Cenacles will be Lightning Rods of Divine Justice

By Lorena

January 15, 2022

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Mary Refuge of Souls

Message from Saint Michael to Lorena

I, Saint Michael the Archangel, as the Archangel of the End Times, want to give the People of God this Message that will be a watershed between the Pre-Tribulation and the Tribulation.

The Pre-Tribulation has already begun for a long time and the Tribulation is about to begin, when everything is at its worst, God the Father will send the Illumination of Consciences so that men repent and can return to God, but for this to happen you have to bend your knees, so that God may have Mercy and Clemency towards you, His Faithful People, sending you this Work of Mercy so that no more Souls are lost; evil advances and the People of God are numb and entering into conflicts among themselves, please WORK, prepare the Way for Jesus Christ and PRAY.

My Lord Jesus Christ Suffers excessively for the sins of the World, they are Scourges that impious men give Him and the Father can NO longer sustain His Just Wrath, therefore I ask you, as the People of God, to bend your knees and PRAY WITHOUT CEASE, asking Mercy and Clemency to Heaven.

The Formation of Cenacles is IMPORTANT, where ALL the members dedicate themselves to be Praying, they must learn to live in brotherhood with their brothers and to be Merciful with them, because the Scourges to the World have begun.

The Earth does not stop moving throughout the Orb and the Volcanoes erupt, as well as sudden changes in temperature. Nature is revealed against man for his sin, if you allow yourself to be carried away by the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, you will be protected from the attacks of Nature, Nature itself will protect you. But if you fall into sin and concupiscence, Nature itself will turn against you, so I ask you to be in STATE OF GRACE and Pray A LOT.

The Cenacles will be Lightning Rods of Divine Justice, you will live in Harmony and the members will be responsible for the Faithful Remnant and the other inhabitants of the Earth to be protected and the Just Wrath of God to be appeased. From these small Cenacles, the Light will come out to the World, it is URGENT that you form them, the members of the Cenacles who lead a life of Prayer, Fasting and Penance, will not lack ANYTHING and will be INVISIBLE in the eyes of the enemy, since of these Small Cenacles will bring forth the Light to the Nations and from these Cenacles you will appease the Father’s Wrath.

To form a Cenacle you are asked to form a small group of people Committed to Prayer, Fasting and Penance and above all to live in a State of Grace. I will dictate a Prayer to form a Cenacle, do it with acquaintances, neighbors, friends, or relatives, people committed to Prayer.

We (full names) as children of God the Father conform this Cenacle with all our Heart in order to carry out the Plans of God in our lives and be Lights within the darkness, we give ALL our Life to the Holy Trinity and thus we will conform this Cenacle, committing ourselves to be the Apostles of the End Times, delivered to the Divine Will of the Father.

Promises given to the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe for the members of the Cenacles:
1.- They will be Protected from the forces of evil and will be Invisible to enemies.
2.- They will be Soldiers and Warriors ready to carry out the Mission that God entrusts to them in this Cenacle.
3.- The antichrist will NOT be able to touch their Souls and Spirits because they will be protected by the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe.
4.- They will be Lightning Rods of Divine Justice, therefore, they will receive their Reward.
5.- They will be Lit Torches in the darkness of the World.

Constitute Cenacles, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, from this Cenacles the Light will come to the World, for this reason I ask you to do it URGENTLY, since there must be Cenacles in ALL the corners of the World. I accompany you in the institution of Cenacles and I give you the corresponding Tools as My Armor.

I say goodbye to you with the War Cry.