Give Yourself Over to Me... Totally

By Linda

February 18, 2015


Wednesday, February 18, 2015 3:30 – 3:55 pm
Ash Wednesday

Father, I feel the words I use aren’t BIG enough and if I use other “formal” ones, especially out loud, they don’t sound like me.  They don’t sound how we are.  I was wondering…why did Jesus think You had abandoned Him on the Cross?  Were You Two disconnected for a moment before He died or was it for the entire Ascension period?  Watching and having Him think that must’ve been really hard for you.

Belovéd Children, your Hearts are laid open before Me 
and I see great sadness.

Do not be afraid, My Loneliest Belovéds, for I am with you.
Feel the warmth of My Love leading you to Me 
and you shall know communion.

I see into your Hearts, Belovéd Children, 
and I see such fear for My Belovéd Little Flowers.  [HUGE LOVE!]

Let them have joy without fear 
and let your Hearts be joyful 
as you have been graced by the gift of the Little Flowers.

You cannot say when I shall call any one of My Belovéd Creations.
You cannot know the Time of any calamity Man must face.
And so I say, do not be afraid.

The Lord God of Heaven and earth adores His Children 
and seeks only your Love 
and provides you succor and good gifts.

Give yourself over to Me completely.
Empty the vessel that you are that I may fill you with all that I AM.

Trust in Me.
Trust in Me and discover or have or build such deep and deliberate faith in your Lord God 
that if I were to take all that you Love away from you, 
you should still Love Me and trust in My Holy Will.

Which of My Belovéd Children could stand this test?
Who has such depth of Love and trust in their Lord God and Father 
that were I to take your children and home and all that you worked for away
so that you are only the person and nothing more.
Which of you will bear this for Me?

Belovéd Children, I want your trust in Me.
I cause My Belovéd Ones no pain or injury, 
but you must be strong in your faith 
and keep your trust in the Lord God unwavering.

All that comes will test your strength and Love for Christ.

Oh, Belovéd Children, prepare your Hearts.
Do not be fearful, My Children, 
but do not be frivolous of your Time.

Be prayerful, My Children.
When you Love a Brother or Sister, you spend time… talking, being in one’s company.

You know what they are and what they like and do not like.
What they enjoy and do not enjoy.
What they favor eating and what they do not.
You know their fears and their hopes.
Because you have spent much Time amongst each other.

Belovéd Children, how can you expect to know the Lord God and Father who Loves you, 
the King of Salvation, the Christ, 
and the one who goes ahead (forward) in spirit?
When you spend so little Time in intimate prayer?

Do you know what I Love and what I do not accept?

Belovéd Children, so many of My Children are “on the fence” 
or lukewarm or mediocre in your Love.

Your prayers are thoughtless 
and your Hearts do not resound with Praise or Joy.
Do you visit a friend joyfully 
or with resentment or boredom or routine?

Belovéd Children, I am the Lord God, 
the Father of the Most High, the Christ who has Saved this World.

This World turns its back on My Beatific Son’s Greatest Love and Sacrifice 
over and over and We are wounded by this dismissiveness.

You cannot turn your back to the Christ who is Most Sacred and Blesséd, 
for in the days when you are put forth before the Holiest and Righteous Judge, 
He shall not know you and you will know the coldness of righteousness.

Do not turn your Lord God away.
You do not have Time.
All that you do and all that you choose not to do 
has ramifications upon your souls.

Soon you will know the state of your souls 
and cringe from the blackness sins scratch upon those fragile gifts.

Believe Me when I say to you, 
so many are not prepared for what will be an extreme shock,
… benign but of God or (a) Godly shock.

So many will be unprepared as those who are dying today, 
and they will need the aid of the prayerful in those days.

My Belovéd Children, build and strengthen your trust in Me.
Be prayerful in all that you do.

Increase your prayers so that you are perpetually aware of My Love for you.
Prepare, Children through rapt prayer.
Thus you shall know all that I Love and expect.

Belovéd Children, My Peace is with you.
I say pray, My Children.