Wait. Wait.

By Linda Noskewicz

September 9, 2020

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God's Messages for Us

Message from Our Lord

Belovéd Children of My Sacred Heart, I long for you. I grieve because you do not hear My Calls of Love. I weep because I compete with what is temporal when I should be your greatest Love and interest.

Children of My Heart, do not leave Me or abandon Me to this World. I long to give you My Abundant and Loving blessings, but you do not come to Me. I am racked with grief from your inattention. Children, I am your Holy Lifeline.  I am the Truth and the Way. Do you think this World in all its sinfulness will guide you to Eternal Life with Me? Do you believe that by your own volition you will bring yourself into an Eternity of Love?

Oh, Belovéd Children, you cannot enter Heaven but through Me. Love Me and seek out My Great Mercy. Time is so short now, and I desire to touch the Hearts of all My Children before the doors to Heavenly Mercy close. Thereafter, My Children shall face the gaze of a cold and unyielding judge. My Children shall not enjoy the warmth and reassurance of a merciful Heart. Children! Do not make folly of your Time! Come to Me and rejoice in My Love for you, for it is more than you can comprehend.

Belovéd Children of My Sacred Heart, be kind to your Souls.  Be kind and respectful of your Souls, for you are made in My Image and are therefore PRECIOUS! Treat your Souls gently, carefully, as you would treat fine glass. Your Souls are breakable. Thus, treat them with dignity and Love. Turn your Souls to Me and I nourish you. [The degree of His feeling of Love and worry for our Souls is impossible to describe.]

Children of My Sacred Heart, what shall I do to make you see Me and know Me and feel Me? I am your Heavenly King, your Savior, and Eternal Love. Why do you not grasp My Love and hold it in your Heart with joy and thanksgiving?

Belovéd Children, come, now. You are at the rims of the storm, and time moves quicker. Prepare while there is Time to shutter the windows and gather your Family into place. What will you do when the storm comes in all its force if you have not prepared. Why do you not prepare after many, many warnings and calls? Do you think you will avoid this storm simply by closing your eyes to its presence? No, My Children, you must possess the Heart of a Lion when you face the storm with full knowledge that your preparations will keep you safe.

Belovéd Children, you are in the hands of the storm, even as you eat and play and work. You must place your focus on Me in all that occupies your days. If you see a small flower alone on a field, praise your Lord God and Father for its unique beauty. When you are inconvenienced, thank your Loving Father for the will to be patient. Children, always be present with your Lord God. Every call, every murmur, every small token of your attention to Me brings Me sighs of joy and relief. Thus, bring Me into your days always. I am the Truth and the Light. Know what I accept and what is truth. Know what I do not accept and those things that offend me so deeply as to hammer the nails to My Holy Feet and Hands again. Know what pangs My Heart and avoid causing Me these terrible pains.

Children of My Heart, I send My Angels to look over you daily, and they are filled with joy and sadness by what they witness. In their great Love of Me, they weep and wail to witness how this World sins against Me. They are shocked and appalled by the caliber and quantity of sins this World perpetuates against Me. And as they are ready to insist on My Justice, they witness the beauty of My Children’s Love of Me. They hear your prayers of Love and your Loving Worship of My Grace, and all at once they retreat with joy and forgiveness and say, “Wait. Wait.”

Belovéd Children, you are My Belovéd and Delightful Children. Yet many of you sin so grievously. Children, know that hell exists and once in the fires, you cannot return to the Light of Life. The tortures are perpetual. So you must not compromise with sin nor must you make excuses for it. The World will draw you to do both. To excuse sin is like walking into fire. You would not do this if the fire (were) before you. You would not compromise with it as if to enter a room of fire. You avoid the fire because you know it will wound and kill you. Such is sin. All sin will lead you to fire until you seek Me out for Mercy and forgiveness. Then, in My GREAT Love for you, I open My Arms and bring you happily into My Embrace.

But there are those who do not repent. Indeed, there are those who deny Me altogether. How this wounds My Holy Heart. How this makes Me shudder with pain. I desperately call out to My Disbelieving Children with the eternal and Loving hope that they shall respond. My Glory and delight are made larger or are exacerbated (intensified) by the constant prayers of My Children. When you keep Me company, I desire to feed you My Holiest Gifts with anticipation and joy.

Thus, be attentive to Me always.

Children, I am your Merciful Lord and Eternal God. Whoever shall Love and worship My Belovéd and Most Divine Son, the Christ Jesus, I shall reciprocate with Love. Whoever My Son forgives, so do I forgive. When My Belovéd Son is wounded, I too feel the stab of thorns and the sting of the nails. We are One with the Spirit and what One experiences, the other heeds.

Belovéd Children, what shall I say to you to make you believe with the entirety of your Hearts and Souls and Minds and Being that I AM and do see you and gaze upon you with Loving and ‘worry-filled’ eyes.

Prepare, My Loves. Stay close to your gentle and Loving Lord. Pray and know your Christ Jesus sits beside you, holding your hands, and reassuring you with His Loving Peace. Children, pray. Pray always in preparation for the storm, and as you pray, do so also with My Servants, My Most Belovéd Servants in mind. So many are in jeopardy because they are lukewarm or even despising of their work for Me. Children, pray for their Souls, for they are so precious to Me and the bitterness I feel when they are unholy or undevout (within their) hearts is immense.
Pray, My Children. Pray and repair for the great sins of Man, for there is much to atone for. Praise Me in your prayers and sooth My Wounds. My Children, your prayers are so powerful. Trust that this is true. If you had the complete trust in your Lord God and Holy King, you would move rivers in My Name. If your faith in Me was unshakeable, you could bring the dead back to life as My Belovéd Lazarus woke from death.

Children, such is the calibre of Love and faith I hope to find in the Hearts of My Children. Prayer brings you closer to Me to fulfill this desire of Mine. Continue to pray ardently and know that My Holy and affectionate Gaze is always upon you. Peace, My Children.