Our half-hearted reverence of the Eucharist

By Linda Noskewicz

February 20, 2019

A Note to Readers.

On February 20th, our Father placed particular emphasis on how we participate in Communion. It's essential that we go to Confession before Communion. When we don't, and we partake of the Eucharist, it is irreverent and points to a lukewarm Heart - one that is indifferent to what He calls us to do. Many of us "excuse" ourselves and go for Communion despite knowing in our hearts that we have sinned (how not?!). I will speak for myself in saying that I crave the Eucharist, and therefore I will say to myself, "Well, I'll go to confession during the weekend." Or, "I haven't done anything that terrible over the last few weeks." Like others, I can't afford to make excuses. God has blessed me in countless ways, and yet I am a lazy servant who constantly sins. I hope you will join me in going to Confession weekly. It isn't easy or convenient, but if you pray deeply beforehand, you'll find that God grants you an amazing gift. He will point out where you are weakest; the areas we sometimes cannot see. That is a huge gift for our Souls.

Thanks for indulging me (again), and please, take this seriously and encourage others to do the same. There are too many people who think Confession isn't necessary. Lord help us, it is very, very necessary.

God bless you and yours.


At Adoration 12:36 pm – 1:22 pm

Children, I request that you pray. Pray for this tattered World which stands before Me, proud, lustful, and degraded. Pray, for the sins of this World are terrible and damning. Pray for those who will die, that their Hearts be moved to penance, Belovéds.

I do not wish to lose even one Child to the fallen one, but so many leave Me and fall. Many mistake believing in the transients (transitory) and lies of this World. You place what is worthless before the healthor protection of your Souls. You are so short-sighted, My Belovéds. Why do I warn you so often and so obviously? The storm always comes when you have been warned to prepare. I warn each of you, but so few prepare.

Children, you have lost your faith and trust in My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. As My Children who are prayerful pass this World on, My Name is less spoken. It is denigrated and forgotten. That is what the fallen one hopes to achieve absolutely. I reign and he cannot undo what I have done nor tear down what I have created. Children, take comfort in My Love and pray for fortitude.
Children, you are My Belovéds, and all that I do, I do so that your Hearts grow closer to Mine. Children, can you not see that you were meant for Love and I was meant for you? There should be no separation between Our Hearts, yet there is a chasm between My Love for you and your Love for your Lord God and Father. This chasm is created by doubt, lukewarm Hearts, inattentiveness, and your lack of faith in the Living God. You prefer to dwell in dark places and where there is no Light, you cannot see what is before you. When there is no Light, you are blind within the darkness. So it is with the evils within this World. You are drawn into darkness and this blinds you to its detriments and pulls you away from Me, and your Love and trust in Me. It makes you profane and drives (you) to believe what is black is white and what is white, black. It drives you to believe in the lies of this World, and the treasures it offers to you are false treasures.

Know, My Belovéd Children, that you cannot serve this World and Me at the same time, for all that this World treasures pulls you away from your Holy and Righteous Master. Thus, you cannot serve both the World and Me. 

Children, the World creates cheap priorities for you. You concern yourselves with things that will not matter when you face judgment. You cannot buy Mercy nor can you charm or fool it. Belovéd Children, now is the Time to be wary for your Souls. Now is the Time to work towards a prayerful life, one that is filled with Love and trust in the Lord God. When you are with Me, I remove your burdens. I give you fortitude and peace that these difficulties become bearable and even joyous. This is a blessing that Man cannot comprehend if their Hearts are adrift. Those who stray no longer enjoy the peace and Mercy I offer to them by My GREAT Love.

Children, I LONG for the Love of ALL My Children. I long for each of you to approach Me with trust and repentance that I may embrace you and make you whole with Eternal Life. Children, the sins of this World are terrible, and each day that passes and Man does not change what he does, is one moment closer to My Response or action. I wish to heal your Souls and show you with opened eyes the reality of sin and its detriments. You have not believed when you were given My Affection and blessings. Your behavior did not change when I sent the Most Blesséd and Holy Mother to warn you. Man requires great destruction or a clap of thunder from the Heavens to garner your attention. Why have you not chosen to notice Love instead of loudness or chaos?

Belovéd Children, it comes in the spring and you shall know the detriments of your sins. Do not place your anger upon My Heart, My Children, as all that I do and all that I permit is for the good of My Belovéd Children. A Father does not push his children out of his home. He teaches them about the dangers of this World and asks that they stay with their Loving Father whose Love and affection for each Child is unmatched.

Thus, My Children, choose to Love your Lord God and Father with the whole of your Hearts, minds, and bodies. Love every moment Cherishing My Love and praising My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, with full adoration and reverence.
Turn your backs on the lies of this World. Learn to live within the graces of My Rules, for I do not ask much, and when you Love your Lord God and trust Me completely with your Lives, all things become simple and easy. When your Heart is Mine and your Love is given fully to Me, you rejoice and are given the strength to Love your brothers and forgive your brothers for their sake alone.

Children, do not be whimsical with your Time. Become prayerful, My Children. Pray and attend Confession in preparation of the GREATEST GIFT and Most Divine Savior. The Eucharist, My Belovéds, is never to be taken half-heartedly. It is not to be approached without Love and reverence. For within and of the Eucharist is the Christ Jesus, My Belovéd Son and your Eternal Savior. Do not denigrate His Sacrifice with lukewarm Hearts and unprayerfulness.

Children, We are One with the Holy Spirit and as One Love you and crave your Love. When you are prayerful, I give good gifts to you. When you are prayerful and attentive to the Christ Jesus, I bless you with strength, constance, and the power to discern the truth from the lies. Thus, I say, pray and know what I accept and what I do not accept. Know what I Love and those things I abhor. Understand the nature of sin and do not compromise with it. Remember, My Belovéds, you cannot serve this World and Me. I am the Light of Eternal Life. Trust in Me, and I shall embrace you Most Lovingly.

Children, I call on you to pray fervently for this World. Man cannot continue sinning with unrepentant Hearts. The sins of Man are terrible, and you must cease sinning so freely. Bring your Hearts to Me, and I will forgive. I forgive the penitent and contrite Heart. I Love every Child I have created. I do not destroy that which I Love, and I Love My Creations, My Belovéd Children.

Trust in Me, My Children. Give your Hearts over to Me completely, for Time is short and the whole of Heaven cannot bear to witness the calibre of Man’s sins. The whole of Heaven calls for justice, yet I have stayed My Hand by your prayers and by the gentle intercessions of the Most Beauteous and Beatific Queen of Peace and the Mother of God. Still, Heaven calls for justice. My Angels call for justice as they are appalled by the wounds you continue to inflict upon the Christ Jesus.

Pray, My Belovéds, and remain close to Me. Do not stray and do not be duped by the lies of darkness or the words of sophists who crave you to sin. Believe in My Love and Mercy alone, and I shall sustain you and all those you Love as a Loving gif for your consistent attention and Love of the Christ Jesus.

Amen, My Children, and I say to you, endure this World with My Peace and Love on your lips and the Christ Jesus in your eyes. Peace, My Belovéds. Peace.