I thirst for you...

By Linda Noskewicz

March 6, 2019

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 Adoration 1:49 pm – 2:26 pm

Be still, My Children, and pray devotedly to Me. I crave your Love and look to you with great Love and affection.

Dearest Children, come to Me. Your Time is finite and Eternity is not. Learn to live your lives with your Hearts completely entrusted to Me. My Heart wishes for all My Belovéds to spend Eternal Life with Me, your Father of Love. Do not concern yourselves with what is Worldly. My Treasures are far greater than those you desire in this (World). Do not doubt that My Love for you makes Me inclined to shower great gifts upon My Children. Know with the entirety of your Hearts that My Will for you is good and the treasures I prepare for you in Heaven shall make your Hearts resound with joy.

Belovéd Children, the Sacrifice of My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, must be at the forefronts of your minds, bodies, Hearts, and Souls. Every part of you must fall in Love with My Belovéd Son. It is His Great Love for you that redeems you.
This is a Time of Mercy, and I ask My Children to extent that Mercy to the brothers who have wronged you. This World lacks forgiving Hearts, and this pains (pangs) Me deeply. When you are forgiving, your Heart opens to increased Love and the joy of My Grace gives to you the capacity for more goodness or  good deeds. Children, take these graces, as they are a simple and small token of My GREAT LOVE for you.

Imagine that as My Graces are large gifts to My Belovéd Children, then what greater gifts and graces will you have in the Kingdom of God. Thus, I say, Children, do not desire or wish for glory and riches in this life. Do not feel disappointed or rejected for not receiving those things you crave, for you shall receive so much more from Me (in) the Sweetness of Eternal Life. There is no such treasure on earth that can meet the treasures I give to you. Why weep over paltry things when you should anticipate with Great Hope and joy those things, (those) blessings, that await you?

Children, trust in My Love for you. I am a gentle and affectionate Father, and a God of Peace and wisdom. Trust in My Will for you. Do not be stubborn, My Children, or have angst to let Me guide you. I give My Children good gifts and all that I allow, be it a tribulation or a joy is meant to bring you closer to Me. Thus, rejoice in both your joys and tribulations, for both are gifts.

Children, it is particularly important to rejoice in your sufferings. Let your Hearts be Mine. Place them in My Loving Care and I give to you the strength and patience to endure what you face. It is better to suffer here in this time on earth than to be purified in the next, My Children. So I say, do not complain or feel forgotten by your Lord God when difficulties arise, but come to your Loving Father for aid, restitution, and strength.

Be prayerful, My Children, and you shall find your Hearts immersed in Peace. I am a God of Love and Mercy, and My Love and enduring Mercy bring your Hearts calmness or a stillness that allows you to hear My Words of comfort and Love. Trust in Me, My Children. I am your Heavenly Father, and like a Father, I look over you with great joy and pride when you are obedient and Loving.

Children, I ask for your obedience, especially now when the World has lost its way. It is important to keep My Laws, because they save you from Eternal damnation. They are the road to peace. When you do not remain obedient, you lay your own paths to perdition.

Children, as much as I Love you so VERY GREATLY, I am not an intrusive Father and wait for you to bring your Hearts to Me freely. Thus, every choice is yours to make, whether you obey your Loving Father or disobey and grow mesmerized by what is temporal and false. My Entire Heart longs for each of you. I do not want to lose even one precious Soul/Child to the terrors or darkness of perdition.

Children, reciprocate the great Love of your Father. I thirst for you, even as My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus thirsted upon His Cross. Quench the thirst of your Loving Father with prayer and Loving attentiveness. I shall embrace My Attentive Children with Great Love. Children, avoid complacency. It is easy for My Children to pay attention to their Worldly concerns. If you would but place all of your faith and trust in your Lord God, your Hearts would always be at peace with the confidence that you Holy and Loving Father protects and provides for you. There is no need for concern and your brows no longer frown and your Hearts are joyful regardless of what you endure. You know no sorrows that can engulf your Spirit in darkness.

Children, come to Me. Yes, this Time of Mercy ends, and too many of My Belovéd Children have yet to seek My Love and Mercy. This shatters My Heart, as that gift was given with GREAT LOVE. That it is rejected or ignored or disbelieved by so many Children disappoints My Sacred Heart while piercing Me with pain. 

Children, come to Me. Come to Me, and I embrace you like a lost Child joyfully found. Bring relief and joy to your Loving Father. Bring peace to My Aching Heart and return to the One who Loves you better than anything you can ever know.

Belovéds, pray. Your prayers are salves on the wounds of Christ’s Heart. He is I and I am Him and where He suffers, so the Father suffers.

I am a Loving and Just God. My Divinity is a mystery, because you are so very small and so Loved in your smallness. Be like children in your trust in Me. Be My Belovéd and obedient Children. Know I am ever with you, longing for your call, your attention, and your Love. 

Peace, My Children. Peace.