Pray Constantly for My Servants

By Linda Noskewicz

September 4, 2020

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God's Messages for Us

1:50 – 2:36pm @ Adoration

Belovéd Children of My Sacred heart, the company you keep with Me in prayer, solitude, and Love are the salve to My Crucified Body. Your prayers wipe the blood from My Face as I suffer under the Cross. Your prayers Keep Me company upon the hill as I face death. Your prayers are what I request from you. Articulate all your Love for Me in these prayers. Be constant and undistracted. Be a child before Me, knowing that I listen with attentive ears and a consoled Heart.

Belovéd Children, I have explained to you the absolute necessity of your prayers. They make you strong and firm in your faith. They help you increase your trust in Me. They are the answers as you try to discern the complications this World places before you. Do not be afraid or confused when this World falls into chaos, but know with the entirety of your Hearts that I am with you, Loving you, holding your hands when you are scared, warming you with My Arms and embrace, that I sooth you of your worries.

Children of My Heart, do not succumb to the troubles, angers, or doubts that worry can place before you. When you are  with Me and devout, I am ever there, assuring you that My Divine Hand settles all things. Thus, I say to you, do not worry. Do not allow doubts or anger to overtake your Hearts. Anger leads to hatred and hatred is a type of death that makes your Souls suffer. Hatred of others saddens Me so. You are all made in My Divine Image; thus, when you hate your brother, you also hate Me. And this wound is so great and painful to Me. Love your brothers. Love Me.

Children of My Heart, know Me. Know what I accept and Love and what I abhor and do not accept. The sophists in this World would have blinded that you do not discern sin from goodness. It/they seek to draw you away from My Love and stifle your understanding and awareness of My Majesty. Do not succumb to the lies they tell so cunningly. You must pray. Their lies will fool so many of My Belovéd Children. It is by constant prayer that you will discern Light from Darkness, Truth from deception, and Love from hate. Children, the evil one, the king of lies is clever and motivated to close your eyes of My Love and deafen you to My Calls of Love. Pray. Pray, and I shall keep your eyes open and your ears attentive. I shall protect My Prayerful Ones and those for whom they pray (in) gratification for your Love and constancy.
Children, understand, however, that these times are filled with such deception, that even My Devout Servants can be led astray. Thus, you must pray for My Servants constantly. Pray for their perpetual protection, for their endurance and courage, and that they pursue with all their Hearts a Spiritual strength and Love.

Children, Belovéd Children, so many fall to Satan. With every lost Soul, the whole of Heaven cries. Do not allow One more Soul to be lost. Pray for your brothers, especially those who persist in deny My Great Love for them. Pray for those who know Me but whose Hearts are lukewarm in their Love. They visit Me but think of Worldly things when I long for their attention. They speak of My forgiveness and Love to others but do not offer forgiveness to their brothers and fall into hate in their unforgiveness. Children, the lukewarm have much to answer for. Their knowledge of My Love and Mercy are a very great (HUGE) blessing, and they dismiss Me as they might an inanimate object before them. Oh, Children of My Heart, do not be so faithless and inattentive. My Blessings are so great! Why do you not recognize the Love of such a benevolent and doting Father?

Children of My Sacred Heart, so many of you are unprepared to be tested. I have told you in so many different ways that you must not test Me. You must never doubt My Love for you. Yet, countless many reject Me openly. My Children revel in death and sin. This wounds Me so! And in My Great Love for each of you, I cannot let such deadly sins continue to increase. I am a Loving Father, and as such, I do not wish for any of My Belovéd Children to stray from Me. Those who stray are destined for Hell. When any child calls out to Me in Love and hope and repentance, their Souls are joyfully and readily saved by Me. Have faith in your prayers, dearest Mothers of this World. Do not fret and worry, for I too am a Loving Parent and do not wish to lose one child to death. I hear each of your prayers and answer them with the fullness of Love as your very own parent. Believe in Me and trust in My Love for you, Dear Mothers. I am charmed by the warmth and fervency of your prayers. Do  not stop or doubt, but trust always in Me.

Dear Fathers of My Church. Glorify her with your attentiveness and with clear devotion to My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. He is the Savior of this World and requires your full devotion as His Servants. You were called to worship and guide My Children to Love and worship Him. I see to many of My Belovéd Servants becoming lukewarm and seditious of My Laws. You must be true to My Laws, My Belovéds. Yours is a HUGELY important mission, because you are tasked to lead every one of My Precious and Belovéd Children. To lead any of them astray by your behavior or guidance will mean a harsh accountability. (Also) know this…that in your errors, I am always with you and Love you and will correct you and will absolutely, readily, Lovingly forgive you. Take hope in that knowledge that though you may err and fail again and again, My Mercy and Love do not fail you.

Belovéd Servants of My Heart, your lukewarm faith has rendered you faithless to My Holy Mysticism or Holiness. You forget My Great Divinity and treat the Holiest of all Holies as an unconsecrated bread. My Children watch and see your disregard and lack of belief in the sanctity of the Blesséd Eucharist, My Son, the Christ Jesus. Too many of My Servants fail to understand or believe the Holy and Divine Miracle that is My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, made flesh in the Holy Eucharist. You treat My Son irreverently and this is a great sin, My Children! You hold in your hands, the Holiest BIGGEST ineffable Divinity, but treat Him as you would a mere drink or a mere piece of bread.

Children of My Heart, pray constantly for My Servants, for many are holding false or wrong consecrations to the detriment of Souls.

Children, some of you will discern these false consecrations. Therefore, seek out My Belovéd Son elsewhere, with prayerfulness and with the most avid pleas for the discernment of the Holy Spirit. He will always guide you to Me. Be devout, prayerful, attentive, and Loving of the Holy Spirit. He is issued forth in Love and in Merciful forgiveness for Man. He opens Hearts and ears and eyes to My Glory.
Belovéd Children, I tell you much today with the Loving hope that you will hear with discerning ears and Love Me with the entirety of your beings. Glorify your Lord God perpetually and especially amongst others. Let your constant devotion be an overt sign of your Love for Me. The peace and Love and joy I instill in you will guide many to Me.

Children, you are My Joy. You are My Precious Treasures, and My Absolute Love of you – each of you – pours out upon you like an ocean of wonder and mystery. Revel in My Love, and look to Me always in all things.
Peace, My Belovéds. I give to you My Love and Peace