She is my loving emissary of grace, love & protection

By Linda Noskewicz

February 8, 2019

Friday, February 8, 2019 Adoration

Thank You for helping me understand. Your Love is so big, I know, and what I understood is just a tiny piece but what a BIG piece it is!

1:15 pm – 1:57 pm

Belovéd Children, I am for you as you are for Me. I am your Lord God and Heavenly, Loving Father. All that I do is to bring My Belovéd Children closer to Me and My Tender Love for you. Do not despair, My Children, for I am with you and I heal your Hearts of all illnesses and pain. Let Me or allow Me to console your Hearts and bring by My Consolation for your Hearts. Trust fully in Me, and in My Great Love for you, and by your ardent prayers, I shall move mountains before you that your path will be clear. Pray, My Children, and the things you see as obstacles become open doors. I guide the prayerful and long to bring this Loving guidance to all My Belovéd Children.

Pray, My Belovéds, for so many do not hear. Their eyes are closed to the joy of My Love and their Hearts are ignorant of their need for Mercy. Pray, My Belovéds, and (I) shall open the ears of your children. I am your Loving and Merciful Lord, and My Will for you is good.

Listen to My Calls, Belovéd Children. Even the most prayerful of you often miss My Calls. Open your Hearts to Me with constancy, and you shall hear My Voice.

Belovéd Children, there is so much pride snaking throughout this World. Pride brings about great avarice, and avarice is a disease within your Souls. Avarice leads you to steal, lie, cheat, and closes your eyes to these sins until you will justify your actions. Do not fall into this trap for want of glory, position, or Man’s notice and awe. You will have your riches taken from you. Your pride will face Man as you are steeped in shame. The glory you sought by your pride will bring you agonies and sadness. Children of My Heart, leave off these temporal things that lead you to sin, and turn to Me and My Love and Mercy, for it is My Mercy you should treasure. When you are before your Heavenly Judge, the King of Heaven and earth, My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus who is wont to be your treasure on earth, your riches and position and adulation will not serve to help you account for your sins or life. It is My Great Mercy that shall make judgement gentle and compassionate. Yet, in your frenzied desire for these temporal riches, you do not see and you do not hear the Love and Mercy offered to you. How can I give to you My Love and Mercy if you do not approach Me with your Heart and repentance and Love? The beggar does not receive alms if he does not beg. The child receives no treats if he does not bother his Loving Father constantly. [Such affection!] Those who do not ask cannot receive. Those who hear and those who turn to Me for Mercy and forgiveness, regardless of their sin, shall be forgiven and their Hearts greeted with the Love and forgiveness of a Loving parent.

Children, you were made by Love with great Love and for Love. Do not betray your Hearts and Souls by rejecting Love. You can live an Eternal Life with Love. Thus, My Children, every moment of every day I urge you to come to Me. I am not a burden, but I give you joy. Your concerns are My Concerns and are made lighter thus. Children, trust in Me always. I do not hurt what I hold so dearly.

Believe this to be true. It is by your Loving prayers that all storms are mitigated. It is by your adoration that many, many Souls are converted. Know that your prayers are heard and move your Most Loving Father to wait. I wait for the conversion of more of My Children, and your prayers bring Me such happiness. Do not disbelieve in the power and importance of your prayers. I hear you and pay attention as you plead and as you adore Me and as you speak to Me about idle things. You are My Greatest Love, and My Loving Attention is always, always upon you Do not doubt, but trust. Open your Heart like a child opens his Heart to Love and know I shall work through you and do wonders according to My Will.

Belovéd Children, act. Now is the Time to bring Children to Me. Do not be afraid to speak My Name with Love and trust loudly amongst those who disbelieve or whose Love has grown lukewarm. Do not fear rejection or ostracism, for I am with you, and when you believe your actions have no success, know that you touch Hearts, and at least one Soul is saved. Do not hesitate to proclaim My Word. It is now more crucial than ever to share My Great Love with your Brothers and Sisters. Do not be shy, but be bold. Know My Love sustains you even as you are ridiculed and tormented. 

Your Love for Me swells within My Heart and soothes the pains My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, sustains for Man’s lack of Love for Him.

Children, you must not grow complacent, because it is at those times when peril strikes. The fallen one waits for these moments to weaken you. Do not fall into complacency. Know what I accept and what (I) abhor. Do not compromise with or condone sin. Where one would have you sin or condone sin or dismiss sin, walk away from this one and come to the safety of your Most Blesséd Mother’s Mantle. Increase your faith in the Christ Jesus through Her Loving tutelage. She is My Loving Emissary of grace, Love, and protection. Her Love for Man is as great as My Own, and she too calls out to Man for the redemption of Souls. 

Children, you live in precarious Times. Do not long for a Heavenly Correction, for to obtain the attention of Man shall require something so great, the shock that is experienced will be difficult, especially within your Souls. The obtaining of Man’s attention requires destructions. Man has not listened when I granted you great graces and blessings. You turned away from Me. Man did not listen to My Loving Calls and offer of Mercy. My Belovéd Children do not listen to the warnings issued before the storm. Thus, it is the storm that shall succeed.

Belovéd Children, continue to be prayerful and draw others to Me by your humility, humbleness, and example. Do not be afraid but trust in My Great Love for you. Make your Love strong, so when you are tested by Man, your Love shall not falter by My Grace.

Belovéd Children, be prayerful and pray especially for My Belovéd Servants. So many are weak and are being led astray, because the World places heavy pressures upon them. Those who are weak in their prayer life must work harder and ask for My Grace. I shelter the prayerful with My Love. Thus, I say, pray for My Belovéd Servants that they are prepared to guide My Belovéd Children rightly.

Belovéd Children, I give to you My Lasting Peace. Trust only in Me and know I shall provide all that you shall need according to My Holy and Loving Will. Believe in Me My Children, and trust in My GREAT Love of and for you. Peace, My Belovéds. Peace