Allow the Holy Spirit to Guide You

By Linda Noskewicz

January 10, 2022

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God's Messages for Us

Message from Our Lady

Monday, January 10, 2022 9:44 am – 10:14 am

Hold tight to My Belovéd Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Hold tightly to Him and allow yourselves to be captives within His Heart.

Oh, Children, difficulties come. Soon, your choices will be more difficult. Discernment will be more difficult, and this World will no longer ask but demand of you to act upon that which is so very counter to My Will for Man.
Little Children, your Love for Me, your Loving Father, is a choice. Love cannot be forced. Thus, these choices that you face will test your Love for Me to the very core.

You are My Weak and Belovéd Children. When you err, do not hesitate to reach out to Me for forgiveness and Love. A father will always Love his son, just as your Good and Almighty Father Loves His Children, but My Love for you is extraordinary (BIG!!). [Nothing compares.]

Children, do not fear death. Do not fear death, for it is I who answers death’s door. Who should fear their parent’s Love but the child who has rejected His Love? My Love is assured but so must yours be.

Little Children, your Hearts are so small and afraid and seek a kind word, and so I say to you, Love. Love as I do. Do not lose yourselves to this World and its senseless anger and greed and lawlessness. I look after the meek and the humble, and My Belovéd Children, you should rely on this with the entirety of your Hearts and Souls.
Weary Children, I am with you at every moment, offering My Love and comfort in your miseries. Children, take My Hands and I will lift you from the darknesses of your ruts and entrapments or holes or pits. My Heart breaks for My Children and the things you do to yourselves daily. If you only knew the precious value of your Souls. If you knew, how differently would you live your lives.

[I received a vision of such natural beauty. The sky, flowers, trees, a meadow…and felt a deep appreciation for all its details and unnatural peace.]

The dying will have their rest in Me, as I have been invited or allowed to take My Rest within their Hearts. Children, open your Hearts to Me lest you die and fall into hell. Is it not easier to choose Love over hatred? Is it not more beautiful to experience joy than misery? Choose Eternal Joy within My Kingdom and let Me not lose one more Soul to the infinite liar.

Children, his lies are promulgating amongst the World. The lies are clever and mimic truths, but you must not be fooled. Pray, My Children. Pray, and I will guide you. Trust in the Most Holy Spirit whose voice speaks loudly to those who are devout in their prayers. I cannot emphasize this enough. My Children, Reconciliation and the Christ Jesus are essential to your Souls. Do not fail to take advantage of every Mass and of every dispensation of the Most Holy Eucharist, the Living Christ. Soon, you will not have such open opportunities and you shall search for the Christ Jesus like wanderers in a vast desert seek water to save their bodies. Ensure you have slaked your thirst to the extent possible so that you have Christ within you to keep you strong.

The unholy one is rearing his ugly head. Make no mistake. He is both strong and cunning but do not fear the one I will crush.

He will have his way for only a little while longer, but in these last days of his, he grows more frenzied in his attempts to gather Souls; oh Children, and he gathers so many! Pray, My Children, for those who are being misled that their eyes be opened to his lies so they may return to My Safe and Loving Arms.

Pray, My Children. It is My Most Urgent request. Pray and devote the whole of yourselves to My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. Entrust yourselves to My Holy and Belovéd Mother who seeks to protect all Children as you are her own Children. Call out to Her for aid and she shall place you within the safety of Her gentle mantle (mantilla).
Love, My Children. It is My Will for this World. That Love shall constrain all into My Loving and open and majestically BIG arms. I envelop you within My Love with all the joy you can understand, but more.

[again, too BIG to describe]

Children, trust in Me. Follow the Christ Jesus. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. Pray. Reconcile and receive the Christ Jesus in His Holy Eucharist. And Love, My Children.
I bless you, My Children. Peace.