Children of My Precious Blood

By Linda Noskewicz

January 25 and February 3, 2021

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God's Messages for Us

Monday, January 25, 2021 4:06 – 4:49

Belovéd Children of My Sacred Heart, do not envy those with much grandeur and wealth. Do not envy them, as when they must do without, how much more will they suffer? Be small, My Children, humble, and prayerful. The humble of Heart please Me so deeply.

Children of My Sacred Blood, I ache for Mankind. Your Love for this World grows to obscene lengths while your Love for your Divine Jesus wanes. How do you choose the filth and foulness of this World over the peace and serenity of My Love and Mercy?

Children, you have not time to play folly. You must return to Me now, for where will you go, and to whom will you look when darkness takes Light from you and you (cannot) bear it? To whom will you turn in your darkest hours if you do not know Me, your Loving Lord and King of Heaven and Earth? Who gazes upon you with such enduring Love but Me? Trust in Love, My Children, so that when darkness comes, you shall have great Light to show you the way.

Belovéd Children of My Bleeding Wounds, I am astounded and devastated by the calibre of you sins. Your thoughts have become words and your words action and all of which do evil. You see the murder of My Little Flowers, and My misguided Children defend this death of the innocent! I am confounded by this and disgusted by the movement of this World towards death. You no longer crave My Light.

Belovéd Children of My Heart, you cannot serve two masters. Just as darkness cannot hold Light. Just as Love cannot contain hate. To do so is to cut yourself in half. You cannot divide yourself and survive. You must be with Me, My Children. I am for you as you are for Me. I am your Lord God and I desire to have each of your precious Souls about Me.

Belovéd Children, the punishments for sins are real. So many of you indulge in great sin, because you do not believe in Me or the consequences of breaking My Heart. When you sin, a thorn pierces My Forehead, and a nail is driven into My Hands and Feet. Were you to witness My Agony, only the coldest of Hearts would not regret their actions.

I call out to each of you, and especially those who are lukewarm in their Love for Me. I call out to the lost, the angry, and the doubtful. Who can save you thus, when darkness comes, and you are thrown into turmoil?
Repent, My Children. I am Love and Love is merciful. I forgive , My Belovéds, but you must come to Me.
Children of My Sacred Heart, know within your Hearts what I accept and do not accept. You shall be tested. Your faith will be tested, and unless you are grounded in My Love and Divine Will, you shall suffer greatly. There will be sophists whose clever words will seek to mislead, and many will be fooled.

Prepare, My Belovéds, by having a most intimate relationship with Your Lord Jesus Christ.
It comes on a wave of fear and violence. Peace, and then unrest. So many shall be surprised when their eyes are finally opened to the evil that courses through this World. Many will be frightened when their ears hear the howls taking place around them.

My Sacred Heart is embittered by My Children’s lack of attention and Love for Me.

More offensive still is your desire or willingness or inclination to play god. I am your Creator and what I Create is perfect in the eyes of its Creator. There are no mistakes in My Designs. Yet, Man has decided that humanity can be improved by your own hands? Your arrogance is an appalling thing, My Children. Do you not understand that I have made you with Love and from Love and for Love? You cannot perfect Love. Children, know that continued efforts to change the humanness that I created will only result in injury, diseases, and pain. I have given to you all that you  need in My Greatness. Do not pretend at playing god, My Children. Such blasphemy throws you to the doors of hell.

Do not cause such torments, My Children, with your sciences. Praise Me in the glory of My Creations and in the Belovéd intricacies of your bodies. Do not alter what God has made for you.
To detach a single particle from its natural and blessed self is to bring havoc and disaster. Man does not know the door he opens by tampering with My Creations.

Belovéds, in the upcoming months, you shall face “mini-tests” and as day by day and month by month go by, you will see these challenges and tests and difficulties grow faster and larger. They will come like ocean waves without break, one after another, and Man shall feel the turbulence and be unable to catch his breath. [Like tumbling in the surf upside down.]

Pray, My Little Ones. Prayer will sustain you and I shall have My Loving Gaze ever upon you. I shall protect you from harm, make what is bitter, sweet, and bring mountains down to show Man I Am.
Belovéd Children of My Heart, I weep. I weep and I ache, for so many of My Belovéds are lukewarm. So many deny Me or insult Me outright. These assaults mirror those hoisted upon My Body, so that every sin, every inattentiveness, every insult, places thorn after thorn into My Forehead and nail after nail into My Limbs. Send Me your Love, My Children, and assuage the pain I experience for Mankind in his state of darkness.

Belovéd Children, I am a doting Father and Loving Parent, but I will not see each of My Children’s Souls damned. Thus, with your own hands and by your own intentions, you shall bring destruction and repentance.
Do not fear, My Loving Children. You shall be My Warriors of Love and will guide the scared and confused and those in agony to Me.

Trust in Me in all things, My Children. Do not concern yourselves with the ways of the World. Focus your eyes, Heart, mind, and Souls on Me and My Heavenly gifts. Do not trouble yourself or make yourself upset by engrossing yourself with news of this World. Instead, pray. All those hours you fight and cry and argue over the state of the World do you no good. Argument and cries do not change the unchangeable. Prayer, though, will move rivers’ paths and crush mountains into sand.

Thus, I say, trust in Me, not this World, for it will fail you, and it will be the cause and effect of this World’s darkest hours.

And though I say to you Words with such sternness, remember, it is from Love that your good Lord steps back to allow Man to do what he will. And it is Love that draws Man back to My Loving Will.
Pray, My Children. Do not focus (obsess) on the World. Focus on Me. Pray, and assuage My Holy Wounds, Children. Pray, My Children, and I shall know you as you know Me.


Wednesday, February 3, 2021 3:25 – 4:09 pm

You say confess and pray, my Lord.

Children of My Sacred Heart, I request that you increase your prayers for My Belovéd Servants and offer reparation for those who commit sacrilegious acts and for those who are lukewarm in their work for Me. My Precious Servants are My Belovéd Disciples, calling and leading all Souls to Me.

Oh, My Children of Righteous Love, pray and fulfill My wishes that you take advantage of the Sacrament of Reconciliation [confession]. Yes, reconcile yourself with Me that you come spiritually clean to partake of My Body and Blood. Children, when you do so, the angels are aghast [amazed] at your beauty as you approach My Altar. Such are the blessings of reconciliation. Grace and Mercy abound for you and your Belovéd Jesus rejoices in your union with Him.

Oh My Children of My Divine Heart, surround yourselves with those who know and Love Me, your Lord Jesus Christ. Pray together and share your spiritual strengths. Unions of this nature keep you attached to My Good Word.

Oh My Children, pray. Pray, and do not cease. The sins of Man are so very putrid, My Heart is strangled by your sins. I send you such fires of Love to catch and reciprocate, but there are no children to Love Me and reciprocate My Love.

Children of My Precious Blood, Man leaves Me so lonely by his inattentiveness and lukewarm faith. I hear prayers that are recited without feeling. I enter into My Children desiring to have the Eternal and BIG blessings of the Eucharist to be felt by My Belovéds, but so few of you recognize My Divinity. Oh Children, pray and give to Me your Hearts. Do you not see the danger of being errant and apart from Me? Do you not feel the Earth’s grumbles and the waters’ vehemence? Look at what is around you, My Belovéds. Will you betray Me for this World? Children, pray and leave off all that is Worldly. I am the Lord God, Jesus Christ, and I will provide for My Children who trust Me with the entirety of their Hearts and Souls.

Belovéd Children, forego what is temporal. The temporal does not save you and it does not give you the Mercy, Love, and graces that I bestow on you daily. In My Great Love for you, I weep because we are apart. I am lonely and wanting of attention. Children, attend to Me and in all things, bring Me to the forefront of every decision, desire, action, thought, and word. Doing so fuses My Heart to yours because your Heart has welcomed Me into it.
Children, you must pray constantly. Do not cease in your prayers. You know now that you are experiencing the labor pains of the results and consequences of your massive apostasies. Yes, My Children have denied what comes because you prefer denial to reality. But the storm comes and must come. You must be purified of your love of sinning. I want each of you with Me outside of time into the boundlessness of Eternity.

Belovéds, make yourselves gifts to your Belovéd Lord Jesus. Bring Souls to Me by your prayers for Mercy and compassion. Children, yes, what comes will be torment and confusion and desolation and pain. In all of that, KI wish that you recognize My Love for you in all this and remain ever loyal and trusting of your Belovéd Jesus. The untried Man will have difficult time, but even more so those who do not pray.

Know Me, My Children. The things that come are unlike the deluge. They are multiple times more difficult. And knowing this, trust in Me. If you see the oceans overcome entire lands, do not fear but trust in Me. If you are faced with fire, do not fear but trust in Me. If the enemy captures you and would see you hanged, do not fear but trust in Me. Do you not understand the degree of trust to which you are being asked to offer? It is absolute and total trust and faith in your Lord God whom you purport to Love.

Show Me, My Children. Show Me your Love for Me by praying and seeking Me out in all things. Together, we shall exchange in union with one another great Love and all your fears dissipate. I am your Loving God. I weep knowing what you will suffer soon. It will not be avoided. Pray, My Children, for its very mitigation. In My Love for you, I give you every means by which to bring yourselves back to the Light of Love. I do anything and everything I can to bring you to Me. I do everything to capture your attention and keep it.  My Children, only thing I will not do is force your will. You must fall in Love with Me of your own free will. You must crave Me and Love Me to the furthest extremes of your Hearts and Souls.

Love cannot be forced. I am an unobtrusive Lord and do not bend your will to Mine. However, Belovéd Children, I very much long for you to live in My Blessed and Divine Will, for when we are fused as such, you are in perfect harmony with Divinity. What ills this World would have you suffer are bittersweet to you. Acceptance of My Will does not immune you to pain or tragedy. I give you the peace and forbearance to endure persecution through My Divine Will. And when you accept, indeed embrace, My Will as your own, the reparations your abandonment of self and faith soothe Me so, that many sins are forgiven. Such joy does your desire of My Will give to Me.
Belovéd Children of My Heart, I say again, pray. Pray in every moment of every day. Do not pray your prayers by rote with unaware or dismissive Hearts. Pray and speak to Me with your Hearts. Do not be distracted by this World, but attend to My Weeping Eyes and Destitute Heart. Your faithful and Loving prayers are a balm to My Sacred Wounds.

My Children, I do not abandon you. I am always with you. Do not stray from Me. And when you do, call out to Me but once and I immediately flee to your side and embrace you so close to My Heart as My Own. Belovéd Children, I tell you this not to scare you but to prepare you for what comes. Lands will uprise. The earth shall cultivate disaster after disaster. Earthquakes, sink holes, and floods will destroy cities. Nations will change hands and citizens will be brought to and (fro) like slaves. Not in shackles but in spiritual cuffs. My Body and Blood will not be available. Food shall grow scarce and people who were once civilized will turn against their friends and family and neighbors. Money will have no power and that power that will exist will be in the hands of a few, and those few are harbingers of the evil one, My antithesis.

I tell all of you these terrible things, not to frighten you, but so that will be prepared. Your preparation resides in prayer, devotion, the Rosary, and in your full trust in Me.

Belovéd Children, I do not throw My Lambs to the Wolves. I am with you always. Put Me at the forefront of your lives and see how joyful and bittersweet life will be.

Take My Peace into your Heart. Know that I press My Heart to yours, and I know when yours accelerates with fear. Then My Heart will ascribe to your own, My Peace.
Peace, My Belovéds.