The amount of their blood runs so deeply...

By Linda Noskewicz

November 20, 2018

1:33 – 1:39 pm Adoration

Father, speak loudly please. Discernment is so important, and I am so hard of hearing. Also, give me Your grace so I can forgive unconditionally…and with joy…not bitterness or pettiness in My Head. XO

Belovéd Children, pray constantly and believe in My Constancy in My Love of you. I do not abandon My Children. I welcome all Children into My arms for Mercy and unbounding Love.
Children, do not be afraid to approach Me, your Loving God and Heavenly Father. I have created you, and you are precious to Me.No matter how great your sins, come to Me in your sorrow and I will forgive and wipe away the detriment of your sin. You cannot drive Me away, for I am in your Hearts, and I wait with great hope and anxiety for you to come to Me.

Children, believe in My Great Love for you. This World disappoints you and makes you believe that unconditional Love and Mercy do not exist. Do not be fooled into this sad thinking. I am Love and My Love for you is unconditional. I do not force you to come to Me but hope always that your Hearts will hear My Fervent Calls.

Children, it is not long before this World will be faced with a choice. It is that darkness is too appealing to some and that others will recognize the Light of Love and repent with swelling Hearts. Therefore, My Prayerful Ones, increase your prayers for these Souls. Your prayers are so powerful, and I hear each one and answer you. Trust in My Great Love for you. I cannot hate, and I do not lie. Your welfare or health or spiritual health is My only concern. When you sin, your Soul is made ill. It is made dark and that darkness festers like an infected wound. Left uncleansed, this infection spreads and you are made weak. So it is with sin. When you are not cleansed of sin by contrition, you live in darkness and become tempted to sin again. It then becomes easier to sin. As you sin so often, you begin to be unable to recognize sin. Then, you adopt or accept sin, and you are lost.

Cleanse yourselves of sin often, and be assured you do not die from this Life in opposition to My Will for you, which is Everlasting, Eternal Life with the One who Loves you so.Belovéd Children, partake of the Eucharist with GREAT reverence, for My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, is before you. Lay claim to His Love and do not oppose Him with disobedience, sin, and a precarious spirit to Him. You must be reverent. Kneel before Him in prayer and awe, and praise Him always, for He is your Redeemer and has opened the gates of Mercy by His Great and Enduring Sacrifice.

Oh, Children, so many of you take Him for granted. So many of My Belovéd Children fail to comprehend the (?)of His Glory. Do not be lukewarm in your Faith. Do not be lukewarm in your Love for Him. You cannot serve this World and My Belovéd Son at the same Time. He must be your first concern. Your Souls should be your priority above all else.

It is good to work and make use of yourselves in this World. However, so many of My Belovéd Children feel even an hour in My Service and company is an inconvenience. And so many children think their attention to Me is unnecessary. Belovéds, you must know Me intimately, and you cannot do this without prayer and reconciliation and partaking of the Most Holy of Holies, the Sacrificed Lamb and Redeemer, Christ Jesus.

Your lack of prayer and reverence and attentiveness to your Lord God and Father is what causes the anger and chaos and dis-spirited-ness in your homes. [That is to say, lack of spirituality.] Where I am not, only sorrow and misguidance exist. Invite Me into your homes or Lives. Do not submit yourselves to chaos, anger, sorrow, confusion, self-hate, and hatred. These things destroy the Soul and when left unchecked by My Love, grow to enormous amounts. The Times when you are at your weakest, the Times you are furthest from Me, are the Times the evil ones strike. The darkness has many minions, and all hold a great desire for the ruin of your Souls.

Believe, My Children, that hell is real and not even the collection of all the World’s nightmares, sorrows, sins, disasters, and difficulties can compare to Eternal darkness and (the) pains suffered in hell. You cannot be with Me unreconciled. I do not permit sin into the Glory of My Kingdom.

Children, it is important that you bring yourselves closer to Me, now. With every moment you spend apart from Me, the more in danger your Souls are placed. You must know what I accept and do not accept. Those who have lapsed in their faith in Me are in such danger. So I say, My Prayerful Children, pray for them. Pray for those whose Love for Me is lukewarm. Pray for those who sin so easily and gleefully under My Holy and Loving Gaze.

Children, do not wound the God who Loves you so. Do not wound the Sacred Heart of the Christ Jesus. Do not compromise with sin, My Children. It is My Greatest Desire that all of My Belovéd Children live Eternal Lives with Me in the glory of My Kingdom. Know Me. Be attentive to your Lord God and Father. Worship the Christ Jesus with all of your being. He is My Most Belovéd Son, and when He is wounded, so am I wounded. When He is hurt by your lack of Love for Him, so too is the Father. You have only one way to your Lord God and Father, and that is through the Love of My Belovéd and Most Beauteous Son, the Christ Jesus.

Prayerful Ones, increase your prayers for this World and teach others to pray. Much prayer is needed for this World of sin. Belovéd Children, you must pray with great frequency and resolve in reparation for the deaths of My Belovéd Little Flowers. The blood of millions flows within this World, and what I have created, no many can destroy. It is the blood of all these aborted children that runs through the cities of this World. It is unabated death and is a grave and terrible sin against Me. Children, the amount of their blood runs so deeply, it swallows whole cities. And what response can your Righteous Lord give but to bring justice or provide justice for these discarded gifts.

Oh, Children, this very grave sin causes many detriments to this World. The World crumbles and tears at itself as the blood of My Belovéd Little Flowers stains the World. All of Nature is appalled by Man, and the angels who serve Me and who I Love, beg Me to release the sword of justice that they may make amends for this World’s sins in My Heart by striking down those who disobey and hate Me, the Lord God and Heavenly Father. 

There are many Souls in danger of hell. Many do not teach their children to Love and Glorify My Name in their innocent Hearts. This too is a grave sin, for what Child grows to be worshipful without the Loving guidance of those who know and Love Me?

Children, so many are in danger of darkness, so I request prayers for them. Pray as the Queen of Heaven has requested, upon the Blesséd Rosaries. Each prayer provides a blessing to Mankind. The Blesséd Mother intercedes for all Mankind. In some instances, for the mitigation of great disasters. In others, it is to provide Time for those who die but who have yet to repent. Others are given to the World as a whole that I delay the Time of My Correction, because it will be such a difficulty, especially for a World that is so spiritually bankrupt. Listen to Me, My Children, and do not wait or disbelieve. The coming Times will be wrought with great difficulties, pain, and disaster. Be strong in your Love and Faith in Me.

Be confident that My Will for you is loving and good. Do not lose your faith when you face great difficulties. Trust that I shall sustain My Children, because you have adhered to My requests and calls for prayer. Children of My Light, many will need your Love of Me to be clear or evident. This will draw My Children to Me by your very example and to attract Souls to Me is such a Great gift to Me.

Belovéd Children, allow My Most Belovéd and reverent Servants to rest in the safety of your homes. As you prepare a dwelling place for Me in your own Hearts, I ask that you prepare a dwelling place for My Belovéd and Devout Servants. Providing a safe place for My Servants will be a great blessing, for those who answer My Request will have a Consecrator always within and will not be starved of the Most Holy Eucharist.

Know, My Children, that you must strengthen your Souls with the GREAT BLESSINGS of your Redeemer, My Belovéd Son, Christ Jesus. Believe that one day soon, as you walk under the sun or converse with your friends or go to work as you do, the Eucharist will become suddenly scarce. Know and beware of those who would claim to be Holy Consecrators, for their Souls are dark and their lies will lead many astray. As the Holy Spirit touches your Heart with discernment over what is evil and what is pure, listen attentively and walk in the direction that keeps you safely ensconced in Love and away from those who would encourage you to sin. [False priests, so to speak, will pretend at being true priests who are able to consecrate hosts. They will not be true priests, and the bread they offer is not the Eucharist at all.]

Belovéd Children, beware of those with golden tongues. Sophists will seek to fool you and lead you away from Me. Sophists want to abolish My Loving Name completely and replace My Love and Mercy and very existence from the minds, Spirits, and words of Mankind. I cannot be made to disappear, for Man is My Loving Priority. Many of My Belovéd Children will fall for these untruths. Some will not recognize the evil work behind the sophists’ words. Those who are weak in prayer are easily misled. Thus, pray for My Children, and guide them when the Time comes.

Belovéd Children, what I allow and what I shall send is not in punishment but to draw My Children close to Me. I have sent calls of Great Love to Capture the attention of Man. The Most Blesséd Mother has warned this World time and again, but so few take heed. Now I resort to disaster and “noise” to gain the attention of Mankind. So steeped in a nature of death is Man that he notices only tragedy and devastations, and often, not even those.

Belovéd Children, be prayerful and do not fear what comes. My Will for you is good. Some of you will be sheltered beneath the mantle of the Most Blesséd Mother of God. Others shall be My Loving Warriors. Others of My Belovéd Children shall be martyred for the reparation of Mans’ great sins, especially for the blood of the children that runs so freely throughout this World. Those of you who are called to martyrdom, do not be afraid. Do not be afraid, but pray. Pray to your Lord God and Father, and I shall give you the grace of strength and courage to endure what you must. Know that whatever pains are inflicted upon you now will be wiped away and rewarded y Me in Eternal Life. 

Belovéd Children, rest and be prayerful, for tomorrow you shall need constancy and fortitude. I grant these to you and discernment by your Loving and faithful prayers. Peace, My Children. Do not let your Hearts be troubled. Trust in your Lord God and you are