that was at least somewhat better. She used the filthy clothes, but she didn't feel as disgusted as before. 

She returns to the house, and once again, a violent earthquake shakes it. Many more things are tossed to the ground, tumbled over, and broken. She yells again at the women in the kitchen from a different room and reminds them that the glass must be protected. However, when she returns to the room to inspect the china and champagne glasses, everything is broken and scattered on the floor. 

All the crystal glasses are broken but for two. She thinks to herself, “Well, at least I have these two stunning crystal flutes.” When she picks one up, though, there is a crack on the lip of it, and it instantly breaks in her hand. She gets upset and says to herself a second time, “Well, at least I have one stunning crystal flute for myself.” She picked up the second flute, and it instantly shattered in her hand, even though it had no cracks in it. 

The woman was then angrier, more upset, and more jealous. I could also feel more violence in her anger than before. As she was standing in front of the broken china and glasses, another earthquake rocked the house very violently – enough to send her outside into the street from fear.

It was nighttime. There were many people outside on the streets with her, but no one seemed to notice or care about the earthquakes. They were not afraid. This confused me entirely as I watched. (After all, most people would be afraid during a series of earthquakes!). At that moment she (and I through her), noticed in the distance a roaring fire. I could hear and feel the heat on my cheeks.

It was a fire that was destroying a huge city. I knew it was a huge fire, because the city was so far away, and yet the fire was so big and raging and I felt it. As I watched with the woman, I thought about the immensity of danger the people around me were in. I was certain they were in great danger, but none of them acted like they cared or knew they were in danger. No one did anything. They were not scared, and the woman was only slightly fearful. They just stood there gawking at the fire.


Thank you for your patience, Readers. I know that was a lengthy description of the dream. Again, I probably would have forgotten it entirely, but there was a reason for it.

As I was praying this morning at Mass during the Consecration, God spoke to me. He said he wanted to tell me what it meant – what all those odd images from the dream represented. So I prayed and listened and tried to remember everything as best as possible, so I could write it down and share it. This is what He told me.

The dark, dingy house represents the whole world and the darkness that has overtaken it. The different rooms are the different countries inside the world, and in the dream, they were all filthy and broken, but for one – but it too was crumbling. It was the kitchen, and it was so small. It wouldn't fit many people at all.

The multiple earthquakes represent His growing warnings to us. Over and over, one stronger and more serious than the other. No one pays attention though.

The husband and female family members who left the house despite the earthquakes, who left his wife and ignored all the work that needed to be done to clean up the house, represent the lack of attention people give to our Father – how they ignore His warnings and calls. People completely disregard Him, because they want entertainment and hate discipline. The world’s focus is on entertainment and instant gratification. This makes His people feel happy and fulfilled. Despite all His wake-up calls, people are doing “business as usual.”

Those who abandoned the woman, laughed at her, or ignored her feelings represent the world’s lack of compassion, charity, and generosity. The world does not love. That is why there is so much violence. People do not take notice of those in need of compassion.

The crystal glasses and fine china represent the avarice in the world. The great wealth and riches people value above everything else to the point that many will lie, cheat, kill, and destroy other lives and their own to have money. Those who do this feel no sympathy or shame.

God said that the point when the woman finds her fine glasses and china broken, it represents a time when all of people’s riches will be taken away, because people have placed their love of riches above Him. They will be left with nothing. The rich will be poor.

The filthy bathrooms and showers represent what sin does to our souls. It is like excrement upon our temples – our bodies and souls – that He gave to us. It is foul and terrible. It also represents the state of the world and all its filth – all the sins of the world. The trickling water in all the showers represents how few people go to Confession to make themselves clean for Jesus, to receive Communion. Many go to receive Communion without reverence.

The woman’s exposure in the shower is the shame people will feel at the exposure of their own sins – that which many priests and bishops are feeling now.

Her nudity and the sick lustfulness of those watching her represent the sexual perversions in the world – homosexuality, the sexual abuse of young men and women, pedophilia, transgenderism, “non-genderism,” the problem of homosexuality within the Church, and all those things that have been embraced so readily that are not natural and that pervert God’s creations. It felt like such a sickness to me as I dreamed. It was like chaos.

The woman was beginning to be afraid of the earthquakes, but her rage, jealousy, vanity, rejection, and her desire for riches (the broken glasses) keep her fear at bay. These represent the predominant qualities of man right now. Man has created and lives in a world of hate, anger, violence, covetousness, pride and vanity; the rejection of others; and the pursuit of wealth at all costs. The deadly sins, with lust (in the way of sexual perversions) and avarice, are leading the world towards its destruction. When people reject Him as they have, they lose the moral compass He gives to us.

Finally, the oldest woman (she looked as if she could be in her 80's) who was sitting on the uncomfortable floor in the small kitchen represents those people who are humble, meek, and prayerful. The oldest lady was the only person who was peaceful, content, poor, unafraid, and humble throughout the anger and chaos of the dream. She humbled herself by sitting on the floor, despite her elderly body’s protests. She didn’t complain. She didn’t judge the woman when she complained about her husband's inattentiveness. She didn’t seek to save anything expensive. Just little things – mementos of love.

God noted that she was only one person - out of the so many people in the house - that knew Him (her peacefulness, humility, and contentment regardless of her situation showed this). Few people know God intimately in this world and are willing to accept His plans for them.

The misery of the woman; the lack of compassion she received from her husband and family;  their inattentiveness to everything around them; the woman's pride in wanting to be the center of attention; the people who stood unafraid in the streets despite the danger around them - these all represent those people in the world who have rejected God or who have grown lukewarm in their love for Him.

There were so many people outside on that street. Everyone saw the fire, but no one made a move to help put it out or to save anyone. They looked at it in simple amazement. It was more entertainment for them, and there were so many people. Those are the people who cannot see what is happening around them. They close their eyes to sin.

After God revealed all of this to me, He said, 
“Blessed are those who live in the Divine Will of Love.”

I had heard something similar at the end of the dream, but it was so faint, I wasn’t sure until He said it during Mass.

That is why I had to share this with you, Readers. God bless you and yours. Continue to pray for the world, those who serve God in the Church, and for those who do not know God or who have grown lukewarm. Pray that the Holy Spirit takes flight in their souls. And above all, don't worry. No matter what happens, the good guys win in the end.