I am a second thought in the minds of the lukewarm

By Linda Noskewicz

February 7, 2019

Thursday, February 7, 2019 Adoration

Father, how can we ask for Your forgiveness when we, the world, has thrown Your love back without shame?  It is as if I think You should say, “Why should you ask for mercy?” The world is terrible and throws away the opportunity at redemption. It is like the world hates You. I know You are BIG and have kind, loving answers to my questions, but still. It just makes me sad and mopey.
3:47 – 4:37 pm

Child, My Mercy is endless and inconceivable in its unlimited condition. You are My Joys, and all that has been done against Me can be forgiven. Believe in Me, My Child, and do not weep over the sins of Man, but pray. Believe that your offerings of oblation to Me are Loved, appreciated, and used for the forgiveness of sin and the conversion of Souls.

I am the Lord God and Father, and through My GREAT Love, all things are possible.

Your trust (lack of trust) and doubt keep you from seeing the greatest miracles. Your doubt and lack of trust keep you from knowing and understanding the power of your prayers to Me and the immensity of My Love for you. I will shift the course of rivers and cause mountains to crumble into ash for My Love of you, if your trust was full and your Belovéd Hearts free of doubt for My Love. 

Children, I weep. I am your Lord God and Father. Your redemption was bought by the blood of God Himself. Your redemption was bought by the suffering and death of My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. He has spilled His Precious Blood for your benefit. Children, know this to be true. There are those who turn Me and My Love away from anger, and there are those who reject Me, because evil has taken hold of their Hearts, and they shall be lost to the Fallen One unless their Hearts are softened, and they come to their Almighty God and repent.

As bad as those who reject outright are those who know Me but hold a lukewarm Love in their Hearts for Me. I am a second thought in the minds of the lukewarm. They choose what is temporal and Worldly when faced with a choice between serving Me and serving Man. Children, you cannot serve two masters. You cannot live to impress this sadistic World or accumulate its treasures while purporting to Love Me.

For when you face the difficulties, you will turn to the World for aid before you think to turn to the Lord God and Father who Loves you and longs for your call. Children, the lukewarm are many, and their Souls are in danger for their lack of true faith. They are untested, and shall not fare well with the opening of their eyes. When they see, they shall believe, but the cost of regaining their sight will be steep and filled with great difficulties and anxiety.

Were it not better to have accepted My Love fully, eagerly, and with great trust and Love for the One who saves? Would it not be easier to accept a shelter by invitation rather than have to find your way, your desperate way, to find shelter yourselves? Children, why do you concern yourselves with the trappings of this World? Why do you concern yourselves with folly and the habits created by darknesses? Do you doubt Me as well as the presence of Eternal Life? Why do you wait unprotected for the violent storm that is sure to come and tear you from your home and throw you to the ground and the pain inherent to this violence? Why do you refuse to hear My Calls of warning? Why do you ignore the Truth of My Love? Why do you doubt Me so?

Oh, World of Mine, you are failing so rapidly in this journey of Life. Come to Me, My Beauteous Children. Do not wait, for it is your Souls that are in danger. You are living perilous lives, and they are made all the more so, because your Hearts do not believe I AM. Your Hearts are too weak to believe in what I give to you and what I may take away from this World.

Children, hear My Warnings! Hear My Words of Love! A storm comes that shall throw every Man to his knees. The storm shall shake you to your inner Hearts. You shall regain your sight and see the detriments of your sin. Children, you do not enter into the path of a raging storm, and if you must face a storm as you do today, you prepare for what comes! Why do you not prepare, even as the clouds of the sky grow dark and roil? Why do you wait as the air stills and more signs appear of the looming storm? Why do you stand unsheltered from its fury? It shall come upon you quickly and when you are at your most comfortable. It shall take your unprepared Hearts by surprise, and you shall flail within its midst. 

Children, prepare. When you are prepared for the storm, its arrival does not surprise you, and you are ready, armed with protection and free from fear. 
Children, does this storm not come? Have there been no signs in the skies? Have you not been told by many of My Belovéd Children that it comes? Are you so deeply entrenched in this World temporal and cheap treasures that you deny My Calls? Have you become so arrogant as to call yourselves Gods?

Children, I am your Lord God and Father. I can do all things. I can destroy what I created in a breath. I can raise what is dead. I create all things, and I have created you, My Loves, with such undeniable Love, that you may Love each other and that you may know the full joy of being Loved. Yet, this gift of Life and Love is rejected too often and by too many of My Belovéd Children.

Belovéds, you see the clouds darken, and you smell the air. You know a storm comes, but your Hearts deny what you feel and what you hear. Children, I am your Loving Father, and because I Love you so deeply, I do all that a Loving Father will to keep His Belovéd Children safe, and to ensure their joy.

The joy I offer to each of you is steeped in My Mercy and held firmly by My Great Love for you. Know this joy is meant for you and it is meant to be an Eternal gift. Because you do not believe in Me, you also do not believe the Fallen One stalks the Earth looking for every opportunity to destroy Love and Mankind. He is the great deceiver and the origin of lies. He seeks My Children out, one by one, and steals their chances for Eternal Joy. Do not link your arms with darkness, My Children. There is much of it in this decaying World. Avoid the darknesses of this World and turn your eyes to Me, your Lord God. Fire the flames of your Love for Me, and you shall have My Peace, constancy, fortitude, and discernment from or over deception.

Those who do not discern will be misled and shall suffer for their mistake. Thus, I say, be prayerful now that your faith grows and becomes unshakeable, so when the storm arrives, it will find you prepared and unwavering in your Love and faith in Me.

Children, many of you will be tested. Many of My Most Prayerful Children will find agony before them. Many will be placed in difficulties. Many of you will face the cruelty and opposition of your fathers and mothers and daughters and sons. Many of you will become martyrs and endure tragedy. Do not deny Me.

Regardless of the difficulty, regardless of any pain you may feel, trust in Meand My Love and Mercy. Trust that I am with you and suffer with you. I shall raise you in My Loving Arms and give to you My Solace and Peace. Many of you will be tested. Your faith is to be tested, and the tests will be difficult. More difficult than you can guess. Thus, I say, do not be arrogant in your faith. Know that your faith must be an iron trap that does not give. It must withstand forces that will frighten you.

Pray. Pray now and with great fervor, so when the time comes, your faith will be strong and shall endure. Pray, and when you are in the midst of great difficulties, your Hearts will be consoled, and your lips will speak words that shall convert many. Do not fear, but trust in My Love for you.
Pray. Pray, My Children, for there is much this World must atone for. Pray, and your Loving Prayers mitigate what comes. Pray for My Servants who must be particularly strong. So many are too weak right now. Servants of Mine who I called with Great Love, grow closer to Me. Draw yourselves closer to Love that when the Time comes and you are challenged, your faithful Hearts will guide My Children truly.

Children, pray and know what pleases Me and what displeases Me. As you are close to Me, deceptions fail against you. Pray, My Belovéds, and know that your Loving Father is just and good. Peace, My Children. Peace