Prayer Surmounts All Things that are Wicked

By Linda Noskewicz

July 31, 2019

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 (36m)

So many things...I wanted to take Communion this morning and prayed and begged. I know that His blessing is so BIG that it would make me feel better. It came to me, though, that it is a sin to take Communion without having gone to Confession, especially if you've committed a mortal sin (missing Mass). So I understood that it is better to obey His Laws, even if it means I don't get to experience His BIGNESS in the Eucharist. Does that make sense? And then, He assured me that His power is unlimited. “I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” It requires trust. There are many things that God wants to tell me, and I have been ignoring Him. Thank goodness His Love is patient. And BIG.

10:31 – 11:07 am Adoration

Like the Thorns that pierced My Belovéd son’s forehead, the accusations against My Church are like so many thorns piercing My Heart. Her betrayal, like Judas’ comes from within, and She is heartbroken but unwavering. There are those who will be redeemed, even as they have strayed. Just as Peter strayed and denied the Christ Jesus, not once, but thrice, so shall My Belovéd and repentant Servants be redeemed and brought to full glory of their servitude. For their service to Me is based on Love, and I have called each of you as surely as a Loving Parent names their child. Thus, I say to My Sinning Servants, trust in My Mercy and I forgive the repentant Heart.

Yet, there are those who are Judas, betraying the Christ Jesus and His Mother Church for greed and wealth and the sheer love of deception. The serpent has gained entry to My Belovéd Church and even now poisons the halls and rooms of Love. Priests! Bishops! Cardinals! Lay down your swords now, for My Church is indestructible, and all that you do to betray her and bring Her down will never suffice. She is Mine, just as My Son is Mine and He is His Mother’s Son, and the Church is your Mother who is undestroyed.

Belovéd Children, there is a nest of hornets within your wake. They work to expound atheism and false beliefs, false gods, and they are powerful in what they do. Do not stray from the Truth which is My Word. It is My Promise of Love and Mercy Eternal.
Children, this World gives way to darkness and death. You must pray to stop this darkness from further enveloping the Hearts of My Belovéd Children. I see how countries are divided and angry. I see the greed and avarice that expounds throughout the World. Just as Judas was driven to betray the Christ Jesus out of avarice, so is this World betraying your Holy Lord God and Father.

Dear God, what can we do? The country is definitely a mess….

Prayer surmounts all things that are wicked. Your prayer is all-powerful because you invoke the Love and protection of your Lord God who is all powerful, and when you ask of Me through the Heart of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, I cannot deny.
This World is in dire need of My Mercy. My Love is turned away though, time after time. It is your Loving prayers that stay My Hand for one more day, one more hour, and one more minute. You are My Belovéd Treasures, and I do not destroy that which I have created. Yet, Little Ones, you accomplish this by your own hands. You embrace greed and hate easily. You denounce the innocent and judge those who have done less than you. Children, judgement is Mine and Mine alone. When you see your sins as I see them and know the danger and repugnance of these acts of willfulness and evil, your Hearts shall shiver with dismay. Come to Me while My Mercy is for you. I am a merciful Father but a just judge. Those who ignore My Offer of My Loving Mercy shall see their sins from the eyes of a judge who is cold and objective and unmerciful. Seek out My Mercy and it shall comfort you when your eyes have been opened to the detriments of your sins. Your judge will be patient, merciful, and compassionate. Why does Man ignore such a crucial thing in My Mercy?

Children, do not stray. Do not let your Hearts become lukewarm and irresponsible. Do not become like lackeys to this World. I am your Most Loving and Adoring Father, and I desire that all My Children are with Me. This World can give you nothing that I cannot triple in its worth. Indeed, My Treasures for you are ineffable, BIG! and will bring you everlasting joy in the Kingdom that is prepared for you. Thus, I say, do not abandoned Love for the sake of the paltry things of this World.

Children, pray, for a war is in your midst. What is peaceful today will be ravaged by dismay tomorrow. Let Me be your strength as you are tested. This war is a war for Souls, and it is vital that My Children pray unstoppingly. Children, I am betrayed, and this betrayal is causing even the kindest of My Children to be led astray. My Belovéd Mother, the Eternal Redemptrix warns you even now and desires to bring the children and youths of this Time under the protection of Her Loving Mantle, but they do not  know Her. Their lack of knowledge and familiarity with My Immense Love is allowing them to be led astray by those who would silence those who cry out My Name in a bid for Mercy for this World. These betrayers seek to wipe out the name of the Christ Jesus and persecute My Belovéd Servants until they can withstand no more.

Increase your Love of Me. Enlist your Most Holy and Benevolent Mother to open your Hearts to Love and teach you what it is to Love the Christ Jesus perpetually and perfectly. 

Belovéd Children, I leave you with My Peace in the interior of your Hearts. Grasp it when your Hearts are in distress. Know that My Peace will fill you when this World seeks to persecute and torture you as it did My Belovéd Son. Children, you will suffer, even as the Christ Jesus suffered, in reparation for your sins. I draw you to Me, My Children, first with a gentle voice and then with a holler. Hear My Gentle Voice calling you now and know the warmth of My Mercy. Do not wait. Do not wait (until) the storm to prepare your homes, your Hearts. The winds blow even now, and what comes will destroy much. Thus, I say, pray and mitigate and postpone this warning. You are My Children, and I do all things necessary to bring you back to My Fold. Do not be afraid, My Children, but prepare. You cannot fear the noise and thunder and destruction of a wild storm if you are well-sheltered and prepared. That is what is now. A storm comes. Gird your belts and prepare your Hearts.

Children, My Love for each of you does not wane. You are My Treasures and My Delight. Come to Me and I embrace you with Love and Mercy. Peace, My Children.