Walk Solely Within My Light

By Linda Noskewicz

February 25, 2021

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God's Messages for Us

Message from Our Lord

It is within My Divine Truth that all prayers are answered according to My Holy Will, which is all Love. Do not feel hindered by your circumstances, but pray and offer your hardships as reparation for the sins of Mankind, for there are many and they are terrible and intolerable.

Belovéd Children of My Sacred Heart, you must be more faithful in your preparations. Do not submit your time to what is temporal. Of what use will money be when the economy falls? Of what use will your high relationships be when My Belovéd Children turn aggressive and violent in their fear and confusion? At what cost will you forgo adamant and constant meditation of My Love and Glory?

You cannot endure the pain that comes alone. Walk solely within My Light. Respond in all your thinking and feeling and words and actions as if to be the Loving Christ, comforting the lost, reassuring the fearful, showing Love when you are shown hatred, and sharing joy in the joy of others. Be as I am and bring My Light to everyone you encounter. Be My Lights, Dear Children, and in this way, you please Me greatly.

Children of My Passionate Heart, do not sit impatiently and idly by. Man’s chastisement comes, and it will come to its pitch suddenly. One day, there will be an earthquake in one land. The next day, another in a second land. And still a third more violent, into a third land. And as the World is shaken, other disasters hidden as such, will come to fruition. All at once, My Belovéd Children’s eyes will be opened to the evil around them, and your ears will hear the agonies caused by evil. You shall see the devastations caused by your sins.

Do not fear, My Little Ones, even though these are fearsome things that come. Hold on to Me throughout the storm and all its violence. I shall be your bulwark, and when you are in need, I shall answer and provide. I will comfort you and give to you My Loving Peace. Thus will you endure hardships and assaults with a peace so great as to allow a continuous flow of Love from Me to you and from you to your enemies. I want this World for Love, as I made each of you with Love and of Love. How can I simply watch the destruction of My Belovéds’ Souls? [I envisioned Christ on His Cross forgiving His tormentors, even while He was tortured and crucified. It is an adamant request to forgive those who harm us.]

Take Heart, My Worried Ones. It shall not be an easy time. Would you have Me tell you otherwise to allay your fears? Is it not better to embrace insight in order to more fully prepare your Hearts?

Belovéd Children, I dread the pace at which this storm builds. Many nations will fall prey to evil and fall away. Children, the World will be shaken in ways you do not anticipate. Belovéds, so I say, prepare your Hearts. Pray. Attend Mass daily. Attend Confession, and most importantly, partake of the Holy Eucharist, the Lord Jesus made flesh. These are how you must prepare. By your avid prayers and meditations, I shall guide you, provide for you, give you discernment, and give you peace. My Belovéds, some I shall call as warriors. Others will be called upon to pray unceasingly. Some will be called to comfort the weary. Others will be called to heal. Others still will bring My Church back to its Glory through the Queen of Peace. Each of you shall have your mission according to My Will. Thus, I say, when your actions are met with obstacles and your desires are overcoming My Will for you, check your actions and be still. Listen for My Guidance. I will lead you to where you are meant to be. Only your own wills can prevent this, so you must make yourself intimate with your Loving God and Father.

Further, My Children, you must be even more aware of the lies that are running more rampant. You will be told many things and in many clever ways. You shall hear some truths amongst the lies. Thus, it is crucial that you know and understand the Word of God. Know what I accept and do not accept. Do not compromise with sin and keep yourself in a state of grace. Even now, a veil of ignorance or confusion or of blindness cloaks the majority of this world. My Children’s eyes are closed to the truth of death. They are closed to the horrors of sin and the unwellness of Humanity. They see only white where there is black and great blackness in what is white and good.

My Children, be wary of the words used by sophists. These are clever tools used to mislead My Belovéd Children to sin. The words you hear are not truthful if they are contrary to the Word of God. I am your Lord God and Loving Father. I do not lie nor do I trick or fool My Children into erring. Evil will do these things and it is with words. So I say, you must know, understand, and follow My Word. When someone says to you something contrary to My Word, he is a son of lies and should not be given your attention or acquiescence. (Christ is the Word)

Belovéd Children, I am touched by how sweetly your Hearts shy away from these evils. Surely you are prayerful and understand the distress lies and sins cause Man’s Souls.

Oh, Belovéd Children, trust in the Christ Jesus alone. Do not doubt but place all faith in Him, My Belovéd Son who endured such great suffering that you should have Life Everlasting. Place this at the forefront of your mind and Heart. Remember His suffering and Love. Doing so will make any pains you suffer sweet in their bitterness. [It is an unbelievable blessing to suffer with Jesus…it is hard to explain.]

Children, pray. Do not be curious about Man’s chastisement. Do not want it, for that is true folly. You do not want to encounter a hurricane that destroys your home. Do not anticipate facing this storm which will also damage homes. [This is more than physical homes – like families or relationships…]

My Belovéd Children, yes, these words I say to you are stern, frightening, and true. Yet, I say to you, My Belovéds, do not live in fear for yourselves or those you Love. When you are close to your Lord God and pray and have a Loving, trusting, and intimate relationship with Me, fear and sorrows flee from your Hearts and you are made stronger than what you believed yourself capable. I am the Mighty Lord God, and all that occurs will bring many of My Belovéd Children back to My Loving Fold. This alone should ease your dread. The outcome of this violent storm will be a world sprung anew. I shall have more Souls in a state of Grace that none may fall.

Willful Children, come to Me for forgiveness. I do not deny you My Compassion and Love, but you must come to Me. Love cannot force Love.

My Children, draw all Souls to Me by your actions, words, glances, and thoughts. Pray for My Little Flowers who are put to death without thought. The recourse for this ghastly sin is terrible. Pray for My Servants, that the faithful be strong, the wayward repent and return to their calling, and that those who sin against Me willfully are changed within their Hearts and moved to please Me. Pray that they overcome the temporal temptations they face daily, and do not judge them. Only I can judge what is sin and of (what is in) a Man’s Heart and Soul. I alone. So pray for My Belovéd Servants. My affection for each of them is so abounding (BIG!).

Belovéd Children of My Sacred Heart, I shed all of My Sacred and Divine Blood that you may be saved. Do not treat this gift lightly, for it is an Eternal Gift, and though you cannot contemplate Eternity, place your strongest or biggest trust in Me where this is concerned. I do not ask you to forgo sin to torture you but in a Loving effort to keep you from everlasting torments. Belovéd Children, I give to you My Peace.