Justice, My Children, Is Also a Blessing

By Linda Noskewicz

May 8 and May 13, 2019

Monday, May 13, 2019 Adoration 3:23 pm – 4 pm

Belovéd Children, you are precious to Me and I long for relationships – deep and Loving relationships – with each of you. Harken to My Call, Dearest Children. Recognize My Voice, for it is one filled with Love and Compassion.

Children, I am the One True God. I reign in Heaven as One with My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, and with the Holy Spirit which descends upon those I wish to use as My Belovéd Servants. However, do not think I have not sent the Spirit to each of you, each for My Own Special tasks that you do often not knowing that you do. Such is the Love of your Father. He blesses each of you daily and minutely.

Justice, My Children, is also a blessing, because it returns My Wandering Children to the Bosom of My Love. Many, too many, have failed to hear My Calls. So many have taken themselves far away from Me, and this is not how it should be. You are made for Love, by Love, and with immense Love. Do not step away from the Heart of Love, as this is unnatural and terrible for your Souls.

Children, the distance you place between yourselves and Me is a wound in My Sacred Heart. I long for you and miss you at My Table. I am offering you the gift of Love and Mercy that you shall (have) Eternal Life with Me, yet so few hear. So few know Me. So few trust in My Will.

Mankind has spun away from what was natural, Loving, and righteous. All that is meant to be is covered under a cloak of darkness, so that My Children are fooled. 
Do you not see today how white is concealed by blackness and made to seem wrong? Do you see how darkness has cloaked itself in white that it may spread freely and unfettered throughout this World to bring Mankind to great sin?

Children, so many of My Children have become confused and no longer see the joy of My Love. They no longer hear My Loving Calls and instead are deluded by the calls of the temporal and the promises, the false promises of what this World cherishes.
Children, you cannot serve two masters. You must choose between this World of materialism and heathenism and your Lord God and Father who neither lies nor abandons any of you. Choose now, My Children, and learn to know in the very depths of your Hearts what I accept and what I do not accept. Know what pleases Me and place your Hearts in My possession. Do not give your Hearts and trust to this World whichdoes abandon you and lies.

Belovéd Children, trust in Me like a child trusts in his parent. I will provide for you all that you require. Even if you were destitute and lost in a desert by yourself, by your trust in Me, you would merely need to say My Name and I shall give you sustenance. You would not die but live.

Children, live with Me in Eternal Life. Choose Love. Take advantage of the expansive Mercy I offer to you. Know that the Christ Jesus, My Most Belovéd Son adores each of you and wants nothing more than to have your Love and attention. His Heart is a gentle One and His Love for you affectionate and jealous. How can your Lord God share you with this World that offers little but darkness? Give your Hearts to your Lord God who Loves you without condition.

Children, the apostasy in this World is so great that the whole of Heaven shudders and My Angels call or cry out for justice. I have whispered to you many times and you have not heard. When you have heard My Words, you have dismissed them and chosen to negate the suffering and sacrifice of the Christ Jesus. Now I shall call this World with the sound of thunder and the crash of lightning. Now shall this World hear My Voice in its glory. Now Man shall hear the Lord God and know that My Laws are not mocked.
Your Lord God corrects Mankind, not in vengeance or for punishment but for great Love of Man. You cannot have Eternal Life if you do not know and adore and Love the Christ Jesus. All that I do is for Love of Man. Thus, I say, glorify My Name and bring your Hearts to Me.

Children, you are My Belovéd Treasures. I long for your Love and want each of you with Me.

Belovéds, as you know Me by your constant prayers, never compromise with the sins of this World. In order to remain within My Graces, you must Love Me and trust in Me and turn your heads away from sin. Do not be lukewarm in your Love for Me. Be passionate in your Love and worship of Me, your Lord God. Let the fire of My Love rage within your Heart. Do not be lukewarm in your worship of Me but sing My Praises constantly. Let your Brothers hear the song of Love that comes from your mouths. Speak of My Love and Mercy to those who do not know Me. Lead others to Me. When you bring even one Soul to Me, the whole of Heaven celebrates with wonder and GREAT joy.

Children, a time comes when you shall be tested. Thus, be strong in your faith through constant prayer. Forgive. Let anger and hatred go from your Hearts and know the peace of forgiveness. It rankles the Heart and, like sin, draws you away from Me when you do not forgive. Children, Love. Show your Love of  Mankind by your words and actions. Be of meek disposition and serve your Brothers with Love and humility. Attend to the Christ Jesus and worship in Adoration. Blessings are poured out upon you when you pray before the Sacrament, My Belovéd Son and your Savior, the Christ Jesus.

In these things you will be drawn closer to Me still, and I shall give you fortitude, constancy, and discernment. When you are faithful to Me, I guide you through all that is difficult. You shall face Men with joy and the peace I give to those who Love Me. Persecution shall be like Love to you. You shall feel only forgiveness and Love for those who persecute you in My Name. You shall not feel the detriments of the World’s chastisement, because your Hearts are so ensconced in My Own. Do these things, My Children, for the time is at hand. My Belovéd Children need a correction to bring them back to Me. Thus, I say, prepare yourselves and trust in your Lord God and Father whose will for you is filled with goodness and Love and perfection. Peace, My Children. Peace.

Saturday, May 11, 2019 Prior to Mass (~3:40 - 4 pm)
Gentle Children, your prayers move Me with Love. How can I resist the prayers of My Most Belovéd Children. I am ever with you and My Love for you is more expansive than the sky above your heads. Children, learn to Love Me like a child Loves their father, with absolute trust and faith in his will for them.

I am your Most Heavenly Father. Why would I celebrate in your pains or lead you to that which would bring you pain. A Father Loves His Children and looks over them attentively and with great care. My Children, you must know this. I am a good and Loving Father, but My rules are not mocked. You cannot expect to be rewarded for sin, just as a child is not rewarded for doing things that are wrong. The Father objects to this and brings His Belovéd Children back to the path of Righteousness with Love and action.
So it is with Man. I issue a correction for Man so you shall return to the plethora of My Love and Blessings. I do this so that you shall seek out My Mercy.

Children, you must not be wayward but trust in My Love for you.

Children, pain comes. A pain of the World, and your Love for Me must be bound with all the strength within your Hearts. Pray and lean on Me. I shall give you great graces and the fortitude to face that which you fear today. Do not doubt that My Love for you leads Me to do all things and everything for your notice and Love.

Pray, and allow My Love to give you solace and peace in the midst of chaos or noise. 
Children, you must be alert in that there are many who would lead you astray. Some will claim convenience. Others will place their eyes on what is temporal and let their lives and Souls be led in error. Still more shall be led astray for their lack of knowing Me. Their lukewarm Love will disallow them to understand truth and they shall be led by confusion.

Children, your prayers can mitigate and delay what comes, but it is now necessary to correct My Belovéd Children. Thus, heed My Words of Love, pray and know what I accept and what I do not accept. I shall guide and protect you, because you are My Precious and Belovéd Children. Trust in Me and know the peace I extend to your Hearts

Wednesday, May 8, 2019   1 pm
Although many things of this World change overtime, My Love does not. Thus I say to you, remain steadfast always. I give to you the GREAT Love of a Father for His Children.