I am a God of Light and Love

By Linda Noskewicz

April 11, 2020

5:07 pm – 5:46 pm

I never believed I'd see the day when Churches closed. This odd state of quarantine has brought out the best and worst in people, but mostly the best. Will we ever learn that You are so very present and so wanting of our attention, Father?
Children of My Tender Heart, I wish to express the extent of My Love and Mercy by opening My Saddened Heart to you. Children, so little time is left and yet so many of My Belovéd Children make folly of their Time. Children, you must be prepared. You must pray and keep yourselves so very close to Me. What will you do if you do not trust in My Will? My Will for My Belovéd Children is all Love and Mercy. I am Love, My Children, and I long for all Children to trust in Me and not live with gasping breaths for want of Love.

My Love for you is affectionate, Merciful, present, and enduring. My Heart is filled with sadness because My Children have been warned endlessly. Like your grandfathers of old, you do not believe in the coming storm, because you do not know Me. I have whispered to Mankind. Come to Me, Children, and find the enduring Love that gushes forth from My Saddened Heart. Children, I am loathed to lose even one Soul and horrified that I am losing so many in this age of Death and sin. A storm comes, My Children. It is a battle the likes you have never experienced. Thus, I say pray. Pray constantly and with the complete fullness of your Hearts. Leave the distractions of this Life that draw you away from Me and which cause you to sin with your eyes and ears and hands.

I am terrified for your Souls and assure My Children that My Heart, My Eternal Heart, is prepared to bring each sinner back into the Light of My Love and Forgiveness. Children, you need only call out to Me. I whispered, then I spoke loudly. You have not heard Me. You have dismissed the Loving admonitions of My Blessed Mother on so many occasions. The whole of Heaven stands stunned and dismayed. Children, there are consequences for sin, and you are beginning the payments now. Even as life seems to proceed on as normal, one day the skies above you shall light up and crack open to release the falling stars that will tumble onto the earth and cause great fires.
Children, you cannot undo what must now be done, but your Loving prayers stay My Hand. By your Loving prayers and constant attention, the storm is mitigated, shortened, or deigned to cause less damage. Be constant in your prayers, My Children. When the skies open up to reveal the Truth of all Souls, know that your prayers have given you the respite many shall want at these times.

Belovéd Children, I do not allow diseases to flourish, nor do I want the Heavens to rain fire upon the World. Yet, sin drives this World to its own demolition. Children of My Heart, whole cities will disappear as if under the foot of a giant. Cities will be flattened and the grounds around you will slip and shift if unique and new ways. You will see the son of perdition come to power, but only for a short while.

Prayerful Children, your faith in Me and your attention to Me is being tested now. You are unable to worship Me in My Church, and you are not able to obtain the countless blessings you receive by the Holiest of All Holies, the Christ Jesus in the Eucharist, and when you do not pray, the Soul withers for its want of Love and succor.

Children of My Heart, these are just the start of your labor pains. Your pain is mild now, but soon you shall endure the full force of the consequences of your sinning.

Children, beware of the sophists who will lead you astray. I am a God of Light and Love. I do not confuse, nor do I lead you to sin. I do not ignore My Children. Thus, I say when you are made confused or are given cause to sin, know that you are facing that which is not of Me. My Belovéds, you have exposed your Hearts to vile images and violence and the degradation of Souls. Man no longer believes in My Standards, and has decided to embrace sin for its brief pleasure.

Children, fire will tumble from the skies. You will see an unnatural moon and the sun will grow larger in your midst. Complete cities will be dashed away or destroyed by the shifting of lands. The World feels the results of your sins and begins to tremble and shift. Thus, land will roll into waters and towns will be consumed by mud. The irreligious shall be made to know the degree of their sins and what they have cost their Souls. More than fire and mud and earthquakes, more than the pain of loss shall be the Enlightenment of your Souls. Dear Children, the proud shall be struck down. The rich will be made poor. The vainglory will be ignored, and the sophists revealed as liars. Yet, with these revelations, still many of My Belovéd Children will doubt and disbelieve. Such is the depths of their sinning that they are blinded to any effort of Love and attention I draw forth. Again and again I have whispered in your ears for attention. I have called out to you in so many different ways and at so many different times, but you did (not) answer. You did not hear My Calls. Now My Voice shall boom and echo across this World, and My Children will take notice. I am the Lord God, your Holy and Mighty God. I am and have always and will be always. My World in Heaven is an Eternal one, one that is created for My Belovéd Children. Come to Me, Children, with repentant Hearts and with Love in your minds, and I shall embrace you wholeheartedly. Even as times grow more and more difficult, every Child who turns to Me in their difficulties with hopeful and longing Hearts will draw My Total Attention and I shall bring them into My Bosom which is all Love and Forgiveness. Many of those who are enlightened will turn to Me, their Lord God and Father, and they shall reap the benefits of alignment with My Will. Those who do not accept the Truth of My Light shall perish.

Pray, My Belovéds. I am a doting Father and I protect My Children with the affection and wary eye of a mother. Come to Me as Children. Trust in Me absolutely. Doing so will be absolutely necessary in the near future. People will grow sicker and animals will begin to die in large quantities and also from disease. Slowly, all that Man has placed his trust in will begin to crumble and give way to something degrading, and then My Children will begin to Pray.

Children, begin your prayers now. I do not ignore My Children who pray. Your prayers are the Songs of Heaven, and I answer each one according to My Loving Will.

Children, pray! Pray for Souls and for My Servants and for the Children who are murdered in their mothers’ wombs. Pray, and trust in My Love and Will for you. Trust and believe, My Children, and I give to you My Peace