Persist in your ardent prayers

By Linda Noskewicz

February 13, 2019

Father, I Love how affectionate You are. Thank You for Your many blessings, especially the snow.
Belovéd Child, I give to you these joyful gifts to sustain you and bring joy to the Child I adore. You are My Belovéd Delight and your Heart is My Home. Belovéd Child, continue to pray for discernment, for you need it even now. Do not be misled by the sophist who would see you silenced and become a betrayer of Love. Take solace in prayer, My Child. I hear your prayers, and in My Love and Compassion for you, I forgive you your transgressions. Child, you must work harder against sin. Still you are weak when you must be strong. Pray and call out to Me in your times of need and in your times of weakness. I answer with Great Love and Mercy.

Pray too for this decaying World that makes folly of its limited Time and continues to reject My Love. I grieve over the many Souls that are lost, and so many will become lost as they meet death. Do not be one of those who are lukewarm and content to move within the fallacies of this World.

Children, you must not grow complacent, even as you believe the Time is not yours. Do not grow complacent, for it is when you are least prepared when the sudden storm takes you by surprise. When you are warned, you prepare. You have been warned multiple times by legions of My Children. You have been warned and instructed by the Queen of Peace and the whole of Heaven, but still, the World ignores what She proclaims.

Children, the Mother of God and Blesséd Handmaid of Mine Loves this World as I Love this World. Man insults and degrades Her Holiness without thought and rejects the redemption My Most Belovéd Son gives to you by His Loving and terrible Sacrifice. The Christ Jesus weeps for Man and the darknesses that are carried within your Hearts.

You have believed in this World of irreverence and no longer believe in the Power and Majesty of My Most Belovéd Son. You have forgotten the Great Power of My Love for you. You have tossed aside Love and Eternal Life for want of money, position, and attention. Children, the temporal treasures of this World will not save your Souls from perdition. Know that I am a Just Lord and a Merciful God. Where there is sin, there must be repentance and penance. 

I am your Loving Father. My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, gathers His flock, His prayerful Children, and requests you pray ardently for this World. Children, this World is on the precipice of My Just actions orreaction or chastisement. This World sins against Me so completely, the whole of Heaven weeps and cries out for justice. The whole of Heaven stands appalled by the sins of Man and pleads for justice.

Children, your prayers of Love have stayed My hand many times, because I revel so in the ardent and Loving prayers of My Belovéd Children. You are ever close to My Heart for your constancyBelovéd Children, continue your prayers, for they save many, especially those who are most in need of My Love and Mercy.

Children, do not wait but become one in Communion with My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. The blessings that are poured out upon you through the Christ Jesus are infinite. Partake of the Christ daily. Do  not give up any opportunity to receive Him and adore Him. Soon, many will not find the Eucharist, and you shall long for the Christ. You will grow thirsty for Him and long for more Time.

Belovéd Children, this World is in turmoil from its sins of death and great hatred. The turmoil grows and peoples will spread across other peoples and wars will annihilate many. The earth trembles because Man has adopted and accepts sin and rejects the Love and Mercy I offer by (through) My Belovéd Son.

Man has thrown out the precious gems and gold in exchange for the dung of pigs and mules. You have rejected what is good and blesséd for what is evil and tarnished. You have been mesmerized by the fallen one and his ploys to ruin the Souls of Man. Children, release your Hearts and Souls of these sins. [through Confession] Come to Me and reject what is dark and deceitful. I Love each of you dearly and wish only to have My Belovéd Children happily and safely ensconced in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The fallen one uses what is temporal and desired to lure Man to sin. His gifts are lies and lead you only to perdition. Do not believe the lies he spreads within this World. You must not condone sin. You must never compromise with sin. Even as those you Love dearly sin and encourage you to follow, do not sin. To sin for Love is a detrimental trick. For Love does not call you to sin. Love calls you to All that is Good and Correct for your Souls. Be wary, My Children, for you are being tested every day now. Do not allow the World to convince you that sin is not sin and that black is white. The sophists work hard to fool the weak in prayer. It is often those who are lukewarm who descend into the deceitful lies of the temporal.

Because the lukewarm do not know Me, they are easily fooled and accept those things I do not accept, and the lukewarm continue to mistake what is good as bad and what is sinful as good. How this World is paganized and (has) turned My Belovéds into swine. Belovéds, I forgive. You need only come to Me with sorrow in your Hearts and atonement on your lips, and My Love envelops you and Mercy is yours. You need only come to Me.

Belovéd Children, do not delay. Bring yourselves closer to My Love, and never stray. I give to My Prayerful Ones the fortitude, constancy, and discernment that you need even now to keep you safe from lies, deception, and those who would lead you to stray from your Loving Father and Lord God. Pray, My Children, especially for My Belovéd Servants who must be strong and ever-faithful in their devotion to Me. Many are spiritually weak, and your prayers lend them the grace they need to guide My Belovéd Children rightly.

Children, do not fear what comes. That it shall be most difficult should not concern you. I provide all sustenance and embrace and hold My Belovéd Children in their hour of need. Do not be afraid, but trust in the Love and Mercy of your Lord God.

Wait upon My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, with Love, adoration, reverence, and joy. He is your saving grace, your Light, and your Redeemer. He whom My Son Loves, so I shall Love. He who My Son forgives, so shall I forgive. He who is gathered Lovingly to the breast of My Son is thus embraced by (My) Heart.
Children, those who have desecrated what is divine and holy shall meet perdition if they do not atone for this grievous sin. Those who murder My Belovéd Little Flowers shall experience the horrors of hell, surely as they deceive themselves by dismissing Life as a burden and not a cherished gift. Those Children who promulgate the murdering of the Innocents shall be judged harshly when there is no sorrow or regret within their Hearts. It is this grievous and abhorrent sin that most offends Me, My Children. It is this loathsome sin that appalls My Sacred Heart and brings the whole of Heaven to its feet in a call for justice. Children, this sin must stop lest My Hand descend upon this World to chastise the sinful and leave My Belovéd Prayerful Children to help those who are spun into confusion by the storm.

Children, pray. Pray and soothe the burns [the fires of sin] that feed upon this World. Pray, My Children, and the Christ Jesus is warmed by your Love. Pray, My Children, and without interruption. Your prayers are crucial for this World, and I bless those who are Lovingly attentive to Me. 

Children, do not become bewildered by what  you shall see. You will face many, many difficulties, but persist in your ardent prayers and fully trust in My Love and Mercy for each of you. Trust in My Will for you. Trust in Me and let your faith grow. Peace, My Children. Peace.