Heaven has given a little bit more time of Mercy so that you can prepare

By Lorena

November 19, 2022

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Mary Refuge of Souls

Message from Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dear children:

I, as your Heavenly Mother, Exhort you to follow My Son, who will lead you to the Arms of the Father and He will protect you from ALL evil and danger.

Remember that the Protection of God the Father is Very Great, and that you must also turn to Him as a Loving Father who will Care and Protect his Faithful children, so do NOT EVER forget that God the Father is a Loving Father, who wants the Salvation of ALL Souls.

For this reason, He has given you His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, so that, through His Blood spilled on the Cross, they could be Saved, what a Great Father’s Love that gives His Only Begotten Son for the Salvation of Souls!!!

Always remember Him and thank Him every day of your lives trying to live in the Divine Will that is the Key to Heaven. Now, My children you are living in Terrible Times, where the evil of man has reached extreme unsuspected limits.

The devil is happy to see how humanity lives and how he is happy to see, that God’s children fall into his clutches, and he takes them to hell with him.

For this reason, PRAY A LOT for sinners and be Victim Souls, willing to Offer your sufferings to God.

Now Heaven, seeing in the moments in which Humanity is, asks you for Much Prayer and uprooting from the World, from the sin of the flesh and from your themselves.

Prepare yourselves, because this winter will be VERY COLD, and More Plagues will come that will wipe out a large part of the Population, apart from the Third World War and the Famine.

Heaven has given a little bit more time of Mercy, so that you can prepare both Spiritually as Physically, the New World Order is advancing by leaps and bounds to achieve their evil Plans and the implementation of the New World Order on Earth.

Therefore, the children of God must take firm steps and open the Way to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, who will soon return in Glory and Majesty to Judge the Nations with Justice.

Prepare the arrival of My Son with a Life of Oblation to Heaven, since after of the storm, calm comes, a new day will dawn that will illuminate the hearts of the children of God.

And Justice and Love will prevail in the World by uniting your hearts to My Son beating at the same time and giving rise to the New Heavens and Earth, when your hearts merge with My Son’s and beat at the same time, you will be reborn the New Humanity, given to Light by ME, the one that is now in Gestation inside My Womb, preparing the arrival of My Son Jesus Christ and the Light will burn illuminating the WHOLE Globe, giving rise to the Heavens and New Earth and between Blue, Red and Yellow Colored Lights – Firstfruits, Martyrs and Prophets, a New Origin will be given to the New Humanity.

Prepare your hearts for this, to house My Son Jesus Christ in you in this Christmas, so that He dwells in you, and you can be Light in the darkness, prepare your Souls and Hearts for the arrival of My Son Jesus Christ who will soon will come in Glory and Majesty to give His People the Victory of Good over Wrong and the reward will be enormous in New Heavens and New Earth because Old things will pass away but new will prevail.

Because Truth and Love will ALWAYS triumph.

Courage My children, I Love you, your Beloved Mother of Heaven, the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe