We are too small to understand

By Linda

September 19, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 1:52 – 2:45 pm (53)
Children, I Love each of you and tell you this without reservation or condition.  You are My Cherished Ones and I look for your Love for Me day and night.  Yet, My Holy Heart is pierced perpetually by the grave sins of this World and by the utter loss of reverence or Love or respector awe for my Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.
Children, the very Sacrifice of Death My Own Belovéd Son made that you may know Life is profound and of an order you cannot begin to comprehend.  Thus, it crushes My Heart so when His Love is treated so terribly or infamously or horribly.  The whole of Heaven is astounded by your clear or easy dismissal of the Christ Jesus.
You do not know what you do when you strike against His Holy Name or cast derision upon His Face.  You do not know the calibre of sin wrought by this World, nor the punishments that lay therein.  You cannot know Me and sin so gleefully.  I cannot be worshipped by you only sometimes.  My Belovéd Son must be your sole focus and only recipient of your Love and adoration.  Yet My Belovéd Children have gone astray and Love the blackest ordarkest things of this World and adore that which is temporal and sinful in its indulgence.
Children, oh, Children.  My Heart hurts or sighs or moans grievously in pain, for you are My Belovéds and what Father wishes to see His Belovéd Children live awry?  What Father desires the death of His Children?  What Father turns His back upon the hopes and repentance and Love of His Child?  What Father rejoices in the successes of His Sons and frowns at the excesses He sees tearing down the Son He so Loves.  What Father wishes to witness the destruction of His Son or His Son’s immorality?
No Father wishes ill on His Children, but only joy, Love, and happiness.  A Father seeks an intimate and respecting orrespectful relationship with His Sons.  What Father abides by a Son who insults Him to His Face?  What Father endures the dismissiveness and disrespect of His Son?  What Father sees the incongruencies or two-facedness of His Son and is not concerned?
Oh Children of this World, you are MY BELOVED CHILDREN.  I am your Holy and Eternal Parent.  I am Love and want only Love for you and from you.  You have come to despise Me and My Most Beatific and WONDROUS Son, the Christ Jesus.  His Love and Mercy is unequaled and yet you toss these gifts away like refuse to be forgotten. [a feeling of heartbreaking]
Children, there are such darknesses within this World, and in their frenzies seek to destroy or crush My Loyal and Prayerful Children.  Call out to My Belovéd Son but once and those that seek to crush you are themselves crushed.  [The first reference of “crushing” is like beneath a hoof or a dirty foot, but more of a large hoof.]
Oh, Children, the evil in this World has become or grows more rampant.  My Children separate or depart from Love and instead fill themselves with the tonics of sinfulness.  Oh Children, I am your Most Loving and Eternal Parent.  I gave to you My Belovéd Son and He, in turn, gave to you His Own Blesséd Heart that you should have Eternal Life, a gift that you cannot understand and thus not appreciate.
Children, you are on the cusp of falling to Hell.  Do you not see this?  Are you so blinded by this World of science and logic and esteem yourselves as gods?  Do you not see that you interrupt or corrode the order of Love and/or the World I give to you?  The earth spits back at you as you spat upon My Belovéd Son.  It rocks and shifts and tumbles about in an effort to right itself into its natural order.
Children, I bequeathed the whole of this World to you.  My Love for you was or is reflected in every creature I created and every modicum of land I made.  Children, you do not cherish the gifts I give and do worse by your lack of worship, cherishing, Loving adoration of My Belovéd Son.  Do not pierce His Heart with your lukewarm Hearts.  He must be the whole of your Love and existence.  His Love for you is PROFOUND.

Children, I say to you, I am your Loving Father and see the chaos and sin within which you live.  You are in such danger, for Hell is beyond a danger but a very misery of blackness that you cannot appreciate Trust your Loving Parent as a Child does, when I say to you, do not continue on this path of hedonism, sinfulness, and immorality.  I seek to shelter My Belovéd Children from all danger and place Hell within your Child’s minds as the BIGGEST danger of all.  Thus, as your Loving, MOST LOVING AND Eternal Parent, your Lord God and Mighty Eternal One, I take steps to bring you away from the cliffs or possibility of Hell.  You do not understand much of what I say to you, because you are so small and yet so treasured by Me in your smallness.  [Such love and affection!]
Do not question the Love and devotion of your Holy and Eternal God and Father.  Pray.  Children, I say to you again, pray.  Pray your rosaries and pray your sweet and special prayers, for I hear them and answer all.  Your Loving Prayers sooth My Heart and lead Me to mitigate what disasters come.
Children, know that it is I who directs storms to relinquish their paths to My Belovéd and Prayerful Children.  When I hear such adamant pleas for mercy, what can your Loving Father do but hold back the devastations caused by roughor violent storms.  This is My Hand in these things.  I have granted to this World many miracles and so few recognize them.
My Prayerful Children bring joy and warm satisfaction to My Heart when you have noticed My Gifts and have given thanks and praise in My Son’s Name.  How My Heart swells by your notice!  Thus, I say to you, pray.  Your prayers are powerful and bring the protection of My Belovéd Queen of Peace, and she places Her Mantle over you and those you Love as a gift of your prayerfulness.
Belovéd Children, pray ceaselessly.  Pray for so much comes.  I seek to correct you or My Children that all of you may come to know Me intimately and join Me in Eternal Life.  When the Father gives or sends the consequences of a child’s behavior, these things are either gifts or punishments.  The prayerful are given good gifts from their Loving Father.  Those of My Most Belovéd Children who insist on being hellions and murderers and unruly will receive just punishments that they see the badness or blackness of their lives or how they live their lives apart from Me.
Please, My Belovéd Children, do not view what comes as a massive or all-destructive punishment for this World.  A Loving Parent does not kill or wound His Children.  He gives to them what disciplines them.  So I give to this World I Love so deeply that which will discipline My straying Children that they may rejoin each of My Prayerful on the path to Love and forgiveness and away from the destructive path of perdition.  I give to you this great correction with the knowledge that My Faithful and Prayerful Children will understand its significance and that it shall draw those who are lost.

Belovéd Children, pray.  Partake of the Eucharist which disappears, even as you partake in the Christ today.  Tomorrow it is made more scarce, and the tomorrow after the same.  Know that even while you cannot have the Most Holy of all Holies, still, My Son Loves you and waits with great Love and anticipation for the glory of Love – this World’s Love – to glorify Him, your Lord.
Know that He and I are One with the Spirit and the Spirit is sent forth to guide you and grant you the gift of discernment.  Do not be afraid but pray.  Pray, Dearest Children, for the Servants who have chosen to serve My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.  My Servants are entrusted with the care of My Belovéd Children, and where one goes astray, so he shall take his entire flock astray.  Pray My Children, for there are many rotten fruits amongst the ripened and sweet.
Those that work to crush My Belovéd Church shall find no peace in this Life or after.
[At this point I had a vision.  I cannot say whether it is relevant:  I saw a walkway, like a humble bridge.  A people bridge made of wood.  It was almost under water.  The floor of it is getting wet.  It is only slightly above the water, but much of the water begins to cover it.  It is a lonely or abandoned looking place with gray clouds and no reflection in the water.  I think to myself, why is there no reflection here where there should clearly be one?]
Belovéd Children, I urge you to cleanse your Hearts of sin.  You come to My Holy House and keep the company of My Belovéd Son who is ever-present amongst you.  Pray, Children, for My Belovéd Son weeps.  Pray, My Children, for you shall need strength or the strength of prayer.  Pray, Children, and I hear your pleas and block the devastations from you.  Pray, Children, and know the calamities are not meant to hurt but to heal.  Belovéd Children, take upon your Hearts My Peace.  Peace, My Children.  Peace.