Trust in Me. That Alone Sustains You.

By Linda Noskewicz

January 5, 2021

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God's Messages for Us

4:50 – 5:24 pm

Child, I am your Divine Protector. I am the season of your Heart. Praise My Name, Children of this World. Let My Name be heard across all Nations.

I am the Lord God. My Will for each of you is pure Love and pure Mercy. Even if you come to Me, to placate Me for the sorrow and anger your sins have caused, I open My Arms to you, beckon you closer, and embrace you with My Holy touch. Thus, My Children, do not wait but come to Me with joyful oblations and repentant Hearts.
Belovéd Children, I see such sins as to anguish My Sacred Heart so fully. I see your sins and how they devastate your precious Souls. Children of My Heart, I send My Pleas through My Holy Mother. She weeps and you do not comfort her. She calls out to you, but you ignore her calls. She embraces you, but your Hearts are cold and unresponsive to her anxiety.

Children of My Sacred Heart, to all things I give reason, and to My Belovéd Children, I say thus: You have brought the gavel down upon your own heads. You have placed yourself on the wicked path of the avalanche. You have put into motion that which pangs Me so deeply to witness, because you would not hear Me. You have put this into motion because you ignored My Mother’s Distress.

Children of My Heart, this year brings bigger difficulties to Mankind. You shall be further alienated from your neighbors as sickness after sickness comes in waves like ocean waters. [I feel as if the earth is retching.]  What you hoard and save in an effort to save yourself from tragedy and/or hardships will not suffice. Children, hear Me! Trust in Me. That alone sustains you. Do not place your faith in the temporal, for that which is temporal is fleeting, fickle, and mutable. Trust in Me. I do not fail My Children. Trust in Me as a child trusts in his parent. I shall feed you and protect you and see to your health. I shall ensure your safety and comfort. I shall see to your needs, console you in your sorrows, and rejoice with you in your joys. Children, you must trust Me fully.

In the coming days, Nations will change hands like so many coins at the market. One quarter will go into this Man’s (Nation’s) pocket. Another coin to another Man’s pocket. When all the coins have been distributed, there will be no more gold for use by those Children of Mine who are led astray. Thus, shall My Children be forced to rely on the hands of another, and those hands do no good, but evil. Those who entrust themselves to those hands of filth will be dismayed. They shall know their error and reparations will be great.

Yet, My Belovéds, those who trust in Me and Me as a Most Loving Parent will not worry. I will provide for you in all things, even when these hands reach for you, insisting it is their help in which you are in need. They shall use sweet and clever words to manipulate My Children into accepting their soiled/foul charity.

Children, this is why trust and prayer are so unspeakably important. You cannot succumb to the deceiver. You are My Belovéd Children! When you trust in your Loving Papa, you do not need to reply to those requests and demands. You cannot be led astray because I give to you all that you need. I alone will sustain you and your most prayerful brethren.

Thus, how can these hands of power insist on their help when you have no need of it?

Belovéd Children, you will be tested. Your lives will be further constrained by deceitful men and they will seek to drive My Belovéds like cattle into a pen. Prepare, My Children, with devoted prayer. Hold your rosaries close to your Hearts and place My Heart at the forefront of your own.

Belovéd Children, those of you who have been My Faithful Soldiers, trumpeting the warnings of this persecution will be further ridiculed and subdued. My Little Soldiers, do not fear, but continue to let the Holy Spirit pour His Words out upon your lips. When you are told to be silent, speak louder and more firmly. When you are commanded by any other than the Holy Spirit, call on the Holy Spirit to reply in your stead! Let Me reign within you, oh Children of My Sacred Heart.

Belovéd Children, you are not to stress your Precious Souls with worry and anxiety. Do you not know that your Belovéd Jesus presses your Heart against His Own. My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, restores! He is your strength. Trust in your Lord God and Savior in all things.

Those who (do not) forego what is temporal, tempting, and most convenient will suffer gravely for their mistake. My Children who look to Me will have My Love and Mercy covering your Hearts with My Peace and Graces.
My Children, I am in angst over your future, but a wicked man does not learn from leniency. I Love My Belovéd Children and do everything in My Power as a Most Perfect and Loving Parent to bring each of My Children back to My Embrace.

Trust in My Love for you, faltering Children. You need  not be afraid of the One who Loves you so absolutely. Believe, My Wandering Children, that you are My Joys. You are My Delights, and it is My Divine Will for you to be with Me, your Eternal Creator.

More diseases come from monkeys. Small monkeys with friendly faces in Asia. The are so friendly, and we easily desire their affection, and so their sickness is spread throughout the World to decimate My Children. Children, do not rely on Man to save you. Trust in My Divinity and Love. Trust and hold on to that trust, especially in the face of ridicule, for you shall endure much.

Children of My Sacred heart, I give to you My Peace. Let it enter your Hearts and spread warmth into your Souls. Know that My Peace warms you and keeps you in the embrace of My Loving and Compassionate Heart. Trust in Me and pray. Do not cease in your prayers.


Dear Readers, as always, I am reticent to include prophetic items like that above in blue. Please pray for discernment and trust in our Loving Lord. He is so beautiful!