Choose to Pursue Love or Death

By Linda Noskewicz

January 11, 2019

Adoration 3:26 – 4:00 pm (34m)

Father, I know confusion is not of You, and I trust You. It's myself who I don’t trust. (It is difficult for me to share certain aspects of messages, particularly the time references "in the spring." Please pray for discernment regarding this and the nature of the tribulations.)

Belovéd Child, you doubt Me so. Have I not told you your worth to Me? Have I not singled out your Heart as one so precious to Me, your being is not only necessary but desired.  Child, do not be disobedient. You chastise yourself and do not look to Me for comfort.

Father, that’s not true.

I long for your attention, every moment of each day. To do less breaks My Heart. I long for you and your constancy as My Loving Attention is always upon you. This sinful World places itself between us, and you so easily take its side.

Oh, Child, how will you endure what is difficult when you are so weak? Leave the noise of this World to itself and hear Me. You are blessed, and you are My Lovely Handmaid. You have come to Me for Mercy and Love, and I am made glad by this.
Child, do not doubt and do not give way to wariness. Confusion and fear are not of Me. What shall I do to prove your worth to Me? Belovéd One, hear Me. I am the Lord God and I have made all things, and all that I made and all that I make and that I will make are good and Belovéd to Me.

Belovéd Children, you do not know how betrayed I am by so many of My Belovéd Children. So many denigrate My Name and disobey My Laws which were set forth for this World that your Souls would be safe and clean of the World’s teachings about sin. Children, they are not burdensome, My Laws, but there is excessive avarice, envy, hatred, death, and thieves whose Hearts are dulled by the sin.

Oh, Children, do you know My Heartbreak for My Intense Love of you? I am your Holy and Almighty, Eternal Parent, and like a parent, I grieve when My Child turns against Me. I do all that I must to bring you back to your Loving home. What must I do when you turn your face away from Me, even in the midst of My Immense Love? I am Love and you cannot live without Love. You were made by Love with Love and for Love.
Yet, in the darknesses that have overcome so many in this World, your sins grow worse. You have become sophists, antagonists, and murderers. Children, you have created a World of Death, and you are made for Eternal Light. My Children, just as a parent does, I chastise My Belovéd Children, so they realize the errors they have made and correct the iniquities I see in Man. I want all Children with Me, so I shall, like an ever-Loving parent, do everything for you to come Home.

Belovéd Children, many are dangerously close to being consumed by darknesses and this only leads to detriment and hell, an eternal punishment you should dread. Were you to know one drop of its fury and hatred, you would flail in fear and understand My Insistent Love and protection of your Souls.

Oh, Children, what must I do? I am Merciful and Loving but just and cold. When you approach Me with Love and a repentant Heart, I cover you in My Graces and forgiveness. Mercy softens the judgement you face. Without My Mercy, judgement will be cold, just, and sudden.

Thus, I say, those who accept iniquity so readily, those who spurn the Love of My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, and those who repeatedly and without remorse continue to break each of My Laws, the most serious or the gravest being your intense lack of Love for Me and your utter denial of the Christs Jesus and the Spirit that is of One God, shall perish.

I am not an intrusive Father. Each Child must seek their Hearts or explore within their Hearts and decide to pursue Love or Death. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot hate your brothers without hating Me. You cannot know Love if you turn your Hearts away from  Me.

Children, I want nothing else but your full Love. Love does not hold its Belovéd hostage, nor does Love bring its Belovéd to evil and darknesses. Children, why do you run from Me so readily when I AM Love?

Belovéds, your mistakes will be made clear soon. In the spring, you shall understand the nature and ramifications of your sins. Do not look to your brothers to point at the gravity of their sins. Look into your own Souls and Hearts and come quickly to Me for My Love and Mercy. 

Children, do not grow complacent simply because life goes unfettered. Do not be fooled by the silence, for what comes shall be startling, long, and difficult. What was one second will feel like a lifetime to you. Your pain in understanding your sins will be astonishing. You will know how sin affects My Loving Heart. Thus, I say with great fervency, come to Me. Come and know the peace and joy of My Mercy and Great Love.
Belovéds, I grant you My Peace. Pay attention or heed My Words. This generation is a time of death and horrible sin. You are meant for Life. When you turn to death, there is no Light. When you deny Mercy and cast aspersions on Love, it is to your very (sad)  detriment.

Children, oh Prayerful Ones, continue to pray constantly and without ceasing. It is by your Loving Prayers that you are made strong. I am within your Hearts always and I call out to each of you with My Love. Thank you for your prayers, My Belovéd Ones. Pray and you shall know fortitude, constancy, and discernment. Pray, and I give you My Peace. Peace, Children, peace.


[Please take advantage of His Gift of Divine Mercy - the weekend after Easter. It is such an amazing, and necessary, blessing.]