A Righteous and Just God

By Linda


Wednesday, January 28, 2015 3:48 – 4:32 pm

Belovéd Children, you do not walk alone when you worship the Lord God.
I am your Savior and your Guide.

My Beauteous Son redeems you in your sin 
and I offer My Children My Greatest Compassion and Forgiveness.

Do not deny your sins, My Children.
In itself that is a sin.
You cannot make the sky into ground 
just as you cannot make ground the sky.
Sin is black and I do not accept sin.          
[That is to say, "black" as in definitive; it’s not any other color. It isn’t gray.]

Do not compromise with sin, My Children.
Know that I forgive My Belovéd Children in your sinning 
but do not pretend at ignorance.

Do not become whimsical or take it for granted that sin will be judged as sin.
I am a Just and Righteous God 
and I long for the righteousness of My Children.

Do not compromise with sin, My Children.
Do not stain your fragile souls with this lie.

Belovéd Children, your Heavenly and Eternal Father Loves you very much.     
My Love for you is incomprehensible to you.
Come to Me, Belovéds and taste joy in My Love.

Bewildered Ones, come to Me in your confusion 
and find peace in the arms of God.
I am the answer to your question.

I am the Eternal I AM.             
[It means, like God is "ALWAYS."  It’s kind of like BIGNESS - really hard to explain.]
Know this to be true.

I AM (before) you were born, as you are born and after you die in this World.
I AM the before and the after.
I have always been and will be.
I AM the beginning of all and the finishing of all.

All that is Love is Me and I am Love 
and I am present in Love, for I AM.
The Word is Love.

I am the unfathomable Love that each of My Belovéd Children desires 
in the cores of their fragile souls but cannot yet lay claim to it.
You cannot grasp or hold that which you cannot comprehend.

Love is here for you even as you live in ignorance of its presence, 
of its capacity or proportions or even if you cannot conceive of its existence.

I exist.
I am always with My Belovéd Children.
I am Love.

Belovéd Children, I long for you.
I want each of you with Me.
So many fall away from Me and into the darkest pit.

Belovéd Children, the pit is filled with the souls of those who refused My Love 
and pursued the darkest of darknesses and the evilest of lies.
Do not disbelieve in this.

The pit is opened wide like the maw of a hungry animal 
and he is eager for others of My Belovéds to join his tenure or family or group.  
(It cannot be called family because it implies love exists where there is no Love.)            Yes, I understand.

Oh Belovéd Children, there is the darkest one of all, 
brought down (existing) over the ages, 
given a pit with no Love, 
no light of My Love lights its pit.

He has the evil he creates in this World in his right hand 
and the souls of humanity he collects in his left hand.
He uses one to capture the other 
and his work is not arduous or difficult.

Belovéd Children, walk away from the darknesses you see and hear and feel.
Apprise yourselves of the calls of the Spirit who precedes Love 
and allow Him to guide you to Love and away from darkness.
Away from the pit and into My Merciful Arms.

            You are deceived often, My 
            Children, by many different 
            darknesses. Darkness abounds 
            and seeks to surround you at 
            all times. Thus this World is 
            plunged into a deep darkness 
            itself. Do you not see the 
            rivers of blood that flow through 
            each country? Do you not see 
            the corruption in the eyes of every 
            king and minister and leader?
            Do you not see hatred in the
            eyes of your Brothers and Sisters
            who I beg you to Love?  I see
            My Belovéd Children steeped
            in the gluttony of pride
            and a love of riches.  I see
            arrogance and debauchery and
            much suffering.  I see such 
            unholiness and My Heart is
            broken by it.

My Belovéd Children, I am your Eternal Father and Mighty Lord God.
You are My Belovéd Children.
I welcome you into My Arms freely, willingly, easily 
when you come to Me in sorrow, in grief over your wickedness, 
repenting of your sins, 
preparing to Love the One who has always Loved.

How My Love for you leaps with Greatest Joy!

Come to Me with all of your sins.
Repent and I forgive.
You are My Most Belovéds.

Continue in your arrogance, 
continue to defile the Blesséd Name of My Belovéd Son, the Lord Christ, Jesus, 
continue to blaspheme and lie and sin and decry that you sin, 
and surely you will know I am a Just God also.       
[It is as if He would do this unwillingly; like a good parent punishing their kid – it hurts Him a lot]

Belovéd Children, do not be obstinate in Loving your Lord God 
from pride or disbelief or that which you consider great wisdom.
Do not let these things stop you or prevent you from enjoying the joy of My Love.
Do not let these things endanger your Most Precious Soul.

Your Time is short and you must not be frivolous with it.
You must not be argumentative with the Lord God who Loves you and who has Created you.

Trust in Me.
Give Me your Love as you have Mine 
and you shall know the Glory of BIGGEST Love.

            Belovéd Children, it is so 
            near. In your weakened states,
            you must pray.  Pray, My
            Children. Pray for the conversion
            of those who despise your Belovéd
            Lord God and Father.  Pray, My
            Children.  Many deny Me
            and few are prepared to die.
            Pray, My Children.  This
            World murders the innocents
            and protects all that is darkness
            and does so with great relish.
            Belovéd Children, the World’s
            actions make Me weep bitter
            tears.  I weep often and it is
            for My Belovéd Children who
            do not care about themselves
            or their fragile souls or their
            Loving God.  The pit will be
            theirs one day and they will
            understand the reality of

Pray, My Belovéd Children, for I do not want to lose even one soul to darknesses. 
I Love My Children who I have Created.
You are meant for Me.

            Belovéd Children, 
            pray. Pray and I hear your prayers.
            They wipe the tears from My 
            Eyes and I am consoled by 
            your prayers. Belovéd Children, 
            pray. The Time comes soon 
            when the World shall understand 
            more fully the truth of My 
            Words. They will have great 
            cause to choose in their lost 
            ignorance. Their eyes will be opened.
            They shall look at their souls
            with fresh eyes.  They will know
            I AM.

Thus, I say, pray My Beauteous Children.
Pray and have My Peace.

Have the Peace of the Lamb.
Have the Peace of My Belovéd Son, the Christ, 
who Redeems this World by His Greatest Love.         
[Such BIG LOVE!  The feeling is here so beautiful.]

Peace, My Children.
Peace.  Peace.