Fuse your heart to mine

By Linda Noskewicz

March 4, 2019

Monday, March 4, 2019 Adoration
5:27 pm – 6:15 Adoration

Belovéd Children, where are your Hearts? You are My Belovéds and your Love was meant to be Mine. Your Love was meant to be ongoing and close to My Own.
Children, you must not stray. Please, Belovéds, so many of My Children have left Me for what is cheap and temporary. My Heart breaks for you, My Belovéds. How must I call out to you to bring you to the Light of My GREAT LOVE for you.

Children, it is essential that you pray constantly and learn to discern those things that are not of Me. It is Time to see that distractions are a trick to keep you from Me. All the things of this World that keep you from prayer and your Adoration of the Christ Jesus, My Beatific and Beauteous Son, all these are done on purpose. Learn to be deaf to the noise of this World and learn to pray with all your attention. Be at peace as you pray to Me, and I shall speak to your Hearts.

Children, so many times I have called out to you, and I only hear the silence of the deaf. Children, you must be closer to Me. Already My Name is disappearing through the constant vilification of My Loyal Ones. Do not succumb to the ostracism that seeks to keep you silent. Share My Love openly and encourage your Brothers to seek Me out for My Love and Mercy.

Children, attend Adoration and pray before My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. Pray that His Crucifixion becomes foremost in your Hearts. His Love is all that you need in this World. Learn to trust fully in your Lord God, for My Love surpasses any that might Love you on earth. My Love for you makes Me constant in My Attention of you. I open My Arms to you and give to you My Love and Mercy most willingly. My forgiveness requires no condition but repentance and Love.

Children, there is not one person who Loves you more or better than I. 
Children, know this to be true. You cannot withstand the difficulties of this World without Loving and trusting in Me fully. I lighten your burdens and bring peace to your troubled Hearts. Children, I have always Loved you and will always Love you. All that is of this World is transitory. My Love for you is permanent, and it does not waver.

Belovéd Children, relish My Love. Be joyful in your knowledge of it. Be the Lights of Mine that the World so needs. You are My crown jewels and I wish you to shine with the wonder of My Love and Mercy.

Children, I am not a God of chaos or fear. I do not or never seek to frighten My Belovéd Children. I am your Loving and gentle Father, and like a good father, I dote on you. I watch you proudly, and I watch each of you with great anxiety.
Your Souls, My Children, are fragile, very fragile things, and sins disintegrate itor desecrate them like this World seeks to desecrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Christ Jesus, your Redeemer and Lord.

Children, it is with great joy that I hear your prayers. Extend your prayers to the rest of the World that those who are in desperate need of My Mercy are touched. Your prayers save so many, My Belovéds. Know this to be true. Your constant prayers are a salve to the wounds suffered by My Son’s Sacred Heart. Your prayers are songs in Heaven. Do not stop, but accompany Me in each day by constant prayer.

Belovéd Children, soon, very soon, the Holy Eucharist will be unobtainable. That which is left is not of My Son’s body and blood. Thus, pray, My Children, and do not be fooled by false or incorrect consecrations. There will be many.

Children, trust in My Love for you and in the joy I take in your prayer. When you pray, My Heart swells with delight. When you pray, I will answer. I will change the course of rivers by your ardent prayers and mitigate the damages of natural disasters. Believe and pray and your Good Lord and Father protects you from destruction. I do this for your Love of Me. It is a gift for your constancy in faith.

Children, I am here with you always. Throughout your days, I accompany you through day and through night. I desire the notice of each and every Child.
My Children must turn their faces towards Me, the Lord God and Almighty Father. I am here, always waiting for your notice. My Heart is breaking from this World’s utter lack of attention of Me. Children, say My Name and articulate the blessings of My Love and Mercy. These are offered to the whole World and few see the joy and necessity in acknowledging their sins. Belovéd Children, you must not stray in these Times that are filled with destruction, chaos, and death. Your very Souls depend upon your devotion to your Lord God. Embrace My Love and hold tightly to My constant promise of Mercy. It is renewed for you each day and you need only confess and bring to Me a repentant Heart.

I take great joy in a sinner with a sorrow-filled Heart and readily embrace you. My Love and Mercy are yours. Thus, I say, trust in Me entirely, and I do not fail you.

Belovéd Children, be My Sheep and trust in your Holy Shepherd. Know My Voice, so that when I call out, you recognize My Call and come immediately to your Master. When I call out, I call out gently so as not to scare My Flock with suddenness or shock. I call to you, because you are My Greatest desires, and I wish to have you always with Me for Eternal Life.

Children, there are many in this World right now who actively engage with the enemy of Man. You must not allow yourselves to be tricked by the fallen one’s deception. This too is a reason to pray. Fuse your Heart to Mine, and the Holy Spirit will descend upon you to show or reveal when there are lies or liars in your midst. Do not be afraid, but listen closely to the judgement [direction] of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit will alert you when danger is near. Do not judge whether there are deceptions before you with the measurements of this World, for theywill fail you. You do not know how to discern such powerful and deceptive forces yet. The Holy Spirit will guide you like a bright lantern that shines inside a cavern of darkness. Keep this light burning and the Spirit will give to you discernment as you learn and understand the signor what or how to identify the signs of the deceiver. 

Do not allow your pride to overcome you in any way. If you do, you shall fail and discernment will be taken away.

Pray, My Children, for you live in merciless times, and this World is filled with the evils of sin and an atmosphere or environment or you are surrounded by death. [Especially abortion.] Avoid sin. Do not compromise with it. Learn to deny yourself of those things that lead you to sin. Be stronger than you ever have by prayer, constant reconciliation, devotion to the Eucharist that is Christ, and adoration of Him. These things help your Soul grow stronger, not in Worldly ways, but in ways of the Spirit, which are more crucial to you than what is orthings of this World.

Children, do not worry or guess at My Plans. Your prayers mitigate the severity of the future difficulties. That is not to say that every one of My Belovéd Children will be spared Worldly pains. Many of My Brightest Lights will be martyred for their vocal devotion to the Christ Jesus. Others will face great challenges and other difficulties. Do not lose hope, but offer your tragedies and pain in reparation for the grave sins of this World. Exalt in these difficulties, for  the rewards you receive from Me are unfathomable. Be faithful in your Love of Me, Children, and My Gentle Hand will always be upon your own 
or on your shoulder, bringing you peace and contentment, regardless of what you face. Thus, I say, do not be afraid of what comes. Be trustful and Loving of Me. Belovéd Children, I have said prepare and always with great urgency. When you are prepared for the storm, you are not taken by surprise but ready to endure its gales with firm and steady Hearts.

Peace, My Children. Peace.