Children, Do Not Be Bewildered

By Linda

December 9, 2015

PictureWednesday, December 9, 2015        3:25 pm – 3:53 pm

Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit – You shake me.  You do.
Belovéd Children, I am here.  Do not doubt My Great Love for you.  You are each most precious in or to My Holy Eyes and I long for your company.  Do not fear My Great Love but embrace it.  What is there but to gain in all of My Astounding Love.  Compassion, Mercy, forgiveness, life Eternal.  Will you each not grab for this treasure.  Are My Children not already starving for My Love.  When you do not Love Me, your Lord God and Father, and the ever Belovéd Christ Jesus, how you suffer tribulations of the Heart and mind and body.  Pray to Me and all things are made better.  With prayer I mitigate destruction and pain and grant you Mercy.  Worship with your entire Hearts the Christ who saves you and who opened the heavy or gated door to Heaven and Eternal Life for you.  Be thankful of His Great Love and Mercy.  Adore Him and place Him and His Love at the forefront of your Hearts and minds.  All that you do in each of your days must be with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ at the forefront of your minds and Hearts.  To do otherwise brings trouble and anxieties to your Hearts.
Belovéd Children, do not be bewildered by tragedy and disgrace.  It is those who suffer in My Name who I favor and treasure within My Heart.  Do not be concerned when you are disgraced or made fodder for laughter and insult.  The Warriors of God will suffer and will be consoled by My Great Love.  Believe this to be true, My Followers, the Ones who Love Me and who are faithful to the Lord Christ Jesus, My Belovéd Son, will suffer great injustices and cruelty.  Gird your belts, Blesséd Children of Mine.  Do not be afraid of this World, for I am with you and this World is but a grain of sand in Eternity when you are granted New Life.
Belovéd Children, oh faithful ones, yes, gird your belts and ready yourselves for the difficulties that come to you.  Pray and revoke all things that are Worldly and draw you away from Me, the Light of the World and of all things Most Holy.  Rebuke that which causes you to stray from Me and fling into the abyss that you do not cross or insult the God who Loves you so.  Do not lead your Lord God and Father to weep.  Pray and I will be your strength.  Pray and I shall give you succor.  Pray, and all things are given to you, My Faithful Children.  Ask and I shall give, for what parent does not lavish his children with Great Love and good gifts?

Love Me, Children.  Do not betray Me and My Love by favoring the temporal rewards of this World.  I offer you, My Children, far greater treasures such that you cannot imagine or fathom.  Blesséd Children, you have not long to wait.  The Hand of God makes itself known and the eyes of Man shall be pierced by Light and opened from their blindness.  The Son of Man will speak to many in thought and words and they who hear will be called Blesséd.  Belovéd Children, do not be amazed by My Words but trust in Me, your Lord God and Father.  For I treasure you and long for your enduring Love.
Belovéd Children, do not stray when the door is closing for the night that you will not be cold outside, having to fend for yourselves.  Instead, stay close to the home of God and you are already inside when the doors are locked.  Do not stray, My Belovéd Children.  What is it to wait for a pile of treasures against a single piece of gold.  What is it to but suffer for a little time in exchange for Greatest Love and joy and amazing Spiritual gifts in Eternal Life.  What is it to Love and not burn in fire?  Do you not choose Love over darkness, a darkness that is more bitter, more deceitful, and more torturous than you can know?
Choose Me, your Lord God and Father.  Give Me your whole Hearts.  Do not damn yourselves by rejecting or by being repulsed by My Great Love.  The whole of Heaven shudders by this grave sin.  Belovéd Children, choose Love and the Eternal Life the Christ has for you.  Believe in His Mercy and Compassion.  Pray and bring yourselves into complete and most holy communion with the Christ, for you shall regret your lack of integrity or of taking advantage of this gift when it is nowhere to be found.  Embrace the Eucharist faithfully, worshipfully and with great reverence, for you are given the One True God, the Lamb of God who saves you.  Bring only Love to Him.  Do not refuse the Great Love of the Son of God and Man offers you.  Walk in the Light of God and set your feet firmly in your faith.
Belovéd Children, pray and you cannot fail with Me, your Belovéd Lord God.  I am whole and I make you whole.  Without Me, you are divided and broken.  Trust in Me, My Children, and call out to Me like a babe calls out to its mother.  I come to you always.  Belovéd Children, pray about what is to come.  Pray for your Brothers and Sisters and guide them gently to Me and My Love and Mercy.  Belovéd Children, I give you peace this day.  Peace, Children.  Peace.
Pray for Aurelia, Michael, Stephen, Murphy, Lawrence, Chester, David, Marcus, Cecilia, David, Simon, George, Betty, Margaret, Jose, Jenna, Katy, Peter, Eddie, Samantha, Greta, Shailene(?),  Jessica, Rede, Bobby, Brandon, Jessica, Julian, Mark, Tobias (Toby), Heather, DiDi, Sunny, Beverly, Georgia, Janine, Maggie, Delia, Cecil, Rose, Sam, Derek, Ronnie.