Do not be afraid of your sufferings

By Linda Noskewicz

August 29, 2018

10:40 AM – 11:29 AM Adoration

Thank You for Your guidance, Father. Give me strength to serve You as You want to be served. <3  I have felt You calling to Me. I am here, imperfect but here anyway. Let me be Your tool.
Belovéd Children, do not cast doubt upon My Love for you or…the Kingdom of Heaven. I am meant for you as you are meant for Me. I have created each of you from Love, with Love, and for Love. You are a part of My very Essence. I crave your notice and delight in your prayers.

Belovéd Children, the Son of Man grieves, for the sins of this World are staggering and terrible. It is never My Will for you to separate yourselves from Me. I am your Most Holy and Mighty Father. Do not stray from Me, as it is only to your detriments, and your Hearts and Souls are so small and frail.

Belovéd Children, do not be afraid. There are Times of difficulty and these shall be faced by all. Stay close to My Heart. Pray and adore My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, who I Love GREATLY. Do not betray His Great Love or dismiss the Sanctity of His Immense Sacrifice by denying your Love for and of Him. Those who remain true to their Love of God shall prosper with great joy and Love in the Kingdom of Heaven. What is one day of suffering to an Eternal Life of bliss and joy. What is one year of unhappiness or hardship when your reward is Eternal and given to you by your Most Holy and Loving Father.

It is true. Your Hearts are small and unable to conceive of the greatness and Holiness of My Love and gifts and forgiveness. So immense are these, …only by My Grace can you understand, and with so much prayer, so many Children doubt or do not understand. I am your Loving Father. I am affectionate, compassionate, Eternal, and I delight in your trust and Love. 

Do not be afraid of your suffering, but trust in Me. Thank Me for those things you abhor, for by these grave and difficult tests, your faith grows. Put your Hearts in My Care, and all that you suffer on earth for what might seem an Eternity will be greatly or grandly (BIG!) rewarded in Heaven. You are My Belovéd Children, and My Will for you isalways good. Trust in Me and take solace in My Great Love for you.

Children, a time of suffering comes that will touch many, many of My Belovéd Children. This not a time of joy but a time of testing and a time of cleansing. Trust in Me. Listen to My Calls. Hear My Words of Love and understand and follow My Will for you.

You need only ask for the benevolent and constant guidance of the Holiest Spirit. He does not fool those who ask for guidance. He shall always guide you rightly to My Enduring Love. When you are in doubt, return to the words of MyBelovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. Read and pray about His Holy Missives, and you shall be ever-guided by His Love.

This time of suffering will not be easy. So, I say again, trust in your Lord God and do not rebel or go astray in anger for what you endure. It is in your endurance or suffering that you are most Blessed and closest to Me.

Your suffering or the suffering of many will be great. Greater than you can fathom now. Hold tightly to your faith in Me. Hold tightly to My Love and My Immense Love shall sustain you through all of your pains and difficulties. 
I am the One True Lord. Do not ever deny Me from fear or out of your anger for your state or situation. Do not deny Me when you are faced by the enemy who rejoices in denials. Astonish this World by your continued Love and faith in the Divinity of Christ Jesus. You are My Belovéd Children. Thus, know that I do not seek to punish My Children but to bring you ever closer to My Love. I long for your repentance and anticipate with great joy your repentance, for I will forgive you your sins. I will make clean and Holy your precious and little Souls. Trust in My Love for you, My Children, and do not fear that which troubles you.

Do not fear, for My Love is yours. Look to Me always for forgiveness, solace, compassion and GREAT Love. I do not fail My Children, nor will I turn you away. You are, each of you, My Precious Children.


Belovéd Children, give aid to My Belovéd Servants. Their difficulties will be so great, and they must demonstrate to All of My Belovéd Children, that their Love for Me and faith in Me does not wane. It will or must  increase as they face inequities and death. Thus, you must pray intently for My Belovéd Servants.

Belovéd Children, you also must face the World with the Love for your Lord God lit brightly within your Hearts. Even if you are ridiculed or pushed aside, even though you may be shoved down upon the streets, show that your Love for Me and (your) great faith in My Mercy hold steadfast.

Pray, M y Children. See to Me as faithful Servants. Desire Me only and always and pray. It is by your fervent prayers that you grow closer to Me. It is by your ardent prayers that I reveal My Mysteries and Glories to you. It is by your faithful prayers that comfort and solace are given to My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. Thus, I say, pray. 

Do not fear these Times. Pray and do not judge. Pray, and always trust in My Will for you. I am your Belovéd and Loving Lord and I turn no Child away who asks for My Mercy and Love. Bring those who stray to Me. I will renew them.
Belovéd Children, prepare by your prayers. Trust in  Me. Know that I am ever-present. When you call or cry out to Me in agony, I hear you and wrap you in My Loving Arms, as I know and understand this agony. Pray, My Belovéds. Pray, and know your faith in Me will make you stronger. 

Peace, My Children. I give to you My Peace in times of tumult and in Times of Joy. Peace