Last Calls and Consecration

By Lorena

September 22, 2022

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Mary Refuge of Souls

Message from Saint Michael

I, St. Michael the Archangel, come in the Name of ALL of Heaven, to give this IMPORTANT Message to the People of God.

The events foreseen in the Apocalypse will happen one by one without stopping and the Inhabitants of the Earth will live the Worst Tribulation, for that reason GO UP to the Ark of Salvation which is the Immaculate Heart of Mary before it is too late Consecrate yourselves and Consecrate your Families to the Immaculate Heart of Mary with all your Devotion and surrender, these are the LAST calls, the Hour in which ALL will begin is very near, therefore you need your Consecrations, remember that Heaven calls its children until the last second, therefore if you are listening to this Message DO NOT HESITATE to make your Consecrations.

The Tribulation will begin after the Last Blood Moon of this year, this Blood Moon will be the Sign of the Beginning of ALL, therefore PRAY at Hour and Hour before the Altar before the Blessed Sacrament, bend your knees and ask for Mercy and Clemency for ALL Humanity.

The Shofar that announces the beginning of the Great Tribulation is about to sound, the Inhabitants of the World, eat, drink, sing and dance, but they do NOT know that when ALL begins, there will be NO time to repent and bend their knees because the Time of Mercy will be over.

Take advantage of these Last Seconds and free yourselves from your Sins with a Good Confession of Life, there are still a few seconds left, take advantage of them to be Saved and go up to the Ark of Salvation, Heaven has called ALL its children, but as in Noah’s time no one hears their calls, hurry up because the Ark is closing and the storm has begun with a few drops and it is not very evident yet, but soon Water Storms will fall and whoever is NOT Consecrated will not be safe.

These are the Last Calls Consecrate yourselves and those who are already Consecrated Renew your Consecrations, listen to my Last Call to Reconciliation with God, I call you to return to God and repent, DO NOT ignore this IMPORTANT MESSAGE, Time is running out, prepare your Souls which is the most IMPORTANT thing you have.

Courage that My Battalion, is almost ready for the Great Battle between Good and Evil, ready and at your posts, that at the Sound of the Shofar the Last Battle will begin, ready Battalion it is time to give your LAST effort, go ahead in your Preparations with the Chaplet to the Nine Angelic Choirs and the Rosary to the Most Precious Blood EVERY DAY, as well as the Fasting twice a week and the Rosary to the Virgin Mary, Reading the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church that will be your compasses DO NOT be confused in the confusion that exists of erroneous and satanic ideologies.

Courage Soldiers, we are waiting for you at the Wedding of the Lamb.

Who is like God, no one is like God !!!


  • The Last Blood Moon for this year is November 7-8, 2022.