Be Merciful & Forgiving Of Each Other

By Linda

August 19, 2015


Wednesday, August 19, 2015 3:15 – 3:43 pm

Belovéd Children, what must I do to garner your attention?  I am the Lord God, your Eternal Father whose Love for you is enormous and ineffable.  I long for each of you to offer your Love to Me.  Belovéd Children, do not wait.  I call to you, each of you, with great urgency.  Do not wait or stall for time.  My Heart or My Heaven awaits you and I have great gifts for My Faithful Children.  Do not turn your eyes away from Me, Children.  It would be better for you to lose all that you possess, all that you own, all that you have been given than to deny Me your Love.  To dismiss My Love for you.

I am First or One in all things.  Resent what is temporal and cast aside the trappings of this World.  What need will you have for these things when you are facing the Beatific Lamb of your Lord God?  I say to you, it is better to be poor than to own all the wealth in this World.  It is better to be humble and serve than to boast and be served.  Do away with all pride.  All things are Mine and I have given great gifts to My Children, not that you may boast and look down upon the lowly.  Not to make you too careful in your generosity or a miser all together.  I give you My Graces that you may live in the Light of your Lord God who Loves you.

I want My Belovéd Children to be kind and generous and merciful and Loving of one another.  Do you not see how it will be when you face the Lord Christ in all of His Glory before Him?  My Son, the Beatific and Beauteous Christ, who is so Holy in His Love for you, wants you to be as merciful and forgiving as He is for Mankind.  How can My Children place themselves or pride themselves to the extent you do?  To the extent that in your prideful Hearts you outstrip the Christ of His Divinity and Perfection?  Children, you are not made perfect and I say to you, do not become prideful.  What is and what I have given can be taken away.  

I am a just Lord and Loving God.  Do not pretend at ignorance of My Love, of My Notice, of My Laws.  You are BIGGEST Love to Me, Children. [You are most important]  You are precious and lowly and beholden to your Creator.  Look towards Me with Love in your eyes and Hearts.  Return My Love for you by your Love for Me, the Eternal Lord and Mighty God.

I am and do exist.  So many of My Children live their lives in such doubt and My Heat is shattered by this.  Bring every Child to Me, for you are all Belovéd and Precious to Me.  Do not hesitate in your work.  What if one soul is lost when it could have been saved by the utterance of My Name?  Thus, My Children, go out as My Disciples and Children and proclaim My Love for this World.  Proclaim My Love for each of you so that all may know Me and indulge in the Mercy and forgiveness I offer to you.

Belovéd Children, do not wait.  You know not when your Master comes and the darkness of night is great without Fire to light your path.  Belovéd Children, you are so small and fragile.  Envelop yourself in My Love and know joy, peace, Love, comfort of Heart, and forgiveness of your Worldly sins.  Prepare your Hearts for the Greeting of the Christ, for He saves and remains the key to the door of My Kingdom.  With no key, you cannot unlock the locked door, just as without deference to My Son you will not see the Kingdom of Heaven.  Thus I tell you, Love the Christ.  Adore Him and keep watch by Him.  Prepare your fragile Hearts for His Arrival and look with Great Love upon your Sisters and Brothers. My Son is in Me as He is in them.
Belovéd Children, do not yearn for that which is decreed.  It is folly to allow curiosity to stain your Love and/or believe in Me, your Lord God and Father.  Be not curious but only forgiving, constant in your prayers, compassionate, generous, and worthy of Love.

Belovéd Children, you are very Loved.  This is an unchanging thing or entity or tangible thing.  My Love for you will notor does not diminish.  Thus I call out to each of you with the anxiety of a Loving Father.  Oh Belovéd Children, come to Me.  Do not turn Me or Love away.  I say, do not give preference to anything that is temporal, Worldly and worthless.  I am First in all things.  Pray to Me for endurance and you shall see the Glory of My Kingdom because of your faith. Belovéd Children, do not be afraid, for I am with you and My Love cannot be abated by this World.  Remain prayerful, Children.  You are vessels to Love and I Long for each of you.  Regard My Words with great trust and confidence.  My Belovéds, I give you Peace this day.  My Peace is yours, Children.  Peace.