I created each of you with great love

By Linda Noskewicz

November 17, 2018

3:38 – 3:58 (before Mass)

Belovéd Children, wherever you are, I am there, watching over you like a Benevolent and Loving Father. Children, I have bequeathed My Mercy to you. Come to Me. Do not delay, My Children. Do not delay.

He who is not with Me is...against Me. He (who) does not abide by My Laws thus breaks them and suffers for his disobedience. Children of My Light, great prayer is necessary. Even as you pray today, increase your prayer. This World is in grave need of My Mercy, but it has no temperance with sin. Children, you are Belovéd to Me, and yet, so many do not know Me.

Many easily and gleefully denigrate the Christ Jesus who is the King of this World and the Savior of Mankind. A rope is thrown to you even as you fall down a deep slope, yet you take no notice of this aid. You are given the antidote for all your ills, but you refuse to be healed by it. You are drowning in a wild sea, but you do not grasp the hand that reaches out to Save you. Belovéd Children, do not betray your Souls by disbelieving in Love. I have Created all things, and I created each of you with great Love, for Love, and from Love.

Know you a part of Me as I am a part of you. Why do you...turn your Creator away?

Children, you are at the precipice of difficulties you do not see or understand. Prayer is a saving grace, and I shall protect those who are prayerful and abide by My Will. Children, do not be foolhardy and stubborn. Do not doubt Me when I say to you, great tests come. How many of you will withstand the difficulties of these tests and remain in the Light of the Christ Jesus? Who will be strong enough to keep faith in God, un-denyingly?[Unbendingly]

The prayerful are My Belovéd Army of Life. All those who pray for this disintegrating World have My Attention and favor. Each prayer mitigates what comes, but not everyone will be saved from suffering. Oh, Children of My Heart, pray and I shall give you grace and strength and discernment. When the dark one would fool you and pull you away from Me, your prayers will smite him, and you shall be lifted by My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.
Do not wonder at how you shall survive these times that come, but place all of your trust in My Belovéd Son. Do not fear that which you shall face. Do not question how you will find food and water. I shall provide all that you need. Only trust in Me and do not stray from the One who saves you.

Dearest Children, sophists speak today and mislead many of My Belovéd Children. They have not called on Me, nor have they accepted My Great Mercy. Thus, their eyes are closed to truth and they are misled by the liar who seeks to bring My Children into darkness.
Belovéd Children, pray and the Holy Spirit will give you discernment. You will see evil when it stands before you, and you will know evil when it is spoken. Belovéd Children, you must be strong in your Faith and Love for Me. Partake of the Holy Consecrated Eucharist, for very soon, even the Deceiver will pretend at providing Life.
[That is, hosts that are not rightly or properly consecrated.]

Know what I accept and what I do not accept. Do not compromise with sin or Man who would call you to sin. It is at these Times when you must be at your strongest. 

Little Children, you are so very Belovéd to Me. Thus, I say, pray and become more intimate with your Lord God who Loves you and wants all Souls drawn to His Love. I say to you again, pray. Prayer is your shield and armor. Trust in Me and be led easily to the Light of My Truth and Love. Peace, My Children.