Be Vigilant & Wary of Spohists

By Linda Noskewicz

August 20, 2020

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~3:20 – 3:58 pm

I asked Him, “Do You call me, Jesus? Do You want me still to do Your work? Do You still want me?”

And His voice said to me, “Of course, My Child. Of course.

Belovéd Children, you must not stop. You must not stop in your prayers to Me. You must not stop praying for intercession after intercession. You must be strong in your Love and faith in Me and ever vigilant. When things seem quietest, struggle comes to shock you. When chaos comes, it is great. Thus, you are in the midst of chaos. A chaos made or created by Men. Do not allow your Hearts to succumb to this chaos. Turn to Me in all that you do, Belovéd Children, and I shall not abandon you. I shall be ever at your side, giving you My Strength, and My Constancy, and My Love. You shall (know) the purity of My Love as it shall swell your Hearts and bring you peace.
My Peace is not the peace of this World. It is a peace of steadfastness, of surety, of confidence in My Hand and nature, and of My Love for you. This peace I give to you does not forego what tragedies this World shall face. My Peace gives you all that you need to stay constant to Me and faithful in your Love, and discerning as if to see through My Eyes. Oh, My Belovéd Children, do not give way to complacency. Be vigilant, My Loves!

Each day grows colder and more bitter, and each night beckons the Storm closer. Do not fear, My Belovéds, but rely in the Heart of the Christ Jesus, My Most Belovéd Son, whose arms reach out to you and give you shelter and sustenance.

Do not fear what comes, but remain confident in My Will for you. Know that I am with you in your sadness and in your Most Difficult Trials. I stand before you always that you may follow Me and know Grace.

Belovéd Children of My Heart, make haste! Do not disbelieve that this storm is now upon this World, its very edges stirring the winds of chaos. Oh, My Belovéd Children, watch and open your eyes and be delivered from what is evil by the discernment I give to the prayerful. Pray, My Children. Do not cease in your prayers, for it is through constant prayer that you learn Me and I speak to you. Indeed, I speak to each of My Children in the ways each of you will best hear. Listen for Me in the gentle recesses of your Hearts. Hear Me and speak My Name with Love on your lips. I am ever with you and I am delighted and charmed by your prayers of praise.

Little Children, if you only knew how precious you are to Me, your Lord God and Father. There is no other like you in the universe of skies. You are My unique and precious Little Ones who I have made for Love, from Love, and with great Love. Trust in that, My Lonely Children. Trust and know that even while in the dregs of darkness, you are precious. Call out to Me and I lift you from your despair and bring you like a newborn into the Light of Love.
Children of My Heart, be vigilant! There is much in this World to be wary of. Those who do not Love the Son of Man are but vinegar to your Souls. Thus, I say, do not keep company with those who will not know Me and/or who shun My Love for them.

Children, be wary of the sophists who would lead you so far away from My Loving Will for you. They are ever working towards fooling the Souls of My Belovéds, but you must not be fooled. Know Me. Know the Word. Know Scripture. Pray! Partake of the Holiest of Holies, for soon it shall be lost to this World. In your prayers and through the GREAT blessing you receive through My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus who is the Holiest of All Holies, you shall know what is black and what is white. You shall discern that which simply hides in whiteness, but which is duly black. Your ears shall recognize the lies of sophists and you will turn away from their words.

My Dearest Children, My Heart longs for you and for you to understand the nature of evil. It is falsehood and the eternal liar. He is a profoundly cunning evil, and if you stray from Me and My Love, so shall He leap to prey upon you like a wolf preys upon the hare.

Children, know Me. Know what I accept and do not accept. Do not compromise with sin. Within the Hearts of every Child, I have placed the knowledge and recognition of evil. So have I given to each of you free will. When you fall into the wickedness of evil, your Hearts and Souls shudder because of that knowledge. Your Hearts are meant to recognize that which is wicked that you may be protected as you escape from its darknesses.
However, My Children, this World has warped and raped the Hearts of My Belovéd Children so much so that some no longer recognize wickedness and evil when it stands naked before them.

This is a cause of My Weeping. The sins committed through this lack of knowledge grow worse and worse, more perverted by Men who have assigned their Hearts to evil so readily.

Children, let Me, your Loving doting Father, nurture your Hearts and Souls with My Love. Let Me hold you safely in My Loving Arms that you will have succor and rest. I shall keep you from becoming prey to that which is evil. You need only be faithful to Love and Compassion. You need to be ever faithful to My Belovéd Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. This World cannot give to you even a modicum of His Gifts for you. If you believe the riches and recognitions of this World are priceless gifts – things without which you cannot live? You are woefully wrong, and your sorrows shall be great.  What your Lord God offers to each of you is like a gold treasure. It is a feast, a celebration, a Love so large, it cannot be described adequately (His is a BIG thing, His gift).

Papa, what about Your Servants, like the bishops and Cardinal Dolan and Fr. Frank?

Pray for My Belovéd Servants. Pray for the least of them, for what is asked of them shall be great. Let them not fear, as constancy in My Love will make them Lions to their enemies. Pray for My Servants, especially those who have strayed from Me.

Papa, I just want to yell at them and make them see that they aren’t doing their jobs. That they’re in danger.

Belovéd Child, yes, rely on the Spirit who guides you rightly, and what shall your little voice do but bring ridicule upon your head unnecessarily. I will open doors when you are to defend Me. The Spirit will make you ready with profound words that shall touch Men and convince them of My Love and very being. Let the Spirit guide you and do not let your pride lead you. If you are upset by My Servants, pray! I am the doer of all things, and I hear your prayers. I alone can make your words strong and filled with the essence of My Love. I make your words BIG to Men when I am the cause, but not if you make yourself the cause.

Bewildered Children, do not fear death. What have you to fear when you Love Me and trust in My ready embrace?
Belovéd Children, pray, for so much more chaos comes. Rejoice in My Love and bring others to Me. Rejoice and be My Belovéd and Blesséd little warriors of Love.

Glorify My Name. Worship My Belovéd Son. Give Honor to the Queen of Heaven and the Mistress of Peace. Pray, My Children, and I grant you My Loving Peace. Amen, Children. Amen