MANY will be called to the Presence of the Father very soon

By Lorena

April 22, 2022

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Mary Refuge of Souls

Important Message from St. Joseph to Lorena

Dear Faithful Remnant, I Saint Joseph as Patron of the Family of Nazareth and Guardian and Custodian of all the families of the World, I want to prepare you for something inevitable and for which many of you will live in your own flesh or close to you with your relatives, the death of your bodies, but NOT that of your Souls, if you carry out what is requested by Heaven.

The Consecrations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus are CRUCIAL, focus on them, these Consecrations protect you from falling into the Second Death, which is the death of the Soul Condemned to Hell, for this reason it is VERY IMPORTANT that you Consecrate as soon as possible, remember that MANY will be called to the Presence of the Father very soon and must be prepared to leave for the Eternal Homeland.

Live a life of Oblation to Heaven and practice Works of Charity, LOVE covers a multitude of sins, take advantage of as many indulgences as the Church grants, and go to Confession as often as possible.

DO NOT ENTER into altercations, or fights because the enemy is very strong wanting to destabilize, Psychologically, Emotionally and Spiritually, especially those chosen by Heaven for a specific Mission within the Plan of Redemption of Humanity.

Remember that there is little time left for Humanity to enter into chaos and therefore you need to be attentive to the Signs of the Times, it is IMPORTANT for everyone to be prepared, because Death will touch your homes and if it is not with you, it will be with someone close to you, a relative.

For this reason, you must be prepared in case you have to give an account soon before the Court of God, the points described above are VERY IMPORTANT, take into account as many Plenary Indulgences as you can, attend the Eucharist and the Tabernacle to be strengthened by the Presence of God , but, above all, prepare to live in the Divine Will, since it will take you into the Arms of the Eternal Father and you will live the New Jerusalem in your hearts.

Prepare to leave this World, and others prepare to be crucified in the Fire of God’s Love and when you have whitened your tunics, you can pass to New Heavens and Earths, many have been chosen, to inhabit the New Jerusalem, but this is NOT easy, you need to be whitened and purified and this will be a living Purgatory on Earth, it will be VERY HARD, therefore ask Heaven for the necessary STRENGHT and give your Fiat to the Most Holy Trinity.

I invite you to meditate on the Passion of Christ, so that by reflecting on what was His Passion, Death and Resurrection, you can understand what He came to do for the Human Race and what it is, what you should be willing to give, as part of His Mystical Body, as part of His Church, since the Church will also be living its Passion, Death and Resurrection from now on I tell you, that without Passion and Death, there is NO Resurrection and that you must live it, in order to win your award.

Therefore, if you are called to go to the Presence of God soon or as if you are called to go to the New Heavens and Earths, I ask you to prepare yourself in EVERY WAY, but above all Spiritually. This year many of you will be called to the Presence of the Father and you need to be prepared, think about the Salvation of your souls and NOT about Eternal Damnation for wanting to live the pleasure of an ephemeral moment.

Think about your Eternal Destinies and your Souls, and reconsider, turn your eyes to God and give EVERYTHING you can to be able to fight this bloody Battle between Good and Evil.

More Pandemics will come that will destabilize the World Economy, prepare with food supplies but above all Spiritually, to be able to withstand the Judgment of God to the Nations, because He will Unleash His Just Wrath against every Nation, Race and Language, so dress in Sackcloth and Pray, Pray and Pray.

I, as Patron of Families, want unity and the Salvation of your families, think of Eternal Life and DO NOT take your Salvation lightly.

I, as Protector of Families and Lawyer of the Dying, in his last agony before the Eternal Court of God the Father, ask you to Consecrate yourself to Me and be My Faithful Devotees and I will shower you with Graces.

I, as your Patron, will fill you with Blessings, just ask me and I will be here to intercede for each one of you.

It is IMPORTANT the aforementioned Consecrations and also the Consecration to Me, since I will protect you greatly from the attacks of the Enemy, if you Consecrate yourself to Me, I will give you the Weapons so that your families can be united and survive the storm, be my Faithful Devotees and at the Hour of Death, I will be by your side and intercede before God for you.

The Consecration to Me, as Protector of Families, has a Special Protection in these Turbulent Times. Do it as SOON as possible and give your Fiat to the Most Holy Trinity, so that, clothed in Its Power, you can fight against the enemy.

There are many steps and guidelines that must be followed, but the main ones, I have mentioned them, it is IMPORTANT to take them into account.

I, Saint Joseph, invite you to prepare your Souls, whether you are called to the Father’s House or to Heavens and New Earths, follow My instructions and persevere Spiritually.

Your Beloved Guide and Protector,

Saint Joseph Terror of Demons.