Prayerful Ones, Your Work is so Very Important

By Linda Noskewicz

August 25, 2020

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God's Messages for Us

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 4:01 – 4:44 pm.

The 24 Hours of Your Passion are the hardest prayers I have ever done....
Belovéd Children of My Sacred Heart, I live in each of you, in your Hearts, and in your Souls. Seek Me out and I comfort the ailing Heart.

Children of Mine, I adore you as a good Father dotes upon His Children. Everything I do and allow is from My Great Love for you. I do not destroy what I Love and what I have created. Little Children, you continue to do that on your own. How badly you treat yourselves, all when you are made within My Beatific and Most Image. How do you treat such treasures so lowly?

Belovéd Children, I fulfill in you all that is wrought by Love. Stay with Me, keeping My Sacred Heart company as this World sins against Me. Your prayers sooth My Grief and your company comforts My Sorrows. Belovéd Children, your prayers of praise and adoration move My Tender Heart so deeply. You do not conceive of the Love I feel as you do. I pour Blessings upon you in reciprocity of your Love and you then provide Me reciprocity in your thanks for My Blessings and our Love for one another expands. Come to My Heart always. Your company is My Comfort. [That is another love bounce.]

Belovéd Children of My Divine Heart, pray, and I shall increase your strength to endure all that comes. Oh Children, it comes so quickly now. Know that the prayerful have mitigated in their prayers the very temperament of justice. All eyes shall be opened to Me.

Belovéds, Prayerful Ones, your work is so very important HUGE. Your prayers stay My Hand for another second, another minute, another hour. All time given over to sinners to grasp My Mercy. You are My Belovéd Children, and I hold you so Lovingly to My Heart.

Belovéd Children, do not fear. You will face difficult times, but as you are close to Me, all sufferings will bring joy to your Hearts for the knowledge that these pains are in reparation for sin and your willingness to endure suffering in My Name salves the stabbing wounds of the Thorns and the heated pains of My Hands and Feet. Children, your constancy and Love for Me bring Me so much joy and relief from My Sorrows.

What are your greatest sorrows, My Jesus?

Child of My Light, My Greatest sorrows are the lukewarm Hearts and the death, the most horrendous evil deaths of My Little Flowers. The earth shudders for all the blood spilt. The Angels in Heaven wail with sorrow and indignance. Oh, Child, I have shown you the pain of abortions and you have seen only one element or aspect of its punishment. Only a piece I have shown to you because the entirety of this sin, its detriments, and its punishments would shrivel your Soul. I do not give My Dear Child such terrible visions. ****

Belovéd Children of Israel, cease your worship of idols. You are consumed with riches, luxury, and power. This has made you gluttonous and perverted. You now believe that sin is not sin. Your eyes are darkened and blinded by your sins, so they grow greater still.

Children of Israel, My Chose Ones, because you have been so Blessed by your Lord God and Father, you will have very much to answer for. My Expectations for your devotion and Holiness are high. Consider your Hearts, My Children. Are you a devout and Holy worshipper or are you aligned with the salaciousness of this World?
Children of My Heart, you must face difficulties to purify your Souls and lead you to Me. I have no wish to permit what comes to tame your Hearts, but it is far more detrimental – indeed, it is [strongly] unacceptable for Me – to allow My Children to sin freely when I might get your attention and save your Souls. Thus, My Children, My Calls will be that of a Lion’s roar. You shall call out to Me in your fear and pain, and I shall reach out to you with Love and such relief in My Heart.

Turn to Me, Children. Turn to Me. My Light does not exhaust, and My Love is True. Throw off the chains of sin that bind you to evil. Throw off the chains of sin that lead your Souls into the fires of Hell.
There are so many of My Most Belovéd Children in peril of Hell. I do not wish to frighten you, My Children, but you must grasp that there are terrible, irreversible consequences for those who deny Me. I am a compassionate and Loving Father but a just judge as well. Come to Me for Mercy and Forgiveness and Love, and know the comfort of mitigation. Come to Me now, while the Time is here.

Children of My Sacred Heart, hear Me. Before long, the Most Holy Sacrament of the Divine Eucharist, the very Divine Body of My Son, the Christ Jesus, shall disappear from this World, only to be found by those prayerful and devout Souls. Take advantage and partake of the Eucharist daily. Gird your belts by His Strength, for My Christ Jesus gives you strength in your sufferings. He increases your faith and gives to you discernment, Love, and joy. Partake of the Holy Eucharist, my Children, for so very soon you shall thirst for My Son but not find Him.
Children, with each step, this World grows closer to its detriment. You mitigate it with your prayers, but this Loving correction must come and shall come. Open your eyes to it that you may not be fooled by those who lie and who drive your Souls into darkness.

Read Scripture and know what I accept and do not accept. Pray for My Belovéd Servants, for many shall face such hardships.

Know, My Children, that this correction of Man’s current path of apostasy and sin is necessary and done or allowed out of Love. Why shall I allow the evil one to consume the Souls of My Belovéds? I shout your names and call you to attention. You did not hear My Whispers, nor did you hear My Calls of Love. In order to obtain your attention, finally I resort to issuing forth a roar that more Children will turn to Me and wake from their stupefied rest in sin.

Children, the temporal is not important. It does nothing for your Souls. Consider your eternity. You live in a blink of your eyes in this World. How crucial is the role you play for your Eternity, but Eternity is ongoing. Choose Love and not hatred. Choose Light and not darkness. I bring you joy, Love, and good gifts in My Heavenly Kingdom.
Belovéd Child, My Messages are grave for a reason. The Church will not go untouched by the chaos that comes. The entire World shall be enveloped by that which (announces) the antiChrist. Go to My Most Belovéd Mother for protection and guidance. How she adores you, My Children! The days will be dark ones, but take Heart, for the outcome is the Glorification of My Name and fulfillment of My Glorious Father’s Will.
Peace, My Children. Peace.