Israel, [My] Unfaithful Wife

By Lorena

June 24, 2024

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I was in my room feeling sad listening to praises when Yahweh of Hosts spoke to me like this.

Israel unfaithful wife,

Hope reigns forever even after discouragement, I, your God of Israel, come to take your heart, to walk next to mine through deserts and paths, a walk that goes hand in hand, passing through swamps and hills, through forests and jungles, challenging the stormy sea, why I will show you the depths of my heart and you will know my designs and secrets, because I will give you wisdom to know how to discern between good and evil.

I am Your house, your support, come Israel to Me and I will give you your reward, on this starry night I want to hear your voice, may it resonate in the dark universe that I have created for you, I have created everything for you and I unite it to you, so that my creation thus united, can become one before My presence, that the united hearts of creatures, invoke My voice, from the interior of your desolate heart, due to lack of love, without breath, and hope to live accommodated to the crumbs of human and traitor love.

Wake up Israel, may My love for you resonate in your heart, may your interior be filled with Me and thus, with that strength you unite entirely with Me, and merged in a single heart of father and son, let us contemplate a new dawn, after the winter and darkness, spring comes and the blossoming of flowers, come Israel unfaithful wife and make a pact of love with me, from all eternity, and I your God will free you from your enemies and oppressors, come, lift up your head and trust in me your God, I, Yahweh of Hosts, call you Israel, to walk alongside Me, come and hear the shofar, galloping in majesty comes My beloved Son, and I want to see you Israel dressed in fine linen for your beloved.

Wake up Israel and run quickly to meet Him, listen to the shofar, the end is approaching, the end of evil and terror that afflicts the world, and see the beginning of a new generation freed from evil and influences of the enemy.

Come Israel and sing hopeful melodies, because after this great test the Sun will rise, hear how the voice of my Angels and Seraphim sing in unison, songs of war, because the war between good and evil is at its peak, fight Israel for your liberation, I want to see your head held high, fighting with the Woman clothed with the Sun, for the triumph of truth and goodness, today Israel listen to the trumpets in Zion, on My Holy mountain, which is declared by every people, race and nation the mountain chosen by Me, to see the new Jerusalem come down.

My people Oh Shema Israel, your liberation is near, do not fall, do not defeat yourself, do not succumb to sin, arise, I raise you with my great power, from the rot and the stench of sin, and I ask you with all My heart to fight for your salvation, the Promised Land, the new Jerusalem, will be your reward, listen, Oh Israel, to the cry of your God and Savior, along with the shofar of my Angels and Archangels, sing along with the zither and drums, the melody of love and deliverance, Israel, I will deliver you from your enemies, they will fall into their own traps of evil.

Listen, Oh Israel, to the coming and going of the waves of the sea, which sing to Me your God the end of oppression and evil, to give way to an era of peace and love, persevere Israel, do not falter, strive and be brave, the blood of the martyrs, will run through My veins, and will give to this my new Church, the strength of its renewal, through the blood and bloody martyrdom, of My Israel, an Israel that lives the Calvary of My Son, next to Me your God, You will be the seed of new Christians.

Listen to Me your God and under the shadow of My arms of loving Father, you will be protected from the second death, it will not be able to touch your mind and your heart, because I will free you from it through the Woman clothed with the Sun, who will take you to the Promised Land, I will give you the wings of an eagle, you will fly throughout the world, carrying the word of My Son, I will put a coal on the lips of your mouth, and I will anoint you with My power, so that you cleanse your insides, you can proclaim My word, get up Israel, your God calls you, to go on the warpath, to fight for the renewal of my Church.

Oh, Shema Israel, your God calls you today, to shine in the darkness, forget your past, your lovers and your sin, arise and shine, that you will rise as light, which illuminates the world and creation.

Oh Israel Unfaithful wife, today I make a pact of love with you, forever, I sealed you with the blood of the lamb on your forehead, come to Me your God Oh Israel, and celebrate soon your liberation, listen to your heart in unison united with Mine, and comfort yourself, so that with renewed strength, you go on the warpath, to fight for the ideal of My Son Jesus Christ, the truth will make you free and free, you will fly like an eagle, to conquer nations, for Me your God.

Get up, come to Me, I await your response. Oh, Israel my people, I call upon you to fight for the Gospel and the truth, since I your God, the God of your fathers, the God of Hosts, Am with you today.

I Yahweh