Recent Messages

By Linda Noskewicz

November 13 and November 14, 2018

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 10:48 am – 11:27 am Adoration

Father, I am so sorry and heartbroken for You that Man is so brutal and prefers violence and anger over Love and forgiveness. It makes me so sad. How much more does it hurt You?

Belovéd Children, surely this World’s sins are terrible and Man sins against Me so gleefully and easily or quickly. I weep in sorrow for the repercussions of your sins. I weep, because you do not believe in Me, My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, and thus, you think that sin is not sin but as white as snow. You do not see the darkness in your actions or behavior.

Oh, Children, I am bewildered by your indifference to My Love and Mercy. There are no greater gifts, and yet you show Me daily how you prefer the shallow joys or acclimations of this World. Children, if you could see the state of your Souls, surely you would cringe in despair. You would fear for your Soul and call out to Me desperate for shelter orprotection.

Oh, Belovéd Children, do not wait. Do not wait. There is much in this World to fear, and when you are weak and unarmed for your prayerlessness, the storm will come, and you shall experience a bewilderment that will surpass even the most terrible things you have experienced thus far.

I call to Man for your notice and receive no Love or notice from many. Many of My Belovéd Children have fallen asleep and cannot know what My Love is for them. Children, do not wait. Does the weary man wait for the storm to destroy his home in his weariness, or does he pull himself up to ensure the safety of his family and home before the storm arrives? I know well the sorrows of this World, and it is the great sins committed by Man that put the World in such peril. 

Children do not disbelieve but trust in your Almighty Lord who sees you as His Precious and Beauteous Creatures. Children, your joy is a delight to Me, and when you come to Me in your joys or sorrows, I am made glad and the fever of My Worry wanes.

Belovéd Children, you must sin no more. The state of this World brings detriment and chaos. When you are not prayerful, how can I know you? I protect the prayerful with My Love, because My Prayerful Children have understood the desperate need for prayer.
Such grave sins are committed in this World, the least of which is not the killing of My Little, Belovéd Flowers. They are precious gifts to mothers who were to be Queens on Earth. Oh, Mothers, your betrayal of My Love and Life chokes your Souls and leads you into a terrible darkness. Mothers, come to Me for My Mercy and forgiveness. It is yours, for I can forgive your sins against Life and cleanse your Souls. But come to Me, My Belovéds, before the Light of My Great Mercy dims.

Belovéd Children, you are not strong, and you have not been tested yet. Rely on your prayers and know that in your weakness, I shall provide you strength, discernment, fortitude, and courage to face those who would destroy you with ridicule, hatred, a false piousness, with violence and threats of death. There will be many martyrs, My Children, and it shall be at its darkest. Do not fear, My Children. Do not succumb to the weaknesses, infidelities, and errors that are wrought by fear. Fear and confusion are not of Me. Thus, when your Hearts are distraught, come to Me in prayer, and I shall bring you peace. Do not fear this World. Know that My  Most Belovéd Son was hated as you shall be hated. The Christ Jesus provides you His Light and comfort. Pray ardently and His Love sustains you always.

Belovéd Children, be in constant prayer. You are bold and prideful of your strength, but you are small, even now. Do not be confident in your untested courage and strength but have all confidence in Mine.

Pray, My Devoted Ones. Always pray, for prayer gives you discernment to see what is truth and what is a lie. The Spirit will bring the blessing and grace of discernment when the darkness would place a thick veil over the eyes of My Children. So many shall fall victim to the lies of this World. So many of My Belovéd Children shall be betrayed by this World. Belovéd Children, My Heart is filled with trepidation for what My Children shall face. Know that these Times that come I allow for the sake of drawing My Children to Me.

Prayerful Ones, pray continuously! There will be such confusion for those who do not know Me, and you shall guide them to prayerfulness. Children, pray for My Belovéd and faithful Servants, many of whom will be martyred. Have compassion for them in their plight, for they are the Blesséd Consecrators of the Life. Protect those who are Holy that the healing salves of My Son shall be made available to those who rely on My Love and protection.

Children, behold the Queen of Peace! She has interceded for Man endlessly. She too is denigrated with the Christ Jesus, her Belovéd Son, and still She intercedes for you. She Loves you as I Love you, and the mantle of Her protection is great, especially for Our Little Flowers who are so innocent and uncorrupted. Children, listen to Her words. Listen to the warnings She gives to you from Her great Love of Man. She is the Most Blesséd Mother of God and the Queen of all Heaven and earth. Such is My Love for Her.

Man denigrates Her and My Son so much. I am appalled by sin and ask that the prayerful refuse to compromise with it. No matter what degradation you must face, no matter the amount of hatred and ridicule, stand fast to My Commandments and do not compromise with sin. By your ardent prayers, you shall know explicitly that which I expect, and that which I accept and all that I do not accept.

Listen closely to My Calls and know you are most precious and much Belovéd to your Almighty God and Father. Be prayerful, My Belovéds, as you are the Lights within this darkening World. 

Peace, My Children. Do not fear but embrace and accept My Love and Mercy which gives to you My Peace.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 11:06 AM – 12 Noon Adoration
Father, please, speak loudly. I think all of Your children are going deaf….

Belovéd Children, hear My Calls. I call like a worried Father whose children have become lost in this World. Belovéd Children, to wander in this World without Me is like throwing yourself into a fire. It is like placing yourself before an hungry lion. It is like entering a lone desert with no food and no water to sustain you.  Without My Love and Forgiveness, you do not have Life.  Children, do not seek death, seek Life. Life is light and filled with Eternal Joy. My Eternal Love fills you with a mysterious and BIG Love. You cannot understand the enormousness of My Love for each of you. My Children, you are not BIG enough to fathom its depths.

Belovéd Children, glorify My Most Beauteous and Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. He sits beside Me in sorrow for your waning Love of Him. Oh, Children of this World, He lived and died that you may die and live. Why do you so easily forsake Our Love for you?

Children, do you not know the anguish We/I feel at the loss of your Hearts? I am your Creator. I have made you especially with Love and from Love and for Love. My Love and Mercy are great gifts and yet, as they are offered to each of you, so few hear My Calls. So few believe in the bounty of My Love and Mercy.

The angels in Heaven are astonished at your indifference for My Son, your Redeemer. He is your saving Grace. He is sacrificed that you may have Eternal Life. Why do you toss back the gold, (as) you are forgiven so freely? Why do you decline a feast? Where are your Hearts, My Children? They should belong to Me, Belovéds, and yet, they are vacated of Love by the temporal joys of this World, and those joys are so very shallow.

Children, I provide Eternal Life. I am the Almighty God and I cannot resist the Love of My Children. I turn no Child away. Come to Me for My Love and Mercy. Come to Me in your sorrow and grief. I will increase the forgiveness in your Hearts and give you courage to proclaim the name, Christ Jesus.

Be holy, My Children, devout, prayerful, and forgiving of your brothers, for I have created them as I have created you, and My Belovéd Creations are so beauteous and precious to Me. Hear Me, My Children. Belovéds, believe Me when I tell you, you are precious to Me [this is emphasized for somebody].

I have created you with a Love so immense, I placed a special light in each of you by design. The Love you feel is My Love.

Belovéd Children, forgive as I forgive. Give your Hearts over to Me and I shall provide you My Grace that your Hearts will find it easy and joyful to forgive. I am your Lord God and Father. Why do you doubt the One who Loves you most?

Children, My Love is a mystery. Know that I AM Love and I am your Lord God. Live within My Loving Will, and your Life shall be complete.

Love My Belovéd Son, My Children. My Heart is sorrowful, because He is so wounded by this World and its hatred and derision of Him and His GREAT Love for you. His Sacrifice is a timeless, priceless gift. It is redemption and forgiveness and Love, and yet, you are indifferent. So few trust. So few have the faith in My Love to entrust your entire life to Me. What Loving Father abuses His Son? What Father leads His Children to sin? What Father would ensconce His Children in chaos and ruin? Children, I give you good gifts. I am Love and you cannot live without Love.

Thus, I say, My Children, you must trust in your Lord God. You must forgive your brothers, even when the wounds within your Hearts are fresh and deep. Place your faith in Me and I give you graces as you live within this difficult World.

Children, I say to you, pray. Pray to Me at every moment of each day. Invite Me into your Hearts freely and constantly. Your fortitude is given to you when you pray fervently and with great Love and faith in your Lord God.

Children, you must be reverent. You must understand the depths of Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, and His Love for you. Do not treat His Sacrifice so lightly. He faced a terrible death in order that you should live. So many do not know the Mystery or the fathomless Love and grace that is Christ Jesus, and when so many come to Him in Communion, so many of your Hearts are stained with indifference. Pray, My Children. Know that I am Merciful, but you must be reverent and Most Loving of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, for whomever My Son Loves, I Love, and whomever My Son forgives, I forgive. Those who are indifferent of My Son are also indifferent to Me. Those who reject My Son reject the Father. And those who are not reverent and come to My Son in a state of sin do most damage, because of your irreverence.

Belovéd Children, I place no burdens on you. Love Me freely, joyfully, and all that I ask of you becomes a pleasure and a joy. Every task I give to you fills your Heart with Love and a desire to do My Will with joy. Belovéd Children, I give to you good gifts. I do not send you into danger and I do not send you to war ill-prepared. I do not send you into the predator’s den to be destroyed.

Do not fear the tasks I give to you. Keep your Souls close to Me and do not compromise with sin. You live in a World that will chastise you and ridicule you for your Love of Me, your Lord God and Father. With each attack, I give you great blessings. With each time you refuse to deny the Lord, Christ Jesus, My Heart swells and I prepare for you such rewards in Heaven.

Children, there comes a Time when your faith in Me will be tested. Even the most faithful of you will be tested. And those who are most devout and who are closest to Me will face the most dreadful of tests. Do not fear these things but trust in your Lord God. Trust in Me and call out to My Spirit. The Most Holy Spirit will guide you and protect you from whatever evil you may face. Place your full trust in your Lord God and Father, and know the suffering you experience in this World will diminish completely in the next and will be replaced with graces and rewards you cannot fathom. Thus is My Mystery.

Children, be prayerful. Prepare your Hearts and Souls with prayer. Come to Me often for My Love and Mercy. So many of My Belovéd Children are in need of My Mercy. How can I forgive those who do not come to Me for Mercy?

Children, spread word of My Great Love. Share your Love of Me with your brothers. Bring as many Children to Me that I may open their eyes to My Love and Mercy.

I say to you, My Children, those who die unreconciled with the Lord God suffer Eternal pains in the darknesses of hell. Do not fear My Words, but abide by them. When you are with Me like a child, how can your Loving Father be against you? You are My Belovéd Children, and all that I do and all that I allow is for one reason, one hope alone. I hope with great ardor that any of these things will open your Hearts to Me.

If I give you great riches, come to Me. If you are made poor and lowly, come to Me with Love and gratitude. If you are to live alone or live with children, thank your Loving Father and trust in My Will for you. Come to Me in all things and your Hearts will be filled with My Peace and joy.

Thus, when you face the tests and difficulties in this World, you will turn to Me in your tribulations and take comfort in My Love. Your tragedies will be made bearable in My Love. Your difficulties made easy by My Love. Your trust in Me will sustain you, and I say, difficult times come. Do not fear these Times that are here and that must come. Pray and be peaceful in My Love.

Children, pray, for the corruption of My Servants is great. It is by your faithful and Loving prayers that many are saved and returned to the Calling of your Lord God. Children, pray and do not judge, for which of you is perfect by the Christ Jesus. Do not judge your Brothers, as that is for Me and you do not know their Hearts as I do.

Children, pray, and ask that this World turn to the Light of Love. Pray and I can reverse the course of destruction, disasters, and tragedies. Pray, My Children. So many have gone astray and sin openly with gleeful and indifferent Hearts.

Do not compromise with sin. If someone you Love would have you sin, rebuke them and prevent (protect) your Soul from the tarnish of sin. Children, beware of the sophists who use cunning words to lead you astray. They fool many of My Children. Even My Belovéd Servants are led astray by words that seem like gold but are filled with this foulness of sin.

Know Me intimately, My Children. Know what I Love and do not Love. Know what I accept and what I do not accept. Do not succumb to sin. Do not condone sin as this leads to more sins and your Brothers perish.

Love, pray, and come to Me for My ready Mercy.

Pray, My Children, and I give to you the peace of the prayerful. Peace.