Ask for My love and compassion

By Linda Noskewicz

June 11, 2019

Adoration 1:54 – 2:25 pm (29m)
Contemplate, My Children, the nature and Divinity of My Belovéd Son’s Passion. Grasp the enormity of this gift of Love. Do not take My Great Mercy for granted. I am your Loving and Most Holy Father. Do not turn Me and My Love away. I am Love.

Contemplate on My Nature. Children, Love does not abandon, nor does it lie. Love is unconditional and BIG. My Love for you does not wane but grows more intense like a fire grows larger and larger in the hearth. Belovéd Children, more of you must spend time adoring My Most Belovéd and Beatific Son, the Christ Jesus. He has Redeemed you by death and now is treated so harshly by many.

Contemplate, My Children, on the reality of this harsh inattentiveness. Know that this wounds the Heart of the Lamb and the wounds in His Heart are a pain unlike you will ever know. Thus, pray and adore the Christ Jesus.

Belovéd Children, you are forever in My View. My gaze is ever upon you and you are My Belovéd Delights. My Love for each of you is marvelous and unending. Know, those of you who believe you are unworthy of Love and who fear rejection, that I Love you individually, and you are most precious to Me, even in your sinfulness, and your Lord God and Father never rejects you. Trust in Me and bring your Heart to Me with joy and anticipation and repentance. Ask for My Love and Compassion, and they are yours. I will not turn you away or reject you as this World so often does. I embrace you and absolve you of your sins! I am the Truth. I am full Love. I am and have always been and will always be. In your precious smallness, you cannot conceive of My Glory, but know and trust in My Love for you.

[The preceding paragraph was for someone specifically to read and be comforted]
Children, you must be so much more prayerful. Your prayers are powerful calls to Heaven, and it is by your earnest and Loving prayers that Souls in darkness are saved. Your Souls mitigate what comes and stay My Hand often. Your prayers are like music in Heaven, and I hear and answer each according to My Will, which is good.

I am a Merciful God and Loving Father. All that I do and all that I allow or disallow is in an effort to turn you to Me and the Light of Love and Mercy. My Will for you is founded upon My Great Love of each of you. Invite Me into your Hearts, and I will show you the joy of knowing the one true God.

Gently, My Children. Treat your brothers gently, with gracious and humble Hearts. It is your Nature to fight these things, but as you grow in your Love and faith in Me, you shall see the Love behind graciousness and the joy of true humility for your Love of the Christ Jesus.

Contemplate, My Children, the nature of Man’s treatment of My Belovéd Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray and contemplate again and again His Redeeming Passion. My Belovéd Son was trod upon, beaten, thrown obscenities, spat upon, and found guilty of what is true. He is My Belovéd Son and in His Glorious Divinity suffered the wounds of the Cross. How hatefully He was treated despite His Love of Mankind. My Belovéd Son was placed upon the towering Cross with nails that kept Him aloft. Thus, I say My Children, you do not suffer alone. If you have  suffered much, you have done so by (beside) My Belovéd Son.

The Servant can be no better than his master, it is said. Were you always to be treated with great adoration and adulation, would this not elevate you above the Christ Jesus? Would this be righteous and good in My Eyes? No, you cannot expect more than what was given to My Son. Endure what Crosses you must carry, and do so with gracious and humble Hearts. I take great joy in your smallness, and those who live with humility and trusting, humble lives are elevated within My Heart.

Do not aspire to garner the trappings of this materialistic World. These things are unworthy of your notice. If you know Me and adore My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus who saves, these temporal things will hold no value to you. You shall see the Glory and value and essentialness of My Love. You will see the necessity of Living in My Will and know the true value of your Precious Souls.

My Belovéd Children, come closer to Me. Invite Me into your Hearts and I fuse My Own to yours. Be prayerful and trust in your Lord God that I hear and answer every prayer. Pray for My Belovéd Servants who are in need of Spiritual guidance.

Pray for those who murder, particularly the treasures of My Little Flowers. Those who murder My Children are surely cast into hell if they do not see the evil of their actions. You must pray for their redemption. I hear all prayers and touch all Hearts.
Belovéd Children, do not forget to contemplate with serious and attentive Hearts the Passion of the Christ Jesus. His Wounds are your Saving Grace. His Death is your Life. His Love is your Redemption. Live your life in a way that is pleasing to your Lord God and know that I am ever with you. Peace, My Children. Peace.