It is by your prayers and adoration that many are saved

By Linda Noskewicz

February 11, 2019

Belovéd Children, you are called to pray. Pray for all Souls that roam about unchecked, unwanted, and lonely. Pray, and by your prayers, they are saved. Belovéd Children, pay your notice or attention to every person you see. Know that each one is a Belovéd Child of Mine and My Love for them is as great as My Love for you.

Belovéd Children, pride is killing this World (that) I have given to Mankind. It is within pride that avarice grows. It is within your pride that you judge and condone sin. It is pride that leads you to hatred and unforgiveness. Pride, Dear Children, is like a weed within your Hearts that must be cut and pulled out. All of its roots must be removed (so) that it will not regrow and become stronger. Pride, My Belovéds, leads to jealousy and makes Man covet what is not yours to covet and makes coveting a spring for anger and jealousy. Thus, I say, Belovéd Children, put down your pride and become like innocent and humble children.

Rely on Me in all things. I am your faithful Lord God and Father, and I see to My Children with the GREAT Love of your Eternal Father. Belovéd Children, it was pride that killed the Christ Jesus, My Most Belovéd Son, and it is pride that leads My Belovéd Children to do evil. Belovéds, revel in humility and be thankful for your lot. My Holy Will is correct and good and is constantly for your Hearts to find pleasure (joy) and consolation in My GREAT Love and infinite Mercy.

Children, this Time of Mercy ends. Many wait and procrastinate, then very wrongly (believe or think) that this gift is unnecessary or that it shall continue unabated by the quantity and calibre of Man’s sins. Children, a Loving Father does not allow His Belovéd Children persist in their wrong-doing. Your Loving Father has given Mankind standards or rules by which you are to live. It is with these standards that I judge humanity.

I am a Merciful and Loving Father, your Eternal God. Thus, come to Me now while the gift of Divine Mercy is present before you. Do not delay, but grasp your Mercy and claim it as proof of My GREAT Love for you. I am a Merciful God, and I am a just Lord. When there is no repentance in the Hearts of Man, how must he be judged? With Mercy or with the cold measure of justice and righteousness? 
Belovéd Children, you cannot fathom the BIGNESS of Eternal Life. You know only of finite time. Children, you are so small and do not understand that this life you lead is but a flicker within Eternity. Just as an ant is to a Man, so is Eternal Life to My Children. Do not believe you can live carelessly today and expect Life renewed in the next, which is Eternal.

Children, there is much sin in this World, and these sins are sins of death. The fruit of all evil resides in death. The death of the Soul is sought by the Fallen One most greedily. He is the king of deceit and the master of all lies. Do not give darkness a foothold to your Lives, Hearts, and Souls by sinning or condoning sin.
My Children, you cannot compromise with sin. Even one can build into many, and many make you weak and unresistant to sin. All at once, you will not know what is sinful and shall sin from ignorance and a lack of discernment. Thus, Children, do not allow your proclivity to sin grow by compromising with it. Sin, My Children, destroys your Souls, and your Souls are invaluable to your being. Save your Souls from perdition and avoid sin.

Children, you are Loved and My concern for you grows. Children, all that I do and all that I allow is to do one thing. It is to accomplish My Will for each of you, and that is to have all of you with Me in Eternal joy and Love. A Father does not punish His Children for being mild and humble and innocent. No, He chastises the child whose behavior has made him a hellion. The Father metes out justice, that His Belovéd Children understand their mistakes and face the consequences of their lack of learning.

Children, I do not chastise this World for being innocent, joyful, and Loving of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus who has redeemed the whole of Man. No, I bring Man’s attention to his many errors. I show to Man where he has gone off the path that the Christ Jesus laid out for each child. I am just when the lukewarm turn their faces away from Me. I am just with the sinners who have made no atonement for their sin. I am a just and righteous judge, and I shall address those who have often and repeatedly sinned against Me.

Belovéd Children, the Spring rapidly approaches, and this further urges Me to call out to you, and to make you understand or appreciate and take My Mercy for yourselves. Children, My Mercy is a gift to My Belovéds. Do not ignore or reject this gift. Do not turn away from Me, Children. Already, Man shall not fare well when winter turns to spring and spring becomes the tool by which you are chastised.

Children, KNOW ME. Pray and become intimately aware of what I accept and what I do not accept. Know those things I abhor and what displeases Me. When you are aware of these things, so grows your discernment for what is righteous and what is evil. Do not mistakenly believe that evil has no consequences or designs. Sin is a product of darkness and the deceiver of Mankind.

As I am, so there is the fallen one who frantically attacks the Souls of My Weakest Children and the strongest. Prayerful and Belovéd Children, the fallen one seeks out your Souls in particular. Because your faith is strong and your prayers given with Love and constancy, he seeks to do you harm and prevent you from achieving what I have asked of you. That is, to pray for Man with the entirety of your Hearts. He does this by distracting you with Worldly matters. He deceives you into anger and suspicion. He does all that he can to bring so much distraction (or) misery to your lives that you become inclined not to pray. That is his trick. 

Thus, I say, I am not a Lord of confusion and chaos. My Love does not lead you to discord. When your Hearts begin to feel these things and you become troubled, call out to Me and pray. I shall give to you the discernment to know when the fallen one has attacked and the fortitude to repel those attacks. His is a deception that will attack those you Love and use them to drive a wedge between your faith in Me and in the time, the blessed and Belovéd time you spend with your Most Beatific and Divine Redeemer, the Christ Jesus. Pray and let your faith and trust in Me grow strong and flourish. When you are with Me, who can be against you and succeed?

Belovéd Children, now is the Time for prayer and fasting. Behold the Eucharist with great Love and reverence, and partake of My Belovéd Son daily. It is through the Eucharist that you are protected, increase your faith, and which intensifies your discernment. My Belovéd Son heaps upon your heads unfathomable gifts, blessings, and Love upon you when you are one with Him in Communion. Thus, approach Him with joy, reverence, adoration, and above all, Love.

Children, I long for you, and there comes a Time when you shall long for Me. It will be a barren Time for those who insist on rejecting Love. Bring your brothers and sisters to Me lest they become lost. It is when the reality of truth is revealed where Life is most difficult. Nothing except prayer and repentance can aid you when truth is spoken and sears your Hearts. Pray, My Belovéds, and increase your trust in you Lord God and Almighty Father. Remain always close to Me and do not allow the concerns – the temporal concerns of this World to separate you from Me, even for a minute. It is a spiritually dangerous time, so the fallen one is intent on finding those who have strayed far from their Protector.

Children, pray. Your prayers are gifts of gold to Man. The sins of Man are great and terrible. It is by your faithful prayers and Adoration that many, many Souls are saved.  Children, go out into this World glorifying My Name. Do not concern yourselves with the opinions and ostracisms of Man. You are on the side of righteousness and Love. It is not in this World where you shall find joy and glory for your Love of the Christ, but in the Eternal Life that waits for you.
Belovéd Children, I bless each of you as you pray. Trust that I hear and listen to every prayer and answer each of you like a Loving Father listens to His Belovéd Children. Rely on Me. Lean on Me. Give yourself completely over to Me, and you will find My Love and concern provide all that you need. Rely on Me. Trust fully in Me, and you will discover the burdens you have carried for so long and those that have made you stoop down to face this World become lighter or disappear. When you allow Me to lift the burdens off your shoulders, how happy My Devoted and trusting Children become! Thus, believe in My Love and Mercy.

Belovéd Children, pray for My Servants, because many are weak in their faith. Pray for those who promulgate the murdering of My Belovéd Little Flowers which are Blesséd gifts. Pray for those who have already annihilated many. Pray, as their sin is grave and the biggest cause for My Divine Sorrow. Pray for those who have grown lukewarm. Pray for this descending World. I hear your prayers and petitions and answer with abundant Love, understanding, and Mercy. Trust in Me and pray. I give to you enduring Peace, My Children. Peace.