Don't Let Your Pride Fool You

By Linda

February 12, 2015

PictureThursday, February 12, 2015  3:39 – 4:12 pm

I let You down on something so small; how can I possibly manage a harsh test of my faith and trust in You?

Belovéd Children, I say to you, you must pray.
Be prayerful in all things 
and be mindful of all that you say 
and in all that you do.

Your sins are many and they are great.

The path to the Kingdom of God is meant for you to follow, 
yet so many travel off this path to impress what is temporal, 
to taste what is indulgent, 
and to discover the things that are sure markers to another place.

My Belovéd Children, choose Me, Your Lord God and Father who Loves you 
and seeks only to save your souls from Eternal darkness and an Eternity of “No.”

In this darkness you will know, I am not with you.
You will experience the desolation of My Absence.
This suffering alone will devastate you.

There exists especial condemnations and punishments too, 
created by the evil one to submit you to 
for each sin that is great or unique or spectacular.

            Belovéd Children, the Hare
            comes and His misery will
            be complete. You will know
            your Lord God is King of Mercy
            but so many will despair
            and so few will maintain
            the solid and strong
            foundation that is their
            Faith in Me, the Lord
            God.  Few will look to
            the Cross and the Sacred
            Sacrifice of the Cross
            in the absolute darkness
            of this World.  So few
            have known Me or the
            Christ, My Belovéd
            Son and it is a detriment.

            Prayer, My Children, is
            intimate and why have 
            these Lost Children not
            prayed to the Father
            who adores them and
            Loves them so unconditionally.

            Belovéd Children, lest 
            you think your humanity
            has enough strength
            to endure by itself
            all that comes, do
            not be fooled by
            the disease of pride.

            Pride strikes you down
            and gives you false paths
            to follow.  Follow only Me
            and be led rightly, justly,
            Lovingly.  Allow your 
            pride to lead you and you 
            shall garner the weaknesses
            and darknesses of this
            World and fare uneasily
            and encumbered by each
            calamity of these times
            of the hare.  The hare
            merely tests you and
            your faith. I seek out
            My Belovéd Children and
            give another opportunity
            for you to come to Me.
            Come to Me, Belovéd Children.
            Do not hesitate, for the
            Time of the Boar is so 
            much worse than this.
            Now you will be patiently
            tested. Later you will be
            wounded to your core.
            Who shall have the 
            strength to oppose
            what threatens your soul
            (to you) and those you Love?

            Belovéd Children, it rains down
            fire like a storm and the
            lion cools the storm by
            letting flow the water of
            His land. As the fire
            smokes to nothing, more
            fire falls and it strikes
            the lion and he will die.

            Then shall the skies,
            dark from storming, …
            open wide before you, the
            descent of the golden
            Cross.  It is a massive thing
            placed upon a grey-stoned
            church where it is revered
            but unhappy.

            The Cross descends and its
            work just begun.
            Orbs are not freed and [I’ve seen gold orbs; souls going to Heaven] 
            people do not see, and so                   
            Humanity is not ready.
            Time grows shorter still.

Belovéd Children, look to the East 
and the glory stands there.
Look to the East 
as darkness stands there.

While Light lifts you up, 
darkness will seek opportunities to strike you down.
Thus, keep your faith in Me strong 
and your trust in your Good Lord and God irrevocable and unwavering.

This is how you frustrate darkness.

You extend your Love.
When you extend your Love for Me 
and let it flow outwards to your Sisters and Brothers, 
you do what I Love.

You are Loving as I Love.
You are Merciful as I am Merciful.

Pray, My Belovéd Children, 
and pray for every person in this World, 
especially for those who do not or will not know Me.

I shall start a group of the faithful where one will call to order the group 

Belovéd Children, I say pray.
Pray for those who die in the next two months, 
for many stare and do not trust.

Pray, Belovéd Children.