Recent Messages

By Linda Noskewicz

October 15 and October 18, 2018

My one objective is to gather my children to my heart
Thursday, October 18, 2018 3:34 pm – 4:21 pm Adoration

Belovéd Children, yes, I am the Mystery of all Life and it is meant to be so. What good is your understanding of space, because you cannot embrace the entirety of universes. Know and trust in what I give to you from Love to comprehend.

Everything I give to My Belovéd Children is according to My Will. I am your Most Holy and Perfect Father. Does a child tell his father what he will give to him? Does a child know all that his father knows? Of course not. A child depends on his father and his father’s love for him. Thus, I say to you, Belovéd Children, trust Me as your Loving Father.

My decisions are always right and just. I give to My Belovéd Children good gifts. I do not allow you to drink poison, nor do I permit disrespect of My Laws. Children, you are so Belovéd to Me. Like a good father, I long for your Love. I am proud of your successes and weep when you are in pain. I long to give you My Abundance of Love and affection. Oh, Children, I am also a most Merciful Father. Nothing can make Me turn you away when you come to Me with sorrowful and repentant Hearts. I am overjoyed when My Belovéd Children return to the Light of My Love. My Heart Swells with joy and relief.

Belovéd Children, come to Me. Cling to Me and do not stray. I am your protector. I nourish you with My Great Love. I Am all that is good, as I am the ALL and I have created each of you by My Immense Love. From the moment you sleep to the moment you wake and all times between, I fall in Love with you again and again. You are My Delights. You are so precious to Me. Know that your Lord God and Father’s Love is so immense as to do anything to garner your Love and attention. I do all that I can to have you turn to Me for My Great Love and Mercy.

If you understood even a drop of the BIGNESS that is My Love and Mercy, your Souls would burst forward with joy and reciprocated Love. You are still children; thus, your Souls are too frail and too easily attracted to what should not be a temptation. Belovéd Children, you are so VERY LOVED, even in your frailty and weakness.

Know this to be true. My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, calls out to each of you minutely. At every second He reaches out to you, that your Hearts might open to His Love and redemption. Oh, Children, you cannot know Love and Mercy if you reject My Son. Only through My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, can you be embraced by the Father. He is in Me as I am in Him and We are One with the Spirit who seeks to guide you.

Children, approach My Belovéd Son with reverence, joy, awe, and gratitude. Pour out your Love to Him and adore Him. He purchased Life for each of you that you might one day see the glories and joys of My Kingdom and live in Eternal Holiness with your Lord God.

Children, do not disregard this Most Holy and Sacred gift. It is your saving grace. It is Life Ever-after. Do not fail your Souls in this lifetime because you refuse to take heed. Because you will not hear what is often proclaimed. Do not exchange the Life of your Souls for the temporal and cheap gifts of this World. You would sooner eat a feast than a bunch of beetles. You would sooner keep gold and not the manure of animals. That is what you do when you reject My Belovéd Son in favor of Worldly gifts and desires.

Oh, Children of My Light, pray. It is Time for prayer, great prayer. The natural order of Love within this World has been manipulated or overturned. What was once good is now displayed as bad. What was once black is now portrayed as white. There is darkness within people that seeks to fool those who are unprepared, with lies and deceit. Children, only prayer can keep you clear of darknesses. It is by your deep prayers that the Spirit provides you discernment. How will you recognize evil when it is clothed in gold and white? How will you recognize goodness and holiness when it is proclaimed evil?

How will you proceed in the tribulations and most difficult times? This World feels the rumblings of destruction. It senses the coming fires. Even space is disordered by your sinning. When the rocks of fire fall, and the protector who offers their hand desires that you compromise with sin in return for safety and protection, how will you see their designs if you are blind to what is of Me, your Lord God, and what is not of Me. Of what I accept and what I do not accept?

Children of My Light, pray, for you too shall be tested greatly. Darknesses hit the most holy hardest in their effort to stop your worship of My Beatific and Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. By prayer, your Heart and Love for your Lord God is made stronger and by this strength and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you shall discern the evil from the good.

Even now, the sanctity of Life is gone throughout the World. Even now, the World has embraced evil death as good and just. Even now, the sinful fall further towards the fires, because they do not know Me, nor do they have Love for Me. My Son’s GREAT Sacrifice is denigrated by Men before My Holy Eyes and the earth crumbles in its own shock for your lack of Love for Me.

Children, you will face great tests and these tests are made of tribulation, attacks, pain, abandonment, destruction, and hate. You shall be hated for your trust and continued Love of Me. Your homes shall be burned and ransacked, and your children will turn against you. You shall be attacked in the streets for your Love of the Christ Jesus, and kicked for murmuring prayers to Him. Children, you will face ostracism and agonies for your Love of Me. Your comfort will be…(in) faithful prayer. Trust in Me when I say to you, prayer is both your sword and shield. Your prayers are heard by your Lord God and Father, and I do not abandon My Belovéd Children.

Children, urge your family and urge their families to return to Me. It is with great fervency that I say to you, announce what comes to Man for his sins. Announce that one day soon, you will long for and crave Christ as Eucharist and you shall not find Him. The Sanctity of Holiness and the Christ Jesus will be scarce. Your Hearts will grow thirsty and you will regret those days you did not partake of His GREAT feast.

Children, I want you to know that throughout what may seem like My Abandonment of Mankind, that I am ever near, waiting for My Belovéd Children to turn to Me. All that I allow is for good. My One objective is to gather My Children to My Heart. If it is by graces and gifts or worldly pains, I work for the attention of My Children. Do not mistake difficulties and tribulations for hatred or abandonment. Many sophists will insist I have failed My Belovéd Children. Others will insist I do not exist, and your faithful prayers are for fools.

Do not fall into these snares. Be steadfast in your Love for Me. Pray and trust in Me. Pray and do not judge your brothers, but Love them. Pray, and forgive those who hurt you. Pray, and give glory and all Love to My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, who redeems you.

Peace, My Children.



Tuesday, October 16, 2018 3:40 pm – 4:20 pm

Belovéd Children, My Heart is filled with Love for you. Do not doubt My Love for you. It is your saving grace, your comfort, and your Light. I am the Lord God and as your Loving Father, I turn to you with longing and delighted eyes.

Belovéd Children, do not stray from Me. This is so very important, for your Souls are frail and constantly in danger of the darknesses that…abound in this World. Belovéd Children, trust in My Most Blesséd Son, the Christ Jesus, whose Love and Mercy bring you or guide you to Me. Do not think your prayers are in vain, because I hear and answer each one with great Love and the Right or correct wisdom of the Father who longs for you to join Him in Everlasting Life.

Thus, I say, suffering Children, what you endure today shall give you boundless joy in Eternity. The difficulties and sorrows you face today shall become great blessings and the pains you feel shall give you purity of Spirit, so you shall come to Me with a ready and faithful, Loving Heart.

Dearest Children of My Merciful Heart, do not stray. This World is governed by sin and death is sanctified blackly and those who would have a world of death flaunt their sins without shame. Do not stray from Me. My Love for you is such that My Heart breaks for every Soul lost to darkness, and I weep as all of Heaven weeps, to see Souls embrace sin and evil so readily and with clear knowledge of its sinfulness. So many of My Belovéd Children are blinded by the darknesses in this World and now easily compromise with sin.

Children of My Heart, every sin takes you further away from Me. Your lack of grace grows until you are consumed with blindness. You do not see or recognize or believe in the repercussions of sin. Children of My Sorrowful Heart, come to Me now. Do not wait. The Time for Mercy ends. Do not take this gift so lightly, as it is greater than all the gifts of this World and shall be your comfort when the Just Judge gazes upon your Soul.

Belovéd Children, I am never out of reach, and I always invite you to return to the Light of My Love for you. Believe in Me and My Beatific Mystery. Belovéd Children, do not doubt, but trust. Be prayerful, as when you pray, your faith and trust in me grow and chaos is repelled by My Light. Chaos and confusion are not of Me. Thus, I say, when your Heart is troubled, pray and I shall hold your Heart and give you peace.

Join Me at My Table and benefit from the INEFFABLE blessings of My Eucharist Son. The graces the Christ Jesus, My One and (only) Belovéd Son, pours upon you are too Holy and BIG for you to imagine or understand. Trust that the Holiest of Holies is like gold. It is more precious than the most precious stones on earth. It is a HUGE blessing as His Sacrifice is for you. Not one of you is immune to His Great Love.

Belovéd Children, the state of this World troubles Me so deeply. Children commit sin after sin against Me, and so gleefully, so easily, and so readily. I am locked out of Hearts and barred from entry to your homes. Love Me, Children and spread My Love and Mercy to this World.

Belovéd Children, this is My Loving Plea to you, I who Am all Holy, Almighty, all powerful, and the Creator of Life, pray and keep yourselves close to Me. Latch on to My Love like it is the very air you breathe. You cannot live without Me. When you reject Me, you open your arms to death.

Embrace My Love, Dear Children. You do not reject the food at feasts. You do not reject the gold you are given. My Love is so much more [CAN’T DESCRIBE] than these temporal things. Yet, Man spends his time in his efforts to gain these things. What good is gold if you are dead?

Belovéd Children, pray. Pray, for you do not have long. Already you are feeling the labor pangs of sorrow and chaos. Already, Hearts sense the coming trials. Already do the righteous prepare and more darknesses rear their heads.

Belovéd Children, how will you fight in the battle if you have no shield or sword with which to guard your body or attack the enemy? So many of you are woefully unprepared. So many of you ask, What sword? What shield? I have answered you in this same way, and yet you doubt as if you have not heard.

Pray, My Belovéds. Prayer is your sword and shield. Pray and each trial you face shall bring peace into your Heart for your trust in Me. Pray, and I hear you with a bended Head that I may hear each word you whisper and every lament you cry out. Pray, Children, for prayer builds your fortitude against sin. It brings you closer to Me. It invites the Spirit to enter the dwellings of your Hearts and guide you away from darkness and sin and guides you when the liars come and you are faced with questions and doubts. Allow the Holiest Spirit to lay claim to your Hearts and you shall discern the hidden evils that are cloaked in white and gold. Children, let the Light of My Great Love shine within you that others are attracted to the Light of Love and join us in Love.

Children, repent and ask for My Mercy. It is yours today. It is a great blessing that is a Divine gift. Those who reject this gift of Mercy will meet such sorrow and regret for their stubbornness and faithlessness.

Children, pray. Pray against the greatest evil of your times. Pray and the World must not murder My Belovéd Little Flowers. These children are My gifts to you, and what I create is not for you to destroy. With each abortion, My anger swells and My patience wanes. Pray and stop this gravest of sins.

Children, pray for My Servants who have lost sight of their faith in Love. They are in such danger, because they are misguiding My Belovéd Children, and the punishment for this is a hard and painful one. Love My Servants. Approach them without Judgement and with much prayer for their Hearts. I am the God of Mercy, and I can do all things. Ask and I answer. Call and I am there.

Thus, My Belovéd Children, live according to My Word [Jesus]. Pray and worship, adore, be very attentive and Loving of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, and I shall grant you peace.


Monday, October 15, 2018 3:55 pm – 5:05 pm

Dear Lord, thanks for listening to my prayers and for allowing us some fun last night. Help me to be humble and to Love others like I should. How can I possibly say I love You if I can’t love those You have created??

Belovéd Child, believe in My Love and delight in you. You are My Belovéd Child, and I see into your Heart. I see when you doubt and where you ache. Trust in Me, your Lord God, your sanctuary and Protector. Come to Me when you are afraid and trust in My Love for you. I do not harm My Children but provide good gifts to My Blesséd Disciples who obey My wishes and Commandments and humiliate themselves with patience. Bear humiliation and hatred and ridicule in My Name and such rewards you have in Eternal Life with Me, your Lord God and Father. Do not wish or look longingly for worldly things. What use will you have for them when you greet your Just Judge?

I am the Lord God and what I create, I create for Love, with Love, and from Love. Thus, do not wound those I have created with hatred, judgement, accusations, or lies. If you have an enemy, and your Heart longs to see ill things happen upon him, pray and forgive. Forgive as you would wish with your whole Soul through Eternity that your Just Judge might also forgive you for your gravest sin. Forgive, Belovéd Children, and Love. Love humility and service to your brothers. Do not be bothered when you endure insults for your Love of Me. Bring others to Me that they too shall know My Great Love and Mercy.

Belovéd Children, My Most Blesséd Son, the Christ Jesus who bought your freedom from sin that you may know Eternal Love, is so very wounded or hurt deeply by the caliber of your sins. He is shocked or made miserable by your lack of repentance for your gravest sins. Oh, how He weeps for you. The Mercy of God is great, but I will not endure the insults thrown against My Belovéd Son, (nor) those (who) are gluttonous, licentious, hateful, murderous, and those who ignore the impoverished even as you eat (at) a full table and do not share your food with the hungry. When you are before the Just Judge, no riches or banquets or esteem shall help the fear you shall know before righteousness.

Belovéd Children, My Words sound harsh to your ears, but you must know or understand My Meaning. I do not abide by sin. Even as I am a Loving Father who each day longs for His Children, I do not accept sin. Sin comes from pride and lust and My Children are so frail and weak in your resistance to sin.

I say to you, come to Me and stay close to your Lord God and the Love I give to you. Stay close to Me and make your Hearts repentful and sorrowful because you sin. But know, as you grow closer and closer to Me, so I protect you and provide you more strength to resist those things that tempt you to sin. That is the biggest or gravest error of Mankind. You do not seek Me out in your pain and suffering. You do not include Me in your times of success and joy. You do not think to thank the One who blesses you so completely. Thus, when you are called to Me, how shall I know you? You do not call upon Me, nor do you know the nature or BIGNESS of My Love, nor do you desire to reciprocate My Great Love for you.

I am wounded and ache from this World’s indifference of My Love. I am before you in all splendor and glory, yet, so many do not see Me. I sing songs of Love and give to you Words of Mercy and abundance, and you will not hear. I stand before you, My Children, longing for your Love and attention. You are My Delights. Notice Me. Know Love. [Such longing here.]

Be redeemed through My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, for the doors to GREATEST, MOST IMPORTANT MERCY shall be closed to those who ignore My Messengers. My Love for you, My Belovéd Children, is so GREAT, that I make every attempt to garner your Love and attention. I offer you the MOST BLESSÉD AMAZING gift of Mercy, but arrogance has made you indifferent to sin. You indulge in what you crave, not thinking that these things are detrimental to your Eternity. Life is but one second of Time, but Eternal fires and punishments will not end, and Souls will live in absolute misery. Thus, I say, why do you choose a future of pain when you can have a future of Love and great joy?

Because My Face is not seen by the earthly, you do not believe in My Blesséd Mercy. Because you no longer believe in the miracle of My Power, because so many of My Belovéd Children doubt My very presence so gleefully, the Time of My Mercy will not be extended. Those who Love Me for My Own sake are an amazing, joyful gift to Me [who love God freely]. Those who do not are My Greatest sadness.

Do not wait until the final hours to seek out my Mercy, My Children. Judgement with Mercy and Justice bearing great righteousness and equity are distantly different. Where one shall reassure you, the other shall put chills in your Soul. Where one gives you great comfort, the other is like a bed of needles upon your body. Where one is gentle and understanding, the other is cold, reserved, and harsh in its judgement. Do you want a Merciful Judge or one who is prepared to condemn you for your sins?

Belovéd Children, your sins are very, very grave, and the whole of Heaven is in awe of your lack of shame or lack of respectful Hearts. Children, you cannot continue sinning so gleefully and without regard to your Lord God and Father. [It is as if we sin in a frenzy.]

For every sin committed, another thorn is buried into My Son’s head like thorns from His Crown of Glory. It pierces until you are freed by My Mercy. Children, repent and make your penance equal to your sins [1460]. Do not be afraid to atone for your sins with suffering in this Life. It is better to suffer in this World than in the next.

Belovéd Children, I am so close to you and so filled with longing for your Love. I thirst for your Love and pine for the day you come to Me with Love in your Hearts.

Belovéd Children, do not be fooled, for more and more liars come out from their dark corners to lead you astray from Me. Do not compromise with sin. Know My Word [Jesus],what I Love and do not Love and know what I accept and do not accept. Sin is sin. It cannot be justified, nor can you condone it. Do not think (it is not a sin), because a willful one (child) insists that sin is not a sin or that black is white and white black. The sophists are very clever and fool so many of My Belovéd Children, even now. The sophists trick so many of My Servants, My Belovéd Servants, because their growing love and worship of temporal things has blinded them to sin.


​Belovéd Children, you live in the most sinful of times. You live lives of death and become immune to the horror of death and no longer recognize murder for what it is. Yes, Belovéd Children, day by day you are more consumed by what is death, and the Love I desire from My Children goes unanswered. Children of My Heart, oh prayerful ones, heed My requests for prayer. It is your intent Love for Me that will stay My Hand for even one more day or one more hour. Even one minute shall be the difference between Light and darkness.

Pray for My Servants. They shall need strength, fortitude, and great confidence in My Love. Pray for the brothers who kill. Pray for those who have destroyed the children who were gifts for women who should be mothers and glad with Life. Pray for those who do not believe, for their Souls are lost without faith. Pray for this World that sins and pray and repent of your own sins often.

You are My Belovéd Children. Every thing, every moment of every action I allow is good, because it is what should bring you closer to Me. If you suffer great injustices, rejoice in knowing you make reparations for your sins today and not in the Eternal Life. When you are faced with difficulties, turn to Me and I shall guide you rightly. Trust in Me, Children. Pray and increase your trust in My Love and Mercy, for both are given to you willingly and with great fervency.

Do not wait, My Children. Do not disregard My Mercy. You will not know your error until the doors to My Mercy are shut before you. Pray, My Children. I hear your prayers and listen attentively to your joys and fears within your prayers. Trust in Me and My Peace I give to you. Peace, Children. Peace.


​Catholic Catechism
1460 The penance the confessor imposes must take into account the penitent's personal situation and must seek his spiritual good. It must correspond as far as possible with the gravity and nature of the sins committed. It can consist of prayer, an offering, works of mercy, service of neighbor, voluntary self-denial, sacrifices, and above all the patient acceptance of the cross we must bear. Such penances help configure us to Christ, who alone expiated our sins once for all. They allow us to become co-heirs with the risen Christ, "provided we suffer with him."63

The satisfaction that we make for our sins, however, is not so much ours as though it were not done through Jesus Christ. We who can do nothing ourselves, as if just by ourselves, can do all things with the cooperation of "him who strengthens" us. Thus man has nothing of which to boast, but all our boasting is in Christ . . . in whom we make satisfaction by bringing forth "fruits that befit repentance." These fruits have their efficacy from him, by him they are offered to the Father, and through him they are accepted by the Father.64